Why is Graphic Design for Social Media Important?

 The Twin Relationship

A lot of bloggers and influencers today are coming up with some really amazing content. From videos to graphics, the social media scene has completely changed. Gone are the times, when designing was considered to be a burden. It’s now the time of amazing content coming up on social media combined with good designs. Instagram is itself an example of how beautiful a logo of any company can look like. Effective Graphic Design for Social Media also leads to exotic brand recognition. It also connects your target audience with your services. 


This mostly means that if you are selling your product in physical to people, you can showcase it on social media. Thus for that, you can use some amazing designs to attract and lure people. Also, the visually appealing designs with your products will create a surreal view. 

Getting visual on social media can increase brand awareness and grows your followers’ engagement. Including a brilliant image with your post can increase the traffic and posts by almost 3 times. Thus, it’s quintessential to pick the right picture for your social media content. 


The Importance of Having Good Graphics 


  • Graphic design for social media is all about experimenting with various designs and filters. Go and follow the amazing influencers on social media. And you will see they all are trying new trends in designing. Depending on the information you want to post, it is important to use different font styles and colours. 

For example: To post on Instagram,  you need to set the ratio of the image properly and the same stands for IGTV videos. 

  • Imagine you are a multinational firm. And you want to show some cover image your profile. Basically, social cover images are the graphics you see at the top of your Facebook or Twitter pages. In most cases, it may include new product information, website address etc. Get your cover image designed according to your brand or company. You can choose whatever colors you want to. You can create brand awareness through the cover image. 



  • Attention spans matter a lot on social media. Your content should be so engrossing that it arrests user’s attention at a glance. 

A good design has a better chance of being remembered for a longer time. Also, you can create personalized content keeping in mind your user base. If users relate to the image they will wish seeing more of them. 

For example,

It was stated that social media users share infographics 3 times more any other type of content. It shows that graphics are the most shareable form of content for social media.

  • A good graphic designer understands the requirements of their clients. 

People don’t like reading the text any more nowadays. Thus if you see the written content pages on Instagram, they all have reformed themselves. Examples include brands like Nike who have created a niche content on Instagram. They only post some good animation or extremely well-designed content. Because social media images can be used to convey a company’s culture, values and vision. 

  • It was stated that :

“41.5% of marketers believe that their social media audiences are best engaged by original and unique infographics.” 

Thus, capturing your user’s attention becomes very crucial. No matter how excellent content you make. But if you don’t present it in a scintillating form, you can’t go ahead with branding. 


It was stated in a report that: 

“A lot of recent eye-tracking studies of social media users have given astonishing results. As per these studies, the original infographics are amongst the first elements that catch the attention of users. Such studies show that if you are a social media marketer, graphic designs are the best way to attract your audience’s attention and communicate …”

  • And the last point to mention over here is about how professional designing services can do wonders! Especially when you are working with social media marketing, you need to provide content that can be understood quickly. For that, you can hire a good designer. He/she will easily handle your site and make it look attractive. By working with professionals, you can have more creative and innovative graphics. Such graphics stay unique to your brand.


Thus, we have seen how in today’s world, graphic designing and social media go hand in hand. It’s important for any brand to make its presence feel both physically as, well as digitally. That’s where you need to invest in graphic designing. 


Your Graphic Designing Speak For Your Personality

When you are into graphic designing jobs, sometimes your designs speak volumes for the kind of personality you have. The type of designs you create, the kind of fonts you use, the type of colors you apply, leaves a personal touch and tends to speak a lot about you! So how do you manipulate this fact to your benefit? How should you attract more clients for yourself? One of the chief ways is to understand the requirements of your client beforehand, and add the flavor of personal touch to your Graphic Designing & digital illustrations accordingly!

When we talk about personality, we often mean the aura we project when we are communicating with another human being. It could be your family, your colleague, or even your friends! The ways other people will perceive you depends a great deal on you project yourself before them. That constitutes a part of your personality! However, your personality is not simply based on other’s opinion! They can only perceive those aspects which they can see. As a result, it is likely that your family will interpret you in a different manner than your friends. The way you make decisions, handle crisis, the way you dress up, do your work, all form small components out of which your entire personality is created.

Understand the Impact of Colors in Graphic Designing

Colors have often been the vehicle for kindling emotions. Usually, several designs have created a persona for themselves based on color alone!
Graphic Designing with shades of pink and related colors has been defined as “cute” by most of the viewers. In fact, colors such as red, green and orange have further contributed to feelings of “freshness” with its proper application!
These types of color combinations exhibit a joyful and enthusiastic personality! It is advisable to apply them over advertisements of nutritious food, fruit juices or healthy energy drinks.
On the other hand, colors such as yellow tend to have a positive effect on the viewers. It enables them to feel uplifted. You can use this fact to your advantage by incorporating them in appropriate places!
Darker shades such as purple and blue tend to create a futuristic outlook. It has been observed that since dark colors evoke a sense of mystery and the future happens to be mysterious, this color suits the required mood perfectly!

The Choice of Fonts in Graphic Designing

Your choice of fonts is going to reflect on how you are viewing the project. A cursive font denotes an elegant style, while a wider cursive font often expresses a “romantic font”.
Sometimes, you need to manipulate these font styles to create a personality for your designs, which in turn, would lead your viewers to perceive a personality of you!


Web designing and logo designing often calls for your personal styling. It is recommendable to add a little personal flair to them according to the mood! You may opt for a minimalist layout or an aesthetic one according to the requirements of your client.
However, you can still incorporate personal designs and motivational figures to make your digital illustrations stand out!

If you provide unlimited graphic design services, then it might require you to be more attentive towards them when you add your personal style, as similar styling on too many places can render your designs mundane.
However, with adequate practice and handling of projects you will be able to achieve the perfect balance!


Creating A Corporate Identity With Graphic Designs

If you are a new entrepreneur in any industry, you must be aware of branding’s growing need. Customers are drawn more to any manufacturer or service provider’s corporate identity before purchasing or signing any contract.

Being an entrepreneur, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that your target consumers receive the image you want them to. It forms an essential basis for the branding of your company. Taking it one notch further would be to create a complete corporate identity with graphic design!

Displaying yourself to the targeted set of audience through a visual identity comprises a successful corporate identity creation! In this case, it is advisable to bear in mind that your firm should have a separate identity, different from its owner(s).

The presentation of the firm depends on the graphic solution you can provide. It is recommendable to have it recognizable and could be told apart from your competitors. It is wise to avail of graphic design as a service for this purpose.

There are notably three main components in creating a corporate identity for your company! They are the logo design, business cards, and memorandum. However, certain secondary elements also include designs in notebooks, pens, T-shirts, envelops, and other merchandise.

However, the critical feature lies in establishing a particular style and connecting all your graphic designs according to it. Under this light, it is better to hire a permanent designer or unlimited graphic design packages from designing companies!

Designing the logo

Your logo is the symbol with which the potential clients will associate your company. There are specific features a logo should endorse.

The first thing that is advisable regarding logo design is that it should be simple yet engaging. An average person should be able to comprehend most of it in one look. If your logo becomes too intricate and difficult to remember, the chances are that your potential clients may forget about it.

On the other hand, creating a simple design does not mean it has to be bland. The design should be engaging or have an elegance about it that would draw the layman’s eyes.

It is advisable not to leave the logo to any amateur. Since it is a symbol for your company name and the way you wish to be viewed, it is recommendable to handle it with utmost care. Please hire professional designers who provide custom logo design services to ensure the graphical representation’s rich quality!

Moreover, it is recommendable to make changes to your logo with time. You cannot stick to the same design forever. Making subtle changes to your logo to show a sense of upgrade helps in acquiring several potential customers! It promotes a sense of progress and keeping up with the times.

The key to a good logo is that it should be remembered

Landing pages are not to be missed!

Okay, so once your potential client remembers your logo, sees your advertisement, what do they do? They probably lookup for your company name in a search engine or social media accounts!
The second most essential feature of a corporate identity is having a remarkable landing page, whether for your websites and blogs or your promotional social media pages. It is because the first impression you are going to create is through the landing page.

It is advisable to keep the outlook suitable for the kind of services you provide. In case you are giving home décor products or furniture, make your page aesthetically heightened. It is wise to incorporate the same colors as your logo into the landing page!

On the other hand, if you provide teaching or medical services, it is advisable to keep a minimalistic yet informative landing page.

In other words, let the design and outlook of the page describe your company—your services or products!
However, it is mandatory to maintain a similar style for all your pages. It helps in establishing a corporate identity that is unique to your company!

Your landing page is the first ground to attract potential clients.

Perfect growth hack for startups!

A corporate identity is an ideal growth hack when your firm is taking baby steps towards your goal. Including graphic designs as a form of marketing and advertisement enables you to gain much exposure.

While engaging in business cards or brochures, it is recommendable to use a similar mood and texture as you used on your landing page, albeit with some layout variation. However, a look at your business card should be sufficient to place you with your logo and landing page.

Secondary elements of corporate identity also act as an immense boost for your business growth! Designing of notebooks, pens, or T-shirts can help you expand your business, while at the same time and advertise your company name in other sectors as well.

It is recommendable to get hold of graphic designing firms that provide unlimited digital services to ensure an economically suitable growth investment.

For creating a successful corporate identity, it is essential to contact those service providers who would provide you packages for small businesses. It helps you grow more like a startup as you can avail of services at very reasonable prices.

For graphic designing services, you can always contact Draftss – a team of hard-working professionals who want their clients to climb the ladder to success! Make a visit at Draftss.com for some of the quality designing services.


Where to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities on Indiehacker

If you own a blog then you must know how hectic it must be to direct traffic into your blog website. With Google’s new and dynamic algorithms, making use of SEO is not easy. You need to constantly take care of your quality over the number of articles you post.

One of the chief ways to direct traffic into your website is to indulge in the guest blogging. It gives you the thrust you need directing traffic towards yourself which is very much required for the promotion and marketing of your products or services.

Wait, but what exactly is guest blogging?

This is a question that many viewers are probably wondering. In case you do not know, don’t be ashamed! After all, learning something new has no age limit or time limit. To answer your question, let us take an example. Suppose you find out that another company blog often shares similar content or are looking for something that you probably have an expertise in. Now, you may write as a guest writer for them, and include your company website in a link below the content. Now what you need to understand is that this works both ways. While your content is fetching more viewers to the blog you are guest blogging for, some of that traffic is also getting directed towards your blog or website!

Guest blogging allows you to create links to your own blogs and websites which directs the traffic from other established company websites into your own, such that your blogs can grow. But make sure you don’t put too many links in your guest article!

But how do I know where to guest blog?

Another important thing to be kept in mind is that you have to find out relevant blogs for which you may apply as a guest blogger. Normally, try to opt for those websites which are growing steadily, allows you to enter your name or introduction along with the content, this is important for marketing on your side.

It is best to adhere to the guest blogging rules the websites provide you with. Reach them out through social media with your content. In case they don’t respond you may send a follow up mail after 2 weeks. However, please don’t spam and look for other websites in case they don’t respond even after the follow-up.

Also, make sure the website you want to guest blog for allows guest blogging, and if they do, it’s best to adhere to their guest blogging guidelines. You may then share the blog as a promotional content into your website as well, once it gets approved and published!

Are there opportunities on Indiehacker?

Indie hacker is a great platform for startups and companies with struggling backgrounds who have made it despite all odds they faced. It is meant to inspire newbies and young company entrepreneurs who that they don’t give up despite the challenges thrown at them.

They have blogs where they allow you to comment and write guest blogs in order to promote digital marketing and it also enables you to create ads for yourself. So buckle up and start working on your blog writing, and start applying to an indie hacker website. Even if they are unable to post it, other websites often comment and give opportunities to guest bloggers!

Writing a guest blog does not entail you immediately get featured on another website or the traffic on your website shoots overnight. You have to provide quality content and the link you provide to your website will be visited. Therefore, you necessarily have to work on and improve the UX and UI to enable easy and smooth navigation. Draftss is a company who can provide you with solutions to these along with graphic design services for your website. So give them a visit as well!

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Exploring Some Wonderful Infographics for Startups From Around The Web

Infographics Designing and Pivot of Start-up

How about beginning a new startup? Well, businesses don’t grow big just in a few days. They all have their respective journeys and growth. What today may look like the fruit of instant success, maybe the fruit of tiresome effort too. Thus, what is trying to be implied is that businesses are risky. Every day when you wake up in the morning, you may read some bad and good news alongside. Be it the shares of business growing or be it a business going bankrupt. It all depends on some dynamic factors and it’s something not really under control. All you can do as a new startup is trying new strategies to grow yourself. One such strategy is using infographics. Well, graphic designing can actually perform miracles if you use them carefully.

 Also, you may come across one term in the start-up world. It is called ‘ pivot’. This basically refers to a drastic change in the business strategy of a startup/ company. This may be done to induce and catalyse growth. Infographics also have played the same role as a pivot in some startups’ growth. So let’s check out some amazing infographics of startups from around the web! 


Top examples of Infographics ( creative)

  • Music and Productivity 

This Infographic was developed by a company by the name of WebpageFX. The infographic was basically concerned with providing details regarding music. So the company actually used it to spread awareness about the scientific reasons for listening to music. For example, it said that music helps to release dopamine. It then went on to explain how music and business are interrelated. Besides that, the Infographic was just beautiful with the proper mixing of colours. And it provided all the information in a concise and creative form. So kudos to WebpageFX!



  • Vacations are a must 

Who doesn’t wish to travel? Well, we all are travel enthusiasts. And this idea was employed by the travelling related company Quill to be used in its Infographic. When it launched its Infographic, it basically contained a mix of everything. It had information about how in earlier times also Americans travelled a lot. They then explained further that travelling is very therapeutic and relieves us of stress. By using some cute images and data, they created a lovely Infographic. Do read it! 


Top examples of Infographics for start-ups

Let’s now head to some best Infographics that largely contain some technical information. Usually, startups are always in search of ideas and growth techniques to boost their growth. So there are some famous companies that provide information in a comprehensive manner. Here you go! 


Now when we hear the name of IBM, we realize that it’s a very famous brand in itself. So it created an Infographic to help the new entrepreneurs in the market. The infographic is green in colour and contains very accurate information. It explains how combining both analytics and data is important to become a successful CFO. Thus in a brief form, it has explained everything well! 



  • Adioma

Do you sometimes wonder how much money your entrepreneurial venture will take? Or you worry about the investment. Well, if you do, then stop doing it. Adioma’s bloggers created an Infographic to help you resolve your queries. It created a template in which it has used a graph cum bar to convey information. The bar moves from lowest to highest. And one can keep a track of how many dollars are required for every industry. For example, the minimum investment is shown to be around $500. And then it keeps increasing.



Now this one is an interesting story cum Infographic. We all know that there are umpteen companies that provide unlimited graphic designing services. You can easily hire designing companies near you. However, on Pinterest, a user made this Infographic. The infographic is very arresting and sweet in outlook. It instantly taps attention! 

It talks about how those startups who wish setting up in Los Angeles can perform their work. The infographic gives us an insight into what does it take to set up a company. It also provides statistics like there are more than 789 startups in Los Angeles.


So we have seen how Infographics play an important role in any venture. They streamline very bulky information and help you know things at a quick glance. So don’t just keep reading. You need to go and check out some amazing Infographics! 


Top Productized Services List for Unlimited Code

Productized services are those which are given by some companies as a compact packaged service designed to meet the specific requirements of a client. This benefits both: the service providing firm as well as the client firm, for the reason that their needs are customised and better understood by each other. Having an unlimited code implies that you can have a number of pre subscribed services at a fixed price rate, and you may request any number of designs or consultations within that package!

Here you will find a list of companies that provides productized services through unlimited graphic design services. Graphic design as a service is growing day by day and their demands are in high demand especially since the advent of online marketing. This list only provides you with some top services that might benefit you a lot!


Draftss is a company that provides custom logo design services, graphic design packages for small business, UI and UX designing, designing for websites, at an unlimited code offer.

Their service ranges start at very reasonable and affordable prices, only $89 per week. You also check out their blogs for amazing tips for startups, and also new people in graphic designing.


One of the chief plus point of this company is that it gives you the benefit of a 15-day trial pack that allows you to understand their service better. This company gives you graphic design as a service for a monthly unlimited code. Kapa99 provides services for companies, New creators, agencies, advertising and promotion purposes.

You should definitely check out their blog for ideas. More importantly, they don’t charge exorbitantly either. Their monthly package starts from $399.


This company also gives you a 15-day trial pack with added advantages such as “turn-around-time” of 48 hours, and unlimited revisions.

More than these, they also have fifteen-day money back policy with 3 different types of package plans. They provide custom logo design services, website designing, and more with their unlimited coupon code starting at $369/month if you opt for a monthly plan.

Design pickle

This company provides graphic design services with unlimited code at two levels. You can choose between standard and pro packages based on your graphic design requirements.

Overall, their service is great and quite reasonable. Do give their website a visit.

This list merely provides you with an insight about different companies and the unlimited coupon code services they would likely provide you with. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind. The services provided by each company are distinct and different from each other. Therefore, to get exactly what you need you should make a study of what is best in each of them.

Most of the viewers prefer minimalism in graphic design or in graphic design colours, whether it is a website or a graphic design for the logo. Choose wisely or choose more than one for different areas of your business. Overall, it is always more profitable to it for services from that company that helps small businesses to develop and grow.


Struggling to Beautify Your Site? Use These Free Infographics and Templates Makers


Designing is a very important component of any business or entrepreneurial venture. In fact, a good and vibrant design instantly catches the attention of the viewers. They say that people don’t remember the written word as much as they do visuals. Companies or bloggers can try and make their sites and products look aesthetic. This way they are bound to grab the Market more than their rivals. And how would they do that? They can undoubtedly indulge in using online infographics and templates makers. And an amazing part of using these are that: They are absolutely free! So what are you all waiting for? Do read these amazing free design and templates makers! And try using them for amazing web designing!


  1. Canva


Who hasn’t used this software? It is certainly the most famous and used among all makers. From college students to professional website creators, all have used Canva. In fact, the name of the app suggests ” Canvas” of a painter. The software is inherent with a lot of templates. These are divided under sub- categories like posters, Instagram posts, invitation cards etc. Beginners can use it with utmost interest due to its ease. Besides that, infographics can also be made with templates. These include timelines, pointers, bullets etc. The app boasts to have around 50,000 designs. And they all are eye arresting! Despite a free plan, there’s a premium version available too. Though the free version is itself wholesome and does its job well. 


  • Templates for social media, Facebook story, YouTube thumbnail.
  • Others include an Instagram story, Fashion magazine cover designs, teen magazines etc. 
  • You can also design logos and icons through it.

2. Piktochart 

This is again a very renowned designing software. It works the same way as Canva does. It helps beginners to learn how graphic Designing is done with ease. You can choose from any of their templates or infographics. It has around 600 templates. The number is definitely less than Canva yet users can employ it well. It also has the exclusive feature of an HTML publisher. The customers can use it to make effective and catchy visuals. They can be later used to be put on a website. Piktochart is relatively simpler to use and this is its brownie point. It again comes both in a free and premium version. 


  • Social media graphics, print templates 
  • Charts and Map visuals
  • Personalized logos 


           3. Visme


Doesn’t the name of this software strike a tinkering bell? It does because of its uniqueness. Besides that Visme is known to be used under three simple steps. Firstly, you have to go to their site and explore their designs. They provide free graphics designing services. This is in terms of designs that are freely available and not paid. You can definitely go for a paid one too. The next step is choosing a design and working on it. They offer unlimited designing frames. Lastly, you can customise the visuals as per your needs and requirements. There are many graphs, tables and data widgets available to choose from.


  • Creating data tables
  • Analytics, graphs and maps 
  • Customisation option

         4. Easel


This infographic software is mostly oriented to represent data. So one can surely feel confident in terms of using it for this purpose. One can present concepts, projects and reports in interesting forms through it. Thus it makes the task of presenting boring and mundane data in a beautiful way. One can also use different background colours for the infographics. This is going to give a wholly new outlook to your site. Apart from that, Easel gives you the option of designing webinar invites. One can even use it for making flowcharts. Thus it’s really helpful to educators, teachers and professionals


  • Embedding codes
  • Designing flow charts 
  • Insertion of objects 

        5. Infogram

Just as the name suggests, Infogram deals with infographics. It is a free Infographics maker like all the above ones. It does offer a pro version as well. It is best known for offering around 200 maps to present information. These maps make data easy to understand and beautiful.  Besides that, you can use it to design online charts too. It has templates of around 35 charts. Altogether, Infogram is one of the top-rated free templates maker tools. You can even edit the colours and styles of charts suiting your needs or the business site.


  • Animated GIF charts 
  • Interactive Maps 
  • Icons

        6. Venngage

And the last but not the least free graphic maker is Venngage. It offers unlimited designs and templates to choose from. One won’t feel disappointed while availing it’s designing services. Besides that, it allows the customer to use Infographics for data organisation and presentation. One can use it for boosting sales of the company too. Increased traffic is usually a result of tantalising visuals. You can also use various colours and logos for additional designing.


  • High-quality PDFs
  • Team templates
  • Features of privacy and sharing


Is Growth Hacking Still A Key To Success?


The start-up trend is a revolution; nobody has ever thought that the 21st century will bring out so many unicorn startups. These startups not only helped the economy to grow, but the customer’s buying pattern even changed a lot. 

The brick and mortar trend got replaced by online shopping, and according to a study, it’s claimed that by the end of the 22nd century, there will be a whole lot of different customer trends and demands. Now, what makes all these incredible startups, a unicorn startup. All the best startups have one thing in common ‘Growth Hacking.’

By understanding, this term business can do a lot, because;

Growth hacking not only gives a competitive advantage but even it provides a business with a robust framework.


There is nothing to fear about this buzz word because growth hacking was used by founders as well as highly skilled entrepreneurs. If you haven’t used it yet, it’s the best time to move for it because the future is all about those individuals who adapt to changes. 


What is Growth Hacking?

To be more familiar with this word, growth hacking is simply trying hacks to grow! It’s a newly emerged field with a broad combination of data, marketing, and technology. It’s all about experimentation by applying all the marketing tactics by using updated technology for the business.

Growth Hacking is a process-based methodology, wherein the main aim is to grow the number of customers.


Initially originated from the silicon valley, there are n numbers of growth hackers seen in every corner of the world. While many marketers get confused that it’s just another type of marketing technique but ain’t really that way! 

This subject is obviously polarizing, but when applied to a business, it can do wonders because the major motto of every founder or startup or local business is just Growth. 

What do Growth Hackers do?

A growth hacker is not a marketer, and it can never be because both are important for a business. The main aim of the growth hacker is to use all the data optimally and come up with definite results for growth. 

Every decision made by a growth hacker is inclined to grow!


Sean Ellis was the very first growth hacker back in 2011; he was a marketing manager in Paypal, and we all know where Paypal stands now. 

The absolute focus of him was growth, and he just worked against the traditional market by different methods, tools, and practices, and just got the achievement.  Following the conventional market is one of the significant barriers to growth. 


Growth Hacking, Future, and success: 

Speaking of the current Covid19 condition, growth hackers are essential for any startup. As the market trend has changed drastically, and people in the future will be more concerned about their investments rather than spending, it will be tough for a business to sustain in the rat race.

All the existing strategies of business got fluctuations because of this undergoing Pandemic, but growth hacking will always be about growth. And its strategies keep on changing. 

Usually, growth hacking is a one-person game, because in every business, there is just a growth hacker, who builds the strategy and everyone works accordingly.


But what are the strategies of a growth hacker?

  • A growth hacker keeps an eye on the entire pirate funnel, that is, awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, and referral. 
  • A growth hacker runs different experiments to know or understand which one will work more effectively 
  • All the experiments done by a growth hacker is data-driven
  • A growth hacker has sound technical skills, analytical skills, and marketing skills
  • A growth hacker just focuses on a single product line or an only service 


So is there any future in growth hacking?

Absolutely, growth hacking will be the newer trend after this pandemic because the working here is all future and technology-driven.  Although there will be a lot of significant barriers, it will surely give a push. 

Growth hackers learn what API is, what is programming, and the customer trends as well. So a growth hacker will ultimately become the powerhouse of the business.

As for now, growth hacking is used by a lot of startups, and it’s even possible that in the future, the fortune 500 lists will be all about growth hackers!

At a time, growth hacking can’t be implied on more giant corporations because there are lots of complications, but if worked on properly, it can act as a resource.


What will Growth Hacking do to the traditional market?

As far as the traditional market is concerned, a growth hacker can easily replace a marketer, because a marketer is an opponent of a growth hacker. A marketer has some restrictions, but a growth hacker has some relaxation.

But if a marketer chooses to become a growth hacker, then they can do exceptionally well in it. As Sean Ellis was at first a marketer itself and now is considered as the godfather of growth hacking, he has done wonders.


Unethical or ethical – what is a growth hacker’s approach?

A person can’t just impose their view on a growth hacker about its working pattern, but in some way, growth hackers do work unethically, and it’s quite obvious for them too. Because they consider growth as their only goal, they tend to do unethical practices. 

The focus of the growth hacker is narrow, and they are the biggest risk-taker in any organization. Their paths are aggressive, and they have lots of obstacles too on their way. 

Most of the growth hackers don’t even think about being ethical or unethical because what they are going to do is something out of the box.

And the knowledge which they are seeking is sometimes not apparent by regular lawmakers.



It surely takes lots of time to learn a skill like growth hacking, but once mastered, it can do wonders for the whole business world. You can be a game-changer, and sometimes there will be failures. 

It’s a rare skill, but not impossible because all it takes is lots of practice and dedication. 

A person learning this skill will inevitably face lots of failures, but what makes a person skilled is how he tackles himself with the failures. Growth Hacking is still the key to success, both personal and professional, too, if learned and mastered well.


Drop Servicing Business With Draftss in 2020: A Practical Guide.

In the business world today, you can drop service from anything to everything. But the only thing you should not drop service is the thing you do not understand. Although you don’t have to be an expert to drop service a digital product, having some basic knowledge of what you are offering is definitely going to help. It is also very important to trust the service partners you’re going to work with. 

A major benefit of drop servicing for businesses is to reduce overhead costs. Thus, it’s very important to analyze the complete financial structure you are going to follow while you are drop servicing. Find drop servicing partners who can help you reduce overhead costs. The type of packages offered, their upfront costs, and the flexibility they provide would be integral aspects to evaluate their compatibility with you.

Drop servicing can be easy. First, you need to define and put together what are your going to drop service and who are you going to provide the services.

Second, find yourself a partner to drop service. It’s very important to get a partner who fits your requirements appropriately. The partner can be an individual, a group of individuals, or professional companies.

Third, you need to get on  a platform to be able to make your services available to your potential and target customers. Simplest of all is to get yourself a website!

Fourth, and the final, you need to have a marketing strategy which is fit and exact for all your requirements and can be executed with the available resources. Take help from your drop servicing partners in formulation of a perfect strategy!

Let us understand how you can start drop servicing in detail!


Drop Servicing Design And WordPress & HTML Services

Designing and WordPress & HTML services are highly in demand in almost every industry. Every organization wants to be the best and for that matter of choice, they understand that they need to look best. Digital transformation for every business has become an integral aspect that they can’t ignore and thus frontend designing of various digital platforms has gained importance.

Due to rising importance, they bring in a lot of business opportunities. Some of the most popular services being drop serviced widely are:

  1. Logo Designing & Branding
  2. WordPress Development & Designing
  3. Web Development & Designing
  4. Graphic Designing
  5. App UI/UX Designing
  6. Promotional Designing
  7. Merchandise Designing
  8. Brochure/Newsletter/Whitepaper/Postcards Designing

And the limit is endless!

While your firm gets ready to bring in designers who have absolute brilliance to design these particulars, it’s always a good idea to get it outsourced without compromising on the quality of services and without diluting the resources for your growth.

Let’s take you quickly through some of the services highly in demand:


  •       Logo Designing & Branding

Logo & Branding is something very essential to every business and if you provide it, you’re an integral part of the business world. You can easily subscribe to a designing package and get the logo designing and branding services Drop Shipped with a designing company.  

  • WordPress Designing & Development

WordPress Development is easy to update, edit, change or modify the content of the website. You can easily propose great designs and highly modified wordpress websites to your clients for a variety of needs like e-commerce, for bookings, for portfolios, for blogging, and several more.


  •       Graphic Designing

Graphics are important and so is the one who provides it! Get great graphic designing services Drop Serviced with a designing company and let your designing business expand with ease. One of the major advantages to use Draftss as your Drop Servicing Partner is that Draftss lets you use the portfolio of its great designs in various formats with no marks and thus lets you portray your image as an expert.

  • Web & App UI/UX

Companies and businesses around the globe are very conscious of engaging with their audience in the right way and thus investing large sums on improving their UI/UX. This aspect is indispensable for business in the near future and thus can give a boost to your drop servicing business and keep it afloat for a good time. You can get these services drop serviced  by organisations around the world easily and serve your clients making decent profits!

  •       Promotional Designing

Promotional designing plays a crucial role. What, How, and Where an organization says and communicates with the respective target audience makes a great difference and organisations are spending a lot on it. Your drop servicing business can design particulars like flyers, graphic designs, social media content, brochures, e-books,  infographics, illustrations, and similar such things to cater to their needs while just getting them all drop serviced.  

  • Merchandise

Every company wishes to become a brand and is working hard to grow thus making the demand of branded merchandise to go higher. Merchandise designing is one of the highly demanded and widely famous concepts of branding. You can provide a number of merchandise like T-shirts, Stationeries, Postcards, and such other things and get them Drop Serviced easily. 


  • Brochure/Newsletter/Whitepaper/Postcards Designing

These are the basics every business requires before it even starts doing business. By having a great designing agency on your back, you can claim your expertise in these services for the upcoming and thriving businesses and explore a huge market full of demand. Get these particulars like Brochure, Newsletters, Whitepapers, Postcards, and other essentials designed through Drop Servicing services and make a great business deal for yourself out of it.


How are you going to get these services Drop Serviced?

A number of platforms and portals form a community of freelancers and experts who can make a perfect team for performing services on behalf of you and work as a drop servicing partner for your business. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and many other similar platforms are up and running where you can find your drop servicing partners. 

But as everything comes in life not easy, there can be some complications you may have to deal with.

  • Some of these platforms keep a percentage share of the total cost of the project retained adding a little risk to your profits from the projects. 
  • Also, it may get difficult for you to trust random freelancers upon these platforms although the reviews and ratings of the freelancers are provided. 
  • Even if you get some freelancers and individuals upon these problems, it’s an additional challenge for you to manage them as well with your growing business.

Some platforms also provide a complete solution as a platform for dispute resolution, but why get into them when you can just avoid them!

You can look up to Draftss for your drop servicing business and make it easier as well as comfortable for you to work well. Some of the key aspects of Draftss are: 

  1. 100+ services offered.
  2. No need to review the designers!
  3. You get an entire design team.
  4. Especially trained people for handling your project as well.
  5. Great technical knowledge.
  6. Superb customer support.
  7. One time & subscription based payment models.
  8. Quick and Easy.
  9. Awesome Designs
  10. Helps with design & code consultations as well.
  11. Integration with Slack & Trello makes it easier to work with them.
  12. A lot of businesses as well as individuals use Draftss for Drop Servicing.
  13. Draftss work with small as well as huge brands.
  14. Pretty Cool Team to Work with.
  15. All the services you get offered are white labeled.

One of the best and the rarest things to find is a pricing model that works on subscription. Draftss provides its subscription based pricing model that helps you strategize as well as set your pricing and revenue targets.

A number of platforms can get you started with your Drop Servicing business instantly, smoothly, and with ease but what about the customers? Let’s make your services available to your target customers with some simple and effective steps.

How Should You Make These Services Available?

The best and the quickest way to reach out to your clients is online!


Get an amazing website built for your organization in no time with great service providers in the market available and set up your online portfolio for your to-be-customers to opt and subscribe to your services.

While you propose to service your clients, be an expert! Some of the in-demand drop servicing partner companies like Draftss let you showcase all their expertise and solutions as yours and showcase a broad and huge portfolio for which you can be called as an expert.

Receive your subscriptions and demands from your clients and let your Drop Servicing partner serve them on behalf of you.

It’s that easy!


How should you price these services?

A perfect Drop Servicing pricing strategy will help you to get a better marketing strategy and create more sales, thus more profits. 

Failing to have an optimum price point for your services through Drop Servicing, you may either lose customers by setting the prices too high or may lose upon potential profits by setting the prices too low.

Most common pricing strategies are:

  • The Traditional Cost Based Pricing: where prices are dependent upon cost and aspired profits.
  • Competition Based Pricing Strategy: where prices are strategically aligned with the prices offered by competitors.
  • Customer Based Pricing Strategy: where prices are flexible enough and the final charges are based upon the type, strata, and payment capacity of the customers. 

Average Prices

For each scope of services, choose an average range of prices. For example, you subscribe to a monthly subscription of Draftss and price each of the services according to the average value. 

  • Logo & Designing services are usually quoted in a range of $150-$1500.
  • Landing Pages are designed at an average price range of $300-$1200.
  • UI/UX Designs for the Mobile Apps are priced in the range of $300-$1200.
  • Infographic designs usually are priced in the range of $5-$367.

More number of projects you get in a month, the more profit for your organization!


How to get customers?

  • Use Upwork & Similar Sites

A number of platforms, networks, and communities like:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. Fiverr 
  4. Toptal
  5. Simply Hired

help organizations as well as individuals to bag projects on a freelance basis. They make it easy for the demand side as well as the supply side to come together upon a platform, analyse the deal, and further close the deal!


  • Google Ads & Facebook Ads

Using Google Ads & other Social Media platforms can do wonders for businesses to get leads and potential customers while saving a big investment cost for the business. Further, use google analytics and google trends to track the growth as well as improve upon the ongoing growth of your online platforms.


  • Friends & Family

Friends & family acquaintances can be your initial clients and once you get your first project, it only gets easier. Offer your friends and acquaintances services for dirt cheap prices and in exchange you get to become the best person to refer your business to their network further ultimately providing you with a lot of leads in future.



  • SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities can highly help you bring in a lot of traffic to your web based business portals. Use it to bring out the best content and to engage with the highly convertible leads. Tools and services to help you with SEO like YoastSEO, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, SEOPress, and other similar tools can help gain organic traffic. Search engines play a major role and are a great source of traffic for most websites on the internet. Optimizing your website for search engines can help you rank higher in search results and significantly grow your Drop Serviced business.  


And Done!

Drop Servicing the design services is going to make a good choice for you and your business to deal with the clients with the best quality when dealing with management or financial constraints. Make sure you have an appropriate and compatible Drop Servicing artner for your organization. Drop Servicing can relieve you from a lot and this makes it a highly lucrative opportunity for a business to grab.

You’ve got your organization settled up, you’ve got your design and development services Drop Serviced to Draftss, and now serving your clients with the best is the next! 

Looking for an easy and quick way to get the services Drop Serviced to Draftss?

Reach out to jd@draftss.com and let your business expand!

Drop Servicing is going to be the future of a number of businesses soon. It’s better to find your drop servicing partner soon and get started with the delivery of expert services. From partnering with a great designing company like Draftss to achieve perfection just in the beginning to reaching out to your customers and making the services available to them, it’s easy and quick! 

Follow the right steps and you get to have a great business settled up in no time with all the services drop serviced. Start with defining the scope of services you’re going to provide. Find a drop servicing partner for your business, get ready with your services to be showcased before your potential customers, reach out to them and get started! 


Graphic design in the era of AI

The term “artificial intelligence” is often linked with a mixture of thrill and horror. Perhaps all the excitement often stems from sci-Fi movies where AI is shown to be taking over the world and very soon there would be a war between the worlds of human and technium!

Leaving all the fictional stories apart, what exactly is AI, and what purpose would it serve in the graphic design industry? To answer the first question, artificial intelligence is machine intelligence that is very much unlike the perception or cognition of natural intelligence present in humans and animals. It uses algorithms and coding to perform tasks such as calculation, reasoning, problem-solving, data analyzing and other tasks that would make our lives easier. So now let us dive into what it means for the graphic design industry!

Will the AI replace the artists?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. People showing concern over whether the automation is going to take over the jobs or the works of artists. This is not a baseless question to ask either. However, that is not exactly how artificial intelligence works. The machine or software can only help the artists by proving the easy user interface and increasing speed and efficiency. In other words, the designs can be made cheaper and faster. Moreover, the machines would be having a large interface and data of information that can provide thousands of design suggestion from a vast database. A digital illustration would become far easier for the artists as now they can refer thousands of graphic designs and draw more inspiring ideas from them.

The idea of machines adopting human creativity is a far fetched one. It can only perform functions or make designs already encoded into it.

Would this alter the quality in designs?

While it is true that automation in art is likely to improve its quality as it would ensure less amount of errors, and also provide the best alternative suggestions. Moreover, it would also provide graphic design colour suggestions that would heighten the quality of the work. This would indeed be beneficial for the marketing sector of the industry as designs would be available faster and at a cheaper rate, since it cuts down labour cost to a great extent.

On that note, it would also be worthwhile to mention that artists no longer have to work hard to learn design techniques as they previously had to. There would be lesser interaction among artists themselves as newer artists would rely less on teachings and advice of older practitioners and more on the algorithms and suggestions of their artificial intelligence software.

The man tech conjugation is likely to improve designs, but would it lead to underrating of hard work and learning?

That day is not far when AI will be having an extensive role to play in the field of art and digital illustration. Until then, we can still rely on the artists to provide us with some best quality designs with all their hard work and persistence. There are companies that provide unlimited graphic design services for a very reasonable price that you may want to check out. Draftss is one of them. They will provide good opportunities to support startup plans as well. Make it a point to visit their website or blog.

Know more about how AI is gonna change the digital advertising industry.