Branding Vs Marketing

Something About Branding: What is Branding? The process of giving a name, sign, or symbol to a product is called Branding. It helps in identifying and distinguishing a product. Rather let us understand the term a bit more clearer. Firstly, Brand. It refers to a name, symbol, design, or some combinations of them which in […]

Design-led Content Marketing

Introduction: Nowadays, the trend of a perfect mix of visual as well as content marketing plays a vital role in the ideation of any brand. Both the visuals and content marketing help a brand to establish and stand out in front of the whole crowd and makes the brand look advent. These all are contemporary […]

Rebranding and Relaunching a business

Introduction: Every business strives to build and create a strong brand identity and makes every possible choice that does help the brand achieve heights. Brand identity refers to the visuals of the company. While in this situation the term is often misleading, some of the business owners think that brand identity is simply the name […]

Application Development & Emerging Trends of Technology

In this era of digitalization, Application development for any business is like common bread and butter for survival. Technology these days is a boon for businesses and opens up the new canvas to paint and create new opportunities. Mobile applications play a significant role in resolving our day-to-day problems and adds value to our lifestyle. […]

Email Design Trends for 2021

Email design is a critical aspect of the Emails that a business sends out. It can be about the progress that a business has made in a certain area, or informing the clients and customers about something new in the company, or simply an advertisement of a new product or service that is being launched.  […]

Importance of Merchandise Designing for Your Business

Introduction As we reside in the ever-changing and highly competitive world. Here, to survive in this type of environment, the entity must possess a smart marketing strategy to survive. Now, what can be done by the marketing professionals to significantly drive the attention of the targeted group of customers. For them, here, merchandise designing for […]

Re-Starting a Business: Renovation and Innovation

Have you heard the story of the ant? The ant tries to climb a heap of sand and fails, but it keeps trying until it succeeds. The moral of the story is to never stop trying. Thus, after Starting A Business, keep trying to make it better, probably even when you need to restart the […]

Ways to Boost Your Organic Click-Through-Rate in Google

Something about the Organic Click-through-Rate [CTR]: What is organic CTR on google? Organic CTR or Click-through-Rate can be defined as that percentage of traffic in terms of searches on a particular website. As of now if any website is unable to generate more traffic than needed, what should be done in this case? In this […]

Limitations of DIY Tools for Graphic Designing

It is a well-known fact that the most important organ of a business is marketing and especially digital marketing. We are all aware of conventional advertising means like hoardings, pamphlets, and posters. But, with the advent of technology in almost all walks of life, there are new advertising modes. The most important of these is […]

Top Affiliate Marketing Products

With just some worthy resources and a few efforts, one has a great opportunity to explore affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a very popular tactic used by a number of businesses to improve sales and generate additional revenue. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a process through which a business offers its services to […]

Web Development Trends 2021

If you are asked to name something that is changing rapidly, you are probably going to say that it is technology. The way it has changed even in the past four or five years is rather too fast to be compared with anything else in this world. Technology is so interwoven with our lives that […]

Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Graphics for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most common tools used by businesses these days. The effectiveness of this option makes it much reliable and sought-after. Almost all sorts of businesses find it useful to market on different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.    Why Social Media Marketing? Social media has changed […]