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Designing For Video Game Interfaces

Do you ever wonder how video games are made? How you interact with the story-line, the way you progress through the levels, and the way you can interact with other players?
Video games transport you to another world altogether, where you find a different set of rules, and your presence in the virtual world of gaming is dependent on the game developers’ user interface or UI.

Video games are the largest growing market in the motion graphics section! It is one of the most in-demand job sectors ever. The UI sector of a video game that interacts with the players helps them navigate the game, gather information, or complete goals requiring development and upgrading by designers.
The narration and art direction decide the design of a video game; the visual aesthetics is mainly dependent on the illustration style and mood generated by the graphic designers.

Break into the “fourth wall.”

What is the fourth wall? It is the barrier between the actions being conducted and the person in the viewing position. The fourth wall exists for films and theaters mostly, and there are sporadic instances of breaking the barrier.

However, in video games, that barrier gets broken as the gamer themselves become a part of the narrative. Their decisions affect the game’s outcome, and players feel a part of the world created through the illustration for gaming.

Dark user interface: why is it famous for gaming?

Depending on the game content, various types of the user interface are used. Many factors require research before deciding on your perfect interface. The age groups and the players’ tastes are all taken into account while deciding on the interface.

In case you have decided to stick to a dark user UI, let’s first try to understand what is it exactly? Dark UI typically comprise elegant and dramatic settings in the game. However, the game purpose should be kept in mind before deciding on a dark UI. Usually, this type of interface is preserved for war adventures, magic realism, dark-themed games involving violence and actions.
Your visual aesthetics will have an impact on the minds of the gamer that could be long-lasting. Therefore, it is advisable to follow some directions to enhance the game interfaces.

• It is recommendable to have a brightly colored background that facilitates character contrast, text reading, and foreground object viewing. Studies reveal that it is easier to read dark fonts on a bright background than light fonts on dark backgrounds. It is also easier for company logos to stand out. However, in the case that you, as a game designer, want to shift over to a darker theme, whether to build an aroma of suspense and mystery or to reduce the digital eye strain, you could use a dark background.

• In case you have decided to go with a dark background, your number one priority should be to optimize the readability and maintain proper contrast. It is advisable to select your colors wisely and consider the devices on which the game will probably run.

• A dark UI helps in creating focus and maintain the concentration level. Most of the game-play is done in dimly light areas to enjoy the game environment. Therefore, using the dark theme helps in the complete involvement of the player’s mind.

A dark theme often helps in bringing out different colors and textures that fits with the mood.

Even though there are countless horrors of spending too much time playing video games, it has also proven to increase concentration and decision-making capabilities. Working together as a team, the ability to accept failure, starting from scratch once again, are some of the perks that video games provide.

In case you are a video game designer, you might also need to learn advanced graphic design if your game demands heavy use of 3-D graphics or to meet specifications of the company. Sometimes, a lot more pressure can come upon you when the graphics have to be well suited to game optimization.

Either way, to successfully develop a game, you need to master your digital illustrations perfectly. Often, looking for inspiration outside of the game world also brings in fresh ideas and innovative concepts. Draftss is a company that provides unlimited graphic design services to its customers. Perhaps a look around their web pages and blogs could boost up your creativity!