Payment Gateway Options When Stripe Doesn’t Support Your Country

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Payment gateways are services provided by an eCommerce application service provider. It authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers, acting as an intermediary between the online store and the payment processor. They accomplish several important tasks in online purchasing and transaction management.

Stripe is one such payment gateway, that has amassed much fame and many users. It offers customized checkout experience, multiple payment options, secure payment processing and optimized reports and insights.

However, if Stripe isn’t available in your country, here are ten alternatives that will make sure your customers have a seamless, secure and streamlined payment experience.

1) PayPal Payments Pro



PayPal Payments Pro is a safe and secure payment processing service, ideal for eCommerce users that may not have a PayPal account. It offers several unique features such as a positive custom checkout experience, quick mobile payments and access to your money within minutes. PayPal Payments Pro is a truly integrated payment gateway as it works flawlessly with all leading eCommerce solutions, accounting systems, and CRM and sales management tools. It is also the most international payment gateway at the moment. It accepts 26 leading currencies and is available to use on over 200 markets.

2) Amazon Payments


Amazon Payments is known for its secure and streamlined service. It entails a wide array of features, including a streamlined purchasing processing an A-to-Z guarantee and a protection plan. It is designed specifically for online retailers and sellers who want to provide a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, Amazon Payments does not have monthly subscriptions and licenses; all fees are transaction-based. Amazon Payments also operates in several different languages and supports all leading currencies.

3) Braintree



Braintree, backed by PayPal, is an all-in-one payment processing partner that supports business across all industries and varying scales. It is best known for the seamless checkout experience that it provides. This payment gateway also equips you with tools that help you manage the risk of fraud. It also provides a friendly drop-in UI, customizable checkout flows, and hosted fields. Braintree allows users to access a global market with over 40 countries covered and more than 130 currencies supported. Moreover, no foreign exchange or cross-border fees are involved.

4) Authorize.Net



Authorize.Net is ideal for retail and service environments that are in need of a flexible gateway solution. It has a robust online payment system that saves time and money for small to medium scale businesses. Authorize.Net can be used as a virtual point of sale (VPOS) and has a virtual terminal for manual transactions. This platform also offers round-the-clock free support by knowledgeable professionals who can extend their aid in building connections.

5) WePay



WePay is an integrated payment gateway that is designed to support web-based requirements of software platforms. It also ensures quick, efficient and secures onboarding and processing. WePay provides software businesses with the flexibility it requires to optimize their operations. Its features include complete payment risk coverage, partner support that can handle any customer inquiry and POS solution to boost sales.

6) BlueSnap

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Through the incorporation of a robust payment management suite that includes a payment processor, gateway and merchant all in one, BlueSnap emerges as a dedicated platform for merchants and retailers. It supports multiple payment options. BlueSnap also has a built-in virtual terminal in every console which enabled users to accept payments over the phone. Moreover, it has an international eCommerce friendly system, owing to its integration with banks all across the globe. BlueSnap supports 110 payment types, 100 currencies and 29 languages.

7) SecurionPay



SecurionPay is a very reliable payment solution, highly recommended for users who are looking to improve their conversions. It allows fast transactions and one-click payments and can save card details for subsequent transactions. SecurionPay has a fast checkout flow, high customizability, very secure payments, and thus provides improved cross-sales through pop-ups and post-checkout promotions.

8) Skrill

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Skrill is a new UK-based payment gateway. It is designed for both business and individual purposes. This platform can be used to make international transactions to pay for products or services regardless of where you are in the world. Skrill is easy to link to any bank across the globe and it takes excellent care of the security of your payment information. Skrill supports over 30 different currencies and makes it possible to target buyers for your products and services anywhere in the world.

9) PayU



PayU, developed by an Indian processing corporation, is a simple payment solution. It is infamous for its acclaimed 12% conversion rate as well as its acceptance of over 45 payment methods. It is a single integration solution for all local payments and it provides a direct connection to local acquirers. The platform became one of the very few providers that allow OneTap payments and made a major technological breakthrough by allowing second-time users to skip entering their CVV again.

10) Zoho Checkout

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Zoo Checkout is a recurring payment processing system that helps users streamline the purchasing experience of their customers. Everything on your check-out page can be customized to fit your tastes to make sure that the message is conveyed. Zoo Checkout can process credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. It is also capable of resolving failed recurring transactions by cards that were declined.