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Crypto style Landing Page Feedback:

futuristic website design code modern
crypto style landing page design and animation

Hello Founders,

We are covering for our feedback round. Here are a few suggestions to improve the current version of the landing page UI/UX:

  • The website does not load at ( Set a redirect for “www”.
  • The overall website looks too bland.
  • “Make your meteor apps” font size should be bigger and have less spacing below. The visitor will first read “Fast and…” and then read “Make your meteor…” because of the bigger font size. Reducing the space would make both sentences to be read together instead of separately.
  • Production monitoring, Detailed Traces, Error Reporting, etc. does not look proportional. The image is too big and the content on the left is too small proportionally. Either add more content on the left or reduce the image size on the right.
  • Production monitoring is not aligned to the left as per the other similar sections like Detailed Traces, Error Reporting, etc.
  • The complete pricing section can be better.
  • In the common questions section, there is space on the left but no space on the right.
  • If you check out the customer journey, features on left, the pricing is center, the common questions is left and then center again. Try having everything proportional.
  • “Do you have any other questions” and “We are happy to help you out” should be center aligned.
  • Repeat all the links in the footer for better visitor navigation.
  • Your landing page would look much much better if you align everything inside a container and to the left.
  • The landing page does not open properly in Firefox. (Attached Screenshot)

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