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Coming Soon Landing Page and Its Design

How to interact well with the viewer who is landed on the website? Or what are the key factors to redesign your current website to improve the engagement and user experience? How to improve the homepage and eliminate the 404 pages in any part of the website as it is a serious backlog issue! What if a brand needs to launch a new product, it is needed to be communicated to the consumer in an effective and efficient fashion? Isn’t it! So many problems but one solution, that is a perfect, well-informative, well-balanced, and well-designed coming soon landing page can help.

What is A Coming Soon Landing Page?

A coming soon landing page is a temporary landing page that informs the consumer about the launch of a new product. It simply announces to the consumer that a new product or service is being added to the existing stock. A coming soon landing page is simply meant for checking if the consumer is providing some sort of action. It is a technique used for monitoring the actions of the consumers. Adding on to this, the launch of the product or service to is updated on these coming soon landing pages. It can either be in the forms of email submission, filling up of the forms, downloading an e-book, or it might be registering for any event or so.

As of now, we have seen how important are these landing pages are! However here, in this case, out of every 25% of the landing pages, 5% are able to generate the interest of the users. Let us in the next segment look at how these landing pages can be designed to avoid common mistakes and increase the engagement of the users:

Tips and Tricks to Create a Coming Soon Landing Page That is a Sure-Shot Hit:

It should be not over revealing:

Any landing page is a trailer of the movie that the brand showcases. Hence the whole plot of this movie should not be revealed. It should be tricky but not promising. In short, it must not reveal a lot about the strategies relating to the product being launched.

Templates used should not be generic:

A landing page should not be much revealing as seen above. Therefore, it must focus that the brand is in construction for the new project, product, or service. This helps in increasing the engagement and not simply pasting the coming soon landing page template. The in-construction landing page should completely focus on matching your brand identity.

It must powerfully evoke attention:

The coming soon landing page must speak on the headline and a short description too must be followed. In this case, the coming soon landing page always focuses on the less and more objective. The headline for instance is “You will definitely like this product XYZ”. Additionally a loop to this headline stating how this would benefit the user in the long run.

Only one demand at a time:

Have one form at a time for filling out. The common mistake triggers the patience level of the consumer. All you, as a brand, need to do, is to offer one thing that is the email sign-up. The more detailed form would increase the expectancy of losing the customer. Hence, not showing other navigational links and reducing the number of distractions like detailed structures of forms, would increase the customer base by 100%.

Add a countdown feature to it:

It is a very unique conversion strategy in use these days. It describes the actual date of launch or arrival of the product or service. This can be achieved by simply setting a physically changing countdown clock. This strategy is used to keep the consumers updated that how soon and at what time the product or service would be in reach.

It should be designed in such a way that it is shareable:

Each product or service always has something new in some way or the other. It solves the problems of the consumers. Therefore, to create a buzz about this new solution to the problems of the consumers is the next step that is to be followed is to shares on the various social media platform. Hence, this coming soon landing page must be designed in such a way that it can be shared easily.

It should be dependent upon mobile-based usage:

As we all know that how much the dependency upon mobile devices has been increasing day by day! Thus, the design of the coming soon landing page should be made to benefit the mobile devices. This would in turn help in generating a lot of web traffic. It should have a CTA [Call To Action is a marketing term that refers to the next step that the marketer has planned and needs to be its audience to click to the direct link that is being provided]. This CTA button or link is too expected to be appealing for mobile devices.