Kinect Consulting Redesigned Its Website With Draftss

Client: Kinect Consulting Description: Kinect Consulting is a group of professional experts in technology and integrating the businesses with cloud computing, enhancing reliability, and reducing costs. Industry: IT Consulting Project: Web Design & Development   Introduction Every business in the world today is looking forward to leading their domain and is trying hard to reach […]

Here’s How We Made Team Employeelink Say, “Wow, These Look Great”.

          Company: Employeelink Description: Providing solutions and easy interfaces to the clients and boost the productivity of their team. Industry: Executive Search Location: Surat, Gujrat Project: Web UI/UX & Application UI/UX Designing   Problem Employeelink wanted to create a platform for its clients to manage their teams.  The team wanted to […]

Here’s How Curatora Got Its New Website Designed With Draftss

      Company: Curatora Description: Curatora helps businesses to discover & curate high-quality fresh content and boost social media. Industry: Content & Social Media Project: Web UI/UX Designing   Problem Curatora wanted a brand new web design to enhance the user experience for their visitors and drive more traffic to their website. The outlook […]

Looking for Business Tips for Indiehackers and Developers? Get Them Here!

  Who are these Indiehackers?    In the business domain, there are all kinds of people. While some have built an empire out of their ventures, others are still in the process. On similar lines, while some entrepreneurs are having enough funds and dollars to invest in anything. Others are still in the operational stage.  […]

The Next Big Thing: What The Heck Is Indiehacker?

Indiehacker community has been growing, in numbers as well as in quality. Most of the VC investment has seen a decline over the past few years because of the increasing startup trend. And it’s not going to grow in the coming years. As the investment in any startup is a bit high, it becomes difficult […]

Becoming A Professional Graphic Designer: Tips & Tricks

Graphic design is a young form of art with rising popularity. Young Graphic Designer aspirants are joining this field almost every day. For designing, you only need to make a one-time investment into a tablet or a laptop. A Graphic Designer needs to learn the basics of graphic designing software, and with a little practice […]

Getting Started With Machine Learning 101

With the development of artificial intelligence or AI, it has given rise to some branches such as General AI and narrow AI. General AI has a relatively holistic approach and does not focus on any particular domain. Narrow AI deals with those tasks that are specified in a particular domain, works such as machine translation […]

Designing With Environmental Sustainability

One thing the current global pandemic has proven to the world is that we need to take better care of our environment to ensure lasting benefits. While it becomes essential to use different machines, it is recommendable to consider new and improved methods that do not compromise the quality of the environment around you. We […]

Tracing the Evolution of Digital Art Through a Bird’s Eye View

A beginner’s guide to digital art  Decades ago, people used print media to convey information, ideas, speech etc. Be it the graffiti that was put on walls. Or the print graphics in the newspapers, the media used was largely paper. Yet as the printing press gained momentum when Gutenberg invented it, literacy expanded.  Even later […]

Unravelling The Dynamics Of Trends In The Content Industry

  As time has progressed, everything seems taking a new trajectory of its own. From designing to articulating. And from pictures to videos. It’s all fresh and dawn!  The same holds true whenever we refer to the content being created by any industry ( web, print etc.). Earlier when customers used to avail services from […]

Watching Machine Learning Change: For The Last 10 Years

What is Machine learning?  Now some of you may be pondering upon the fact as to what is Machine learning. Well, it’s basically related to the process of handling a large amount of data. Usually, in the business world, there’s always one or the other thing going on. So to handle large processes or facilitate […]

Visual Stories To Deliver Ideas & Influential Advertising

Throughout the ages, storytelling is something that has remained the constant and most preferred medium of delivering ideas. Whether it is ancient folktales that are passed on from generation to generation, or modern-day popular novels or comics, the storytelling is a wonderful way of letting a large mass of people know your idea, understand that […]