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Clever Ways To Up Your Game Of Marketing With E-Books

Books have always been a great way of a marketing strategy for companies. Not only does it look official, but also it is light and easy to carry around. Moreover, a book usually gets the attention of the people far more than any printed fliers or placards displayed at various places. This is for the simple reason that when you have an entire book based on the company’s interest, their short term and long term goals are explained, with the exact ways their service would be beneficial to their clients, people are bound to be moved by it. In the case of fliers, only an advertisement is aimed at, but a book makes the people feel as if they are being led inside the company, to understand their growth and the people are being involved.

Now, what about the digital counterpart of books? The electronic books or e-books? The first things to be kept in mind are the differences between these two. Although both are to be read as books and both of them serve the agenda of making the clients feel closer or being involved with the manufacturer or service provider, e-books have some advantages over printed books.
While books may be circulated worldwide, it is to be kept in mind that printing involves spending a lot of resources such as ink and paper. E-books, on the other hand, are easily transferable and you do not have to bear any extra cost.

While both books and e-books have their own spaces, ebooks are often preferred for digital marketing.

So how do you promote your company with the help of e-books? Here are some top tips:


One of the key focuses of your e-book should be on the contents. Is your e-book understandable to the layman? Does it get across the majority of the people? Does the e-book provide the readers with all the questions and answers related to the products or services? These are some of the things you should completely focus on. Moreover, your e-book should be promoting trust in your company. So make sure all the words typed out are checked.

You should also focus on the tone of language it is written in. Is it friendly and helpful? Is it too formal? Keep in mind that your tone of writing will reflect upon your image. You don’t want to sound dismissive or offensive while writing replies to questions asked by the clients. On the other hand, you cannot sound too casual or detached. It is very important to be able to draw up that fine line of formality and friendliness.

It is very important to work upon your typography, your font style and size, and definitely – content.


A book will be nothing without its cover page. The same goes for e-books as well. You have this upper hand in case of e-books that there will be no loss of quality of colors during printing. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to your graphic design colors and how you are using them. Keep in mind that the cover will be visible to your readers even before they read your introduction, so you need to make the cover classy and stand out- such that the reader will feel the desire to read it.

You really need a lot of creative ideas and use of designs that will best suit your company’s agenda and ideals.

Note that digital illustration forms an important component of e-commerce. Other than your cover picture, you might also need to put up other diagrams and digital illustration to make various concepts clear regarding your product or services.
To make this task easier for you, there are companies such as Draftss that provide unlimited graphic design services for the benefit of e-commerce. You may contact them and speak to expert designers to take consultations regarding the graphic design colors that would suit your e-book the most, or the various font styles that will be best for you.

You need to work on graphical illustrations even inside your e-book.


Make sure that your e-book opens with apps or software that is easy to open. Remember that all your readers are potential clients so you have to try and convince them that purchasing your products or your services is completely hassling free. That starts with the very first product of yours they are laying their eyes upon- your e-book! So try and make it a PDF document or an EPUB file. Both of these folder types are easy to open and the software to open these types of folders is normally pre-installed into devices or can be downloaded freely.

Always use file types that can be opened and viewed from any device. This is a great way to increase the number of readers.

There can be no definite methods to improve your marketing with e-books. The e-books provide a very good platform for your promotion, and it is even more attractive than having a blog or a website, as people may download an e-book and can take their time reading it, with zero pop-ups or advertisements in between. You may research further on what improvements you may make in your e-book such that it leads to the substantial growth of your company.