Web Development Services for your Business

For the growth of businesses, marketing is necessary. With the advent of technology in all our lives, it has changed the way marketing is done. Social media and websites serve as a repository of information for everybody. Therefore, it is obvious that businesses should explore the space of Web Development Services to market their products and services. So lucrative is this platform that many companies no longer publicize on television or print media. 

Digital marketing is therefore something that companies invest a lot of time and money on. A strong presence on social media along with a good website does a lot of talking about a business. If your business does not have a website that is not appealing to your potential customers, your digital marketing efforts will not pay off. It is certainly not advisable for any business to lose out on such a large customer base, which is the users of the internet. The ability of websites to provide you marketing insights is another advantage that is incomparable. 

Why should a business have a web page?

Among the many uses of a website, a few crucial ones are explained below. 

  • Brand value –

Most of your potential customers are going to good and look at your website straight. This is also the case with potential investors. That is simply because it is the easiest and most reliable way to gather information. Therefore, it is vital to have a well-built website that effectively communicates what your brand stands for.

  • Easy publicity of products –

A website can provide a platform for your products/services to be advertised. It could have a catalog that would explain the details clearly. This mainly helps in avoiding any misconception that could be floating in the market. 

  • Improved accessibility –

A business that has a good website makes it easy for customers/investors to get in touch with stakeholders in the business. It makes information related to the business available all day, contrary to a conventional office.

  • Appear in search engine results –

This is a major benefit that having a website yields. For example, if someone is looking for a laptop that you manufacture, they are more likely to search for good laptops on the internet. If you have a website, it could appear in the search results, making your brand visible.

  • Targeting customers –

Through a website, it is possible to keep a track of the visitors. You can get insights about regular visitors, new visitors, and the average time they spend on your site. These are a few parameters that you can analyze, in order to improve your marketing strategies.

  • Easy operation –

A business that wants to recruit new employees can run the process through its website. It is also possible to receive and address customer queries via a website.


How should I hire a web developer?

Given the importance of having a website for a business, it is just obvious that a good website developer works for you. Startups and growing businesses need affordable web designers and developers. 

  • Quality of design –

This is possibly the most important point to bear in mind while choosing a web developer. See if the designs they are suggesting for your business’ website is reflective of the character of your business. There are several web design tools that the developers make use of. It is crucial to use them wisely according to the nature of the business. 

  • Budget –

It is obvious that you have to spend some money on marketing. But, ensure you are paying correctly for the service you receive. Do thorough research of market rates for web designing and development. Understand why some companies price their services more than others. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each service provider. Make a conscious choice, because a website is very critical for a business.

Identify the needs of your business website and hire a developer accordingly. If your website is going to have a lot of image content, hire someone who is known for graphic designing. If there is a logo that is to be designed, identify developers who offer web and logo designing services in a package. 

Web developers should have sound coding skills. Knowledge in Photoshop, WordPress, PHP, CSS is important for website designing. This ensures that the service you are paying for is made by experts in the field.

  • Customer ratings –

As a potential customer of a web developer or designer, you should check the ratings of the previous customers that this developer has catered to. Although it is not a very reliable parameter to judge a professional, it will provide an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a designer. 

  • Duration of service –

Identify if your business is going to need regular updating of the website or if it could do with the same one for a long time. If it is a product based website, you might want to have a web developer a phone call away to make updates on the website. 

  • Additional services –

Several companies provide packages of web development and graphic designing as a combination. Check if these packages could be of benefit to you. Also, ensure you are aware of how your developer/designer plans to address glitches if any, and for how long. Basically, check the warranty of the service!


There are several ways by which websites can be designed, especially via professional Web Development Services. Of late, several short courses on web-development have been floated online. These courses mostly merely teach you to make a basic website. While it is certainly good to learn the skill, your business deserves much more. A website made by a professional can be easily distinguished from that made by someone who is not an expert. 

After thorough and sufficient research, identify the right developer bearing in mind the implications it will have on your business.



Graphics in Interior Designing for Your Working Space

Graphic designing is an important part of marketing strategies these days. Since most businesses market their products online, it becomes almost necessary for all of them to hire graphic designers. Interestingly, another important area where graphic designing finds application is interior designing. 

Interior designing is the process of making the interior of buildings look aesthetically pleasing. There is a big industry that runs in this domain and this process has turned out to be an irreplaceable one over time. 


Interior Designing in Corporate Offices

Corporate offices spend a lot of money on interior design. This is because interior design helps inefficient utilization of space. Every nook and corner can be put to use for some function or the other. It is also important for offices to be lit well. Otherwise, working could become a pain. Effective utilization of furniture is another important benefit of interior designing renders. An aesthetically pleasing workspace is certainly going to be more appealing to a customer. 

The job of illustrating every little nook and corner in a room is that of a graphic designer. Starting from where to place a magazine shelf to where a yellow light will hang from – graphic designers help a business choose and decide on a design that would suit their idea of their workspace.

It is also not uncommon these days to have graphical surfaces like walls or floors. These have to be designed bearing in mind the nature of the place that they will be used in. For example, there are fancy ceilings that we see in many households. This is a product of graphic design

Workspaces should have decor which is in line with the kind of business that operates from there. It is said that the materials of décor accentuate the architecture. Therefore, it is very vital to have these carefully designed. Graphic designers help in designing, helping you visualize, and alter these products. 

Most businesses understand how competitive their market is. In such a scenario, it also becomes necessary to have offices personalized. Interior designers and graphic designers work together to give you a layout and design that is exclusive to your workplace. Wall hangings, stickers, posters, lighting patterns – all of these are reflective of your business’ nature and the values it stands for.


Choosing the right interior and graphic designers

There are many designers in the market who offer one-time services at very affordable rates. But, most of these designers have a template that they repeat in different offices. Having a unique approach is important for startup growth. Therefore, it is unwise to have an office designed like another. The impression of such a room would leave on your visitors is certainly not going to be desirable.

A business that desires to run for a long time should definitely consider opting for an unlimited graphic designer package. The benefits that come with it are unmatchable. 

  • It becomes easy if you hire a professional graphic designer instead of spending your time learning and practicing it. Creativity is not everybody’s cup of tea. An unlimited graphic designing package lets you exploit all the services for a long time. It is generally a deal that lasts for quite some time, unlike ones with freelancers. 
  • Hiring freelancers may also pose a risk of unavailability of the professional. Such a scenario is least likely to occur when you sign up for a package from a reputed graphic designing company. There is always a team that is going to be there to serve your company. As a startup, it is very important to have such a guarantee in service because any delay in any domain would mean a delay in the others too. That is something a budding business should try and avoid. 

Graphic designing can also bring out the aspects of Interior Designing that help a mind stay happy and healthy.

  • Certain stability in the way the business looks to the outside world is appreciated. The advertisements, online posts, marketing material – all of these contribute to the building of the brand image, along with the looks of the workspace. Opting for an unlimited graphic designing package also provides the business with an additional benefit – they can use the graphic designers for generating marketing content as well.
  • A company that is just starting out with one office, could grow in a few years and have a few more workspaces. All of these workplaces should be similar, such that a visitor can easily identify the brand and business by looking at the interiors themselves. For consistency in the service, sticking to one interior and graphic designer helps. Such a designer would be well aware of your needs and demands, and you theirs. Therefore, providing and procuring the service would become hassle-free. 

Interior designing is an irreplaceable part of building offices today. Similarly, graphic design is an irreplaceable part of interior design. A good graphic designer should be able to communicate the ideas of an interior designer well to a business owner.  Interior designers should also be well aware of the business owner’s requirements.



Webflow Vs WordPress : Which One Is For You?

While taking the business online, the first thing that knocks a business owner’s mind is getting a website. But is just having a website enough? How would you make sure if your website is efficient enough to fetch you the returns that you’re looking forward to getting out of the digital space? Two of the leading platforms dominating the digital space in today’s era are Webflow and WordPress. Which one should you go for?

Having just a website may not be enough. It’s important to have a great website that makes it easier for you to reach out to your customers, fetch out the leads, and make an impact upon your visitors while they check you out. Website builders have made it very easy for businesses to get a website with enhanced ease and quickness.



Security |

WordPress being the most popular website builder in the world with about 1.3 billion users, has been empowering some of the best websites for about 17 years now! WordPress is free to use, which means, you can just go to the website, download the software, and get started with your website.


Webflow Reviews: 190+ User Reviews and Ratings in 2021 | G2

Webflow, another website builder has made its mark by providing an easy drag and drop website making facility with the USP of the most customizable site builder in the market. It doesn’t require you to code and hence makes it easy for everyone to make a website on their own. Paid services and plans at Webflow start at just $12 per month, which gives a person another reason to use a service that is highly affordable and offers value for money.


Which one is easy?

Do you own a business? Great!

Do you know how to code?

Download Ease Of Use - Mouse Click Icon Png PNG Image with No Background -

Well, most business owners are not programmers or coders. If you’re one, you’re talented! If you’re not, it’s easy for you too with website builders.


WordPress and Webflow, both might be the options for you even if you don’t really know how to code. Although WordPress might be a bit tricky for the one who hasn’t been acquainted with a similar platform before, it might get handy once one starts using it.

It comes with a number of plugins, pages, posts, themes, and editors. Adding content to the website is easy and the websites made on WordPress are powerful too.

Although WordPress is not a drag and drop website builder, a number of plugins and software programs enable WordPress to become one. Programs like Divi builder and Elementor are two of the most popular ones.



Webflow on the other hand enables the users to just drag and drop the element that is to be added to the website. It makes it very easy for beginners to start building their website on their own and take their enterprise online in just a few clicks.

With a clean dashboard to manage all the website functions, it comes with a direct visual interface to make it easy for the users to build a website. It helps a user to work directly on the live site, similar to the website builders in WordPress.

Although beginners may find it difficult to navigate through a large number of features that Webflow has to offer, once acquainted, it becomes very handy and easy to use. Also, Webflow comes with some limitations when it comes to it being a CMS platform. Other platforms based on CMS might have to offer their users a lot more than Webflow has to offer.


Cost Associated

Cost Leadership Icon, HD Png Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem

Any business owner might want to test the platform while going online for the first time and hence would like to invest steadily. Keeping the factor of cost in attention, here’s what both the platforms have got to offer.


WordPress is a software program that can be downloaded from the web portal free of cost. This means that building a website for your business on WordPress is free and is associated with no upfront cost. However, you will have to pay for a domain address and WordPress web hosting for the web platform developed.

WordPress would also ask you to pay for any premium plugins, themes, or other third party services you may like to use on the website. Using website builders like Divi and Elementor will also come for a price to pay.

WordPress is one of the most popular builders in the world that comes with a very large ecosystem of its own. A number of services and service providers are available to support your business online with affordable and flexible services and plans. Even the plugins that are extremely beneficial and costly will usually come with a free trial version.


Webflow on the other hand offers a free subdomain and hosting that comes with Webflow branding. The free version is however limited, it’s good enough to test the platform.

Webflow comes with two different types of plans, namely: a site plan and an account plan.

Users of the site plans get charged per site. The cost will depend upon the factors like the type of site, size of the site, etc. The sites are divided into basic, CMS sites, business sites, enterprise sites, and eCommerce sites.

Users of the account plan get charged per account and can create multiple sites under the single account saved as projects. The sites can be hosted in Webflow itself or hostel independently by downloading the code file of the site.



Ecommerce plays a huge role in online businesses today. Online shopping has been in the trend for since long and has been achieving new milestones continuously.

E Commerce Icon Png #220945 - Free Icons Library

This makes other businesses wanting to join the race too and grow.


Upon the world’s largest website builder platform WordPress, you get to use the world’s largest eCommerce enabled platform called WooCommerce. This platform comes as a plugin in WordPress sites and is being used by a large number of eCommerce websites.

WooCommerce has got features of its own. With a wide variety of payment gateway options, plugins, templates, and themes, WooCommerce can be a great partner in the growth of your online business.


Webflow too offers its users to use eCommerce facility for websites. Businesses can easily get going with eCommerce through Webflow although it might seem to be a bit limited upon its offering when compared to WordPress.

Webflow has partnered with Stripe to offer a payment gateway facility to its users. It also implies that it is difficult to use other payment gateways with Webflow. Also, it charges a 2% commission fee on behalf of Stripe upon each of the transactions done through the gateway.

Adding the products is easy on Webflow eCommerce. The plan starts at $29 per month with a limit on the number of products to be added.


Addons & Integrations

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No platform offers everything for anything. That’s where comes the need for third-party integrations. They’re important!


The best thing that one can get in WordPress is the plugins that come with the platform. You can simply just go and search for a plugin for anything that you might need while making a website and you’ll probably get it. That’s what WordPress does for you.

WordPress is a big animal and hence a number of third parties produce plugins and services which are Worpress compatible. There are about 57,000+ plugins available on the platforms free of cost.

Ranging from creating forms, making up the SEO, using Google analytics, enhancing security, WordPress probably has a plugin for everything, and even more.


Webflow is comparatively a platform that is young and growing. Thus, it comes with a few limitations. Some integration would be very specific to the platform and for some, you might have to struggle. Even more of them won’t be available.

There are not many of the integrations and add-ons by third parties who are in the making of the plugins and integrations for Webflow as they do for WordPress.



Customer Service Icon - Customer Service Flat Icon Png, Transparent Png ,  Transparent Png Image - PNGitem

When you get stuck, you might need support. It may come in various forms. Let’s see which forms do these platforms offer their support in.


WordPress has a very large community because of the massive number of users it has got around the world. Thus to serve them, WordPress has a library of articles, tutorials, and how-to guides which are packed up with great stuff to help out the users wherever and whenever they get stuck.

Also because of a huge community, WordPress even gets to have a great peer-to-peer network, and hence a number of answers to problems directly come from the users themselves. Usually, just a normal Google search would be enough to find a solution to almost all of your problems.


Webflow is comparatively a smaller community and hence needs to offer support to its users from the platform itself. It however hosts a massive library of FAQs, solutions, and guides to help its users with the problems they might face while using Webflow. Webflow has named the section as Webflow University.

Users can also get email support from Webflow. It also hosts an AI-based chatbot.



A number of factors, dimensions, and uses when taken into consideration, WordPress clearly comes out to be a better option than Webflow. What Webflow might be trying to achieve and offer its users is something that WordPress is already offering its users.

Although Webflow has a fantastic web design and beautiful interface, it still lacks some very critical features which might become a hurdle for the growth of your online business.

At the same time, WordPress makes everything easy for it has been in the market for a long with a community so big. With the highly interconnected network, great support, a huge number of integrations, and fair pricing, WordPress might be the option to empower your business and push your growth in the quickly expanding digital space.





Unlimited Graphic Design Services for Your Business

Digital Marketing has become a considerable part of the marketing strategies of businesses nowadays. A big part of it is Graphic Designing. Your designs; your logo designs, your web designs, etc. represent your brand and largely influence your customer base. Therefore, it is essential that your designs are according to industry standards and speak of what your brand stands for. Unlimited Graphic Design Services can be your next big solution for all your business problems.

There are many ways for designing your graphics: DIY tools, hiring an in-house designer, hiring a freelancer, hiring an agency, or getting Unlimited Graphic Design Services. Among other options, Unlimited Graphic Design Services’ demand is greatly rising. We are going to explore the scope of Unlimited Graphic Design Services for your business.

What is Unlimited Graphic Design Services?

This Graphic Designing Service is offered by agencies where you can be offered unlimited designing services at a fixed monthly price. The clients are supposed to pay a fee monthly for the services and they can get unlimited designs and revisions according to their needs.

Why Unlimited Graphic Design Services?

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Unlimited Graphic Design Team

You should choose Unlimited Graphic Design for your business if:

1. Your business has huge demand needs but not enough to hire an in-house designer. If you have regular needs for designs in your business but not enough budget, then this is the right option for you.

2. You are looking for an option where you don’t have to commit for a long time. Unlimited Design services charges are like monthly subscription fees, which you can renew every month and can cancel anytime.

3. You don’t have much time to pursue design-making. The availability of professional designers in Unlimited graphic designing limits your role in conveying your needs and you are saved for the later hassle.

4. You want to relieve your workload at an affordable price. By delegating your designing firm to a designing agency, you will be left for time to pursue other critical jobs for your business.

5. You are looking for professional designers with no delays in work who are available to you whenever you need them and who work according to your design requests.

The choice of graphic designing medium depends upon the needs and resources of the business. Irrespective of whether you are a startup, a small scale business, or a medium/large scale business, the designing agencies have different plans curated according to your needs and budget. Some of them also provide the option of monthly payments, quarterly payments, or annual payments. You may choose the most suitable according to your circumstances and your designs are in hands of completely reliable people.

For a clearer evaluation, here is a small assessment of different options that are available for graphic designing today.

DIY Tools
The 20 best graphic design tools recommended by top digital artists -  99designs

The internet is filled with software and applications that have customized templates and a pool of designs to choose from for your design needs. The presence of already available templates makes designing easier at no cost, or a very minimal amount (in case the person purchases the premium version of the tool). Some of them are Canva, Pablo, Pixlr, etc.
However, it takes up lots of effort and time to actually design something that will represent your business. Also, the templates are available to everybody and this really diminishes the unique factor in your designs.

In-House Designer
In Defense of the In-House Designer | by Keri O'Brian | Upstatement | Medium

The best option is to hire an in-house designer for all your designing needs. A person specially hired to work on designing. There are a lot of costs incurred when we hire someone, like hiring costs, regular salary, employee benefits, etc.
In case you don’t have regular design needs or want team efforts, it is going to cost more. So. this option is really costly and not suitable specifically for budgeted firms like startups or small businesses.

Hiring a Freelancer
How to hire a freelance graphic designer for your business • Startups Geek

The next best option at a slightly lesser cost would be to hire a freelancer. The advantage would be that the business would get a designer without committing for long-term and without incurring hiring costs.
The disadvantage could come in the form of delayed deliveries and an unreliable person doing your job. It might prove to be actually a very bad idea when the person calling in sick could impact your complete work schedule.

Hiring an Agency
How much does it cost to hire a graphic designer in 2020? |

After assessing the other options, this option seems to be the most reliable. A team of professional designers working on your projects is lucrative. But when agencies work on a contract basis, there is a lot of rigidity. They would do the work that the contract has prescribed and of course, a limited number of revisions per design.
They might not offer the type of flexibility that you would require in order to get your desired results.

In Unlimited Graphic Design Services, you would get a team of professional designers working on your projects, ensuring complete professionalism and no delays. The price you have to pay is monthly and therefore no long term commitments and no unnecessary costs incurred.

How to choose a service for your needs?

There are some factors that you must consider while choosing the right Unlimited Graphic Design Services for your needs among the pool of options available.

1. The first and most important factor is the price charged for the services. You should compare different agencies offering their service and the price they are charging for those services and go for the one that is offering the most benefits at the minimum price.
2. You should look for plans offered by different agencies and then select the one that suits your needs the most. It will depend upon the frequency of design needs for your business.
3. You should also consider how much work you want to delegate while choosing an agency. The work involves a lot of trust and reliability between the parties. Therefore, research before hiring any services and check the integrity of the agency.

Some of the agencies, like Draftss even offer weekly plans for your convenience. Not every agency provides a team of designers, so while picking up service for yourself, make sure to check it. Every designing agency tries to offer something unique. Look for something that fits you the best at the best price.

Well, everything lands in favor of Unlimited Graphic Design Services. It is an affordable, flexible, and feasible option for businesses today!


Social Media Marketing for Businesses

A platform for making easy connections and contacts with people from across the world is what social media is. About 3 billion people use social media actively. Isn’t it a great place to market products and services? Many businesses think it is. They use social media to sell their ideas, products, and services. It is also an effective platform to understand the consumer mindset. Engaging with them is easy and inexpensive. The fact that social media can “show” content relevant to a consumer based on specific interests, is very advantageous to businesses. For example, it is possible through social media to advertise clothing brands to an individual who is looking for them. This may not be possible through other means of advertising. Hence, in most cases, businesses end up spending on marketing their products/services to people who are least likely to be their customers. 

The following benefits could be reaped out of using social media effectively:

  • Building brands
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Procuring feedback
  • Increasing sales


Why should businesses choose to market on social media?

Social media marketing also makes possible targeting and re-targeting of audiences from across the globe. This is almost impossible for a business using conventional methods of advertising like hoardings or pamphlets.

With the use of social media, it is also possible to earn customer loyalty at not very high costs for businesses. It has become easy for individuals to use this means to find buyers for their products/services. This has had a good impact on small businesses in developing countries like India, with many of them operating from the comfort of their homes. Indigenous products have found markets like never before.

The stories of businesses and startups are often not known to most of us. For a long time, we would rely on magazines to interview founders and publish their stories. But, it is now possible through social media to easily share the story behind a brand, logo, business, and its motives. More often than not, it is these stories that sell. This is true today not just for businesses, but also for individuals ranging from actors to political figures.

The types of audience that can be targeted through social media campaigns are diverse. It could be a barely literate person who prefers images over text, or someone who loves satire. It is possible to cater to the needs of all of these people satisfactorily over social media.


Which platform to use?

The most common social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All of these platforms are designed for both individuals and businesses. It is important to choose the platform wisely. Bear in mind the type of audience you are targeting and the region they belong to. For example, if your product/service is meant for politicians, it may best to run an ad campaign on Twitter. 


What are the hacks to use social media productively?

Although the marketing campaigns will depend on the type of business, there are certain basic but important aspects to bear in mind while running social media ads.

Good content 

It is well-known that social media platforms have now been flooded with businesses and individuals trying to push their services/products. What makes a certain post stand out from the rest is the quality of the content it carries. Using catchy lines instead of lengthy paragraphs of information could do your business a lot of good.

Images that would go on social media posts have to be carefully designed. This is where graphic designers play an important role. It is often seen that many brands use similar images to advertise their products. This does more harm than good. It is important for businesses to have their own custom graphic designs that would help them build their brand. Businesses that are starting out should carefully choose their logo designs as well. An organization should plan to use Social Media Marketing for a long period of time. In order to make a mark in the minds of the audience, it would be useful for it to opt for an unlimited graphic design services package. This will enable the business to be easily able to make designs as the need arises. 


Flexible strategy 

In order to be able to grab enough attention, it is vital for businesses to choose the right posts for the right time. For example, many businesses arouse interest in people by announcing that they have a new product coming up. They do this without even disclosing the name or image of the product. In fact, several posts on social media are dedicated to the pre-launch of products/services solely to keep the audience engaged. Similarly, if a certain pattern of posting and engaging on social media doesn’t work, the strategy for Social Media Marketing of the company has to be changed to try other alternatives. 


Useful links 

It is not always possible to put out all the information regarding a product/service on social media posts. So, it becomes prudent to have website addresses linked to these posts. Having a good website is important to have a good social media presence and this holds true for most if not all businesses. A consumer is least likely to message a social media page of a business requesting details. This is simply because of the waiting time involved. If there is a website that can be looked into, navigated, and understood easily, while also being attractive and clean, the business is definitely going to be at an advantage. There are several unlimited web design services that can be registered for by companies to reap long-term benefits. 



Google Analytics is a great tool that can help businesses track their performance on social media with credible data. This would provide them insights on the strategies they have put in place, the type of content that sells, and the posts that didn’t do well. Attaching tracking tags to the posts is advantageous. Even the different social media platforms have analysis options within them. These can also be explored. 


Social media is certainly a double-edged sword. Brands should be sure of the stands and approaches they take on social media platforms. If they manage to scale the difficulties in the initial stages, they would certainly reap a good yield from it.



Different Types Of Graphic Design For Businesses

The graphic design industry is merely a digital counterpart of designing, with its different subtypes. Although there are instances of category overlapping, ordinarily, different types of graphic design services are meant for various purposes.

Art and illustration have managed to capture people’s minds more than words or any other form of expression. The media, film, and advertising market has been growing exponentially through graphic content and imagery of a different kind.

“Art speaks where words are unable to explain.”
—Threadless Artist Mathiole

Let us take a look at some of the typical graphical designs that we see around us:

Identity Providing Graphic Design

Some designs have the sole purpose of branding. An audience views a business the way you do its Branding. For establishing a “face” of the brand through logo design or other designs, the graphic illustration has its usage.

It helps to convey the goals of a firm for the growth of trust among the consumers.
Typography designs, color usage in posters, graphical libraries, business cards, stationery designs help in brand promotion and create an identity of any firm. They are mostly to communicate with clients and potential clients.

Branding helps to communicate with the audience and establish a trust.

Graphic Design in Advertising Field

The very thought of advertising nowadays brings us to digital marketing. It is observable that visual marketing is more effective than anything else.

Designer use Graphic designs and illustrations strategically and effectively to promote content over the internet and outside. Website landing pages, brochures, newsletters, templates used in email marketing, printed fliers, menu cards, event posters, newspaper advertisements, magazines, e-books, social media advertisements, and banners all fall under this category of graphical designing.

They have the sole purpose of reaching out to various people and make them aware of the brand they are promoting. Most of the designers start from this level as it allows plenty of room for exploration and creativity.

Advertisement has seen a huge revolution with the advent of graphical designs. Digital marketing has boomed!

UI/UX design

The UI or user interface refers to that part of the machine or algorithm which interacts directly with the users. The user experience or UX refers to the user experience.

A good UI is desirable to ensure smooth navigation and control. In case the interface is not optimized or efficient enough, the user experience will deteriorate. Therefore, it becomes essential to have technical expertise and an aesthetic to suit the viewers’ appeal.

The UI designers work on different application software, games, thematic designs, app layout, and UI developers or coders to run the programs on multiple devices.

It becomes the responsibility of UI/UX developers to check if the programs are not crashing or if the apps are being unresponsive.

Setting up an effective user interface requires effort and diligence so that users can have a smooth and easy navigation.

Illustration used in packaging

The packaging design is also considered a type of graphic design for marketing. Despite using the package to safeguard the content inside, most brands use packaging as a tool to influence their customers.

Most of the brands use logos or other typical images that have a direct link to their company. However, some package designs consist of concepts, or agendas, or motives, that a company wishes to impart to its audience.

Photography, print, and industry knowledge are required to excel in this type of design services. You have to know the specific kind of design that would work on canned drinks but not on tetra packs or pouches. Labels, too, need to be conceptual and require an effort to figure out the most ingenious ways to catch the consumer’s attention.

Production packages differ for different objects. It becomes mandatory to identify which type of design suits which package.

Motion graphics

Animated visual stories, video clippings, gifs are all a part of motion graphics. They are an amalgamation of audio and visual effects most of the time. Since moving objects, motion graphics entice the human mind more, they have achieved massive popularity among the masses.

Animated presentations, video tutorials, DIYs, animated banners, and trailers serve the purpose of motion graphics and have enormous contributions to the field of graphical designing.

Moving objects and video clips have the power to capture human minds more than still objects.

Art for art’s sake

Last but not least, one cannot merely ignore the pathway graphic designing has opened up. It is also a platform for artists worldwide to express themselves. It is a high-quality digitized version for fine arts, comic books, graphic novels, picture books, and conceptual art.

Using different mediums and techniques have enriched the field of art like never before! Artists are now collaborating with composers, writers, social media marketers, architects, like never before!

Graphic designing jobs have skyrocketed over the last two decades, with the growing demand for digital artists worldwide. With new startup companies and production houses, graphic designers can now utilize their proficiency and creativity at both personal and commercial levels!

graphical design and illustration services are employed for representation of ideas and collaborative ideas.

It becomes mandatory to understand the type of graphic design service you require in this multi-universe that is growing every day! Understanding these differences in services can help you select the right person for the right job!

Nevertheless, if you are unsure, you may opt for a consultancy from experts who can guide you better according to your needs and interest. Draftss is a company that provides graphic design services along with consultancy and advice. You may visit their website for related information and contact information!


Tips to Use Bannersnack to Generate Amazing Banners

The Internet arrived and banner ads too. And for the same time duration, banner advertisements that are poorly designed have been annoying many users around. But 30 years later, companies still pay to put them on websites and in their ad rotation. Although, when done right, they have to work. That’s where Bannersnack comes in.

More than ever, banner advertisements, particularly animated ones, are used on social media profiles and social promotions, as marketers realize the power of video to attract attention. Sophisticated and well-designed banner ads can be extremely efficient. But they present an enormous challenge for designers.

What is Bannersnack?

Bannersnack is an online app that supports your design fully responsive banner ads without having any coding or design skills for websites and social media platforms. The banner snack twitch banner creators figured out all the arduous coding stuff, so you log in, choose your size, add your image, select colors, fonts, and get creative.

Let’s take a quick run-through of, Bannersnack banner set.

1. Choose your size

Start with a custom (vertical, horizontal, and square) size and orientation, or choose a preset size. A Facebook ad or an Instagram post can even be selected.

2. Design your advertisement

You can design from scratch or use an existing template for Bannersnack. Bannersnack offers static or animated methods in its template gallery, so you can get started even without having a design idea.

3. Add Pictures and Text

With just a couple of clicks, customize your design. You can use the Bannersnack banner if you can make use of Mailchimp or other SaaS marketing tools. Edit headlines, text, buttons, background, add logos and images of your own, and change nuances of design such as line heights and transparency. You can produce beautifully designed banner ads that are a perfect match for the standards and colors of your existing brand.

4. Animate with ease

It’s no secret that animated ads are more engaging and drive action better than static ads. Readers are more likely than non-animated content to react to videos and more likely to visit the page or website of the publisher. But animation is tricky, notoriously. With HTML5 animations, including fade-in, slide-in, and bounces, Bannersnack has managed to solve that obstacle. These aren’t complete video ads, but on a busy web page, they will still pull a user’s eyes towards them and boost your engagement. They have the added benefit of rapid loading, which is essential to stop mobile users from scrolling past your ad before it is even loaded.

To make animation easy, Bannersnack’s HTML5 editor has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and slide management system. Try one of the 32 animation presets which are premade to animate any particular part of your video ad. Or, create custom animations and modify items such as duration, delay, and transitions.

5. Develop a complete set of banners in a range of sizes and shapes

Try Bannersnack’s Smart Resize option once you’ve got your layout full. In just a few minutes, you can generate a set of 30+ banner ads, all based on the same design, so that you can use the same ads across the website, ad campaigns, and social media platforms of your client. If you want, you can tweak the layout of individual banners by modifying transition timelines or rearranging specific layers. Still, thanks to Bannersnack ‘s unlimited designing services and intuitive resize features, this is usually not necessary.

6. Collaborate with ease

Like sending around design proofs for comments and markup, nothing wastes time. Use the online collaboration interface of Bannersnack instead of downloading files and emailing for authorization. Within the system, your team can view the ads, leave comments and suggestions, and even mark the advertisement as approved.

7. Export and go

Once everyone is happy with the ad, select and export the format you want. Your banner is ready for integration. Compatible with all significant display ad platforms, including Google Ads, ReTargeter, and more, you can choose JPG, PNG, GIF, or HTML5. You can download HTML5 or AMP HTML (Google’s preferred format for security and quick downloads) for HTML ads.

Tips for Designing Banner Ads

Now that you have a useful tool for making banner ads let’s get you ready to get the most out of your ad investment with a couple of pro tips.

1. Retarget

By obtaining a low response rate, banner ads often get a bad rep. That’s true, but from TV ads to billboards, the same can be said of any medium. It depends on how great the artist is and how well the ad is targeted and retargeted. Retargeting banner advertisements give you a second opportunity to influence purchasing decisions. For the second or third time, the viewer is seeing your marketing graphics. Another factor is that your advertisements are seen again by web users because they are interested in your services. For retargeting ads, the click-through rate is ten times that of first-time display ads.

2. Overcome ad blindness

Readers are getting better at ignoring display advertisements. 

  • Position your advertisements in unusual locations
  • Keep your advertising relevant to the audience
  • Use unique colors, sizes, and formats
  • To optimize for mobile users, use fewer ads to
  • Make your advertisements part of your design

One can get better engagement with the ads, following this logic, if:

  • You are picky about the banners that you show.
  • You use custom sizes and colors that contrast (without conflicting) with the colors of your main site.
  • Place the banners somewhere right in the middle of a blog post and let your users come across the banners with even more focus and attention.

3. Testing, testing, testing

Test your ads. Perform split testing or multivariate testing or A / B testing. Testing of the ads is the key to enhancing their performance.

You also need to have a good amount of visitors and traffic before performing multivariate testing. A suggested number of visitors range about 100,000 unique visitors each month. Instead, most companies should do easy A / B testing, where you test two variants of an ad, sending half of your visitors to one ad, and a half to the second.

The keys to split testing are designing your banner ads and being able to modify them quickly; using a service such as Bannersnack can make it cost-effective for you.

4. Be vigilant regarding analytics

It’s likely that your online ad platform includes analytics. They certainly have Banner ad automation platforms, along with the ability to see heat maps of interactivity and know which ads work best for you.

When you do them right, banners can be powerful!

You need to stand out, in the right way, to generate ad banners and truly leverage them. Create with your client in mind, rather than hitting clients over the head with a sales pitch, by being entertaining or enlightening somehow. Banner generation applications such as Bannersnack allow you to quickly design banners and easily make changes so that you can use your modified ad against your original one to try to improve your ROI and engage your clients.


Optimizing Your CV For A Career In Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing jobs are sought after more than ever. As the brands recognize the relevance of social media, social media marketers are in high demand. In fact, there has been a staggering 1357% increase in social media positions listed on the LinkedIn platform since 2010. However, that doesn’t mean that as a social media marketer you can get the job you want without effort. More and more people are opting for a career in social media marketing. Tempted with a variety of job options and the exciting world of social media, the competition among social media marketers on the job market is growing fiercely. If you want to create a CV that will ensure you the interview, there is an important step you can’t miss – Optimizing Your CV.

Optimization is relevant for two reasons. Firstly, if the employers are using ATS (Applicant Tracking System), optimization will ensure that the system validates your CV as relevant. Secondly, hiring managers to receive dozens or even hundreds of CVs and optimized CV has a better chance of attracting their attention.

Not to mention that as a marketing wizard you are expected to know a thing or two (to say the least) about optimization. Thus, Optimizing Your CV is another way to exemplify your skills.

Now that the relevance of an optimized CV is established, let’s jump straight to tips for Optimizing Your CV.

Optimizing Keywords in Your CV

Just as in content optimization in marketing, keywords play a relevant role in CV optimization. Your CV needs to reflect the keywords mentioned in the job posting.

How to Choose the RIGHT Keywords to Optimize For

Most ATSs aim for a score of 75–80% of relevant keywords. If your CV doesn’t meet that requirement, it won’t even get to human assessment.

Job listings are your source of crucial keywords. Analyze the job posting and mention in your CV the same keywords.

For example, if the job posting lists under requirements Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights, your skills section should include “Fluent in Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights.” It is as simple as that.

However, only list the skills that you are proficient in. You don’t want to face that awkward moment when you have to explain to the new employer how you aren’t that familiar with Buffer. The justification “optimization made me do it” won’t help you out.

If you want to speed up surfacing the relevant keywords, use an online tool. Use Resume Worded online tool to generate keywords from job descriptions you are interested in. Then, identify soft and hard skills that you possess and you’ll get yourself a list of crucial keywords to include in the CV.

Optimizing the UX of Your CV

For your CV to reach a high level of UX it needs to be readable, scannable, and well-organized.

4+ UI/UX Resume Samples (Guide with Templates & Skills)

ATS as well as hiring managers aren’t fans of big blocks of text. You need to segment the information and use comprehensive formatting for your resume.

Any type of fancy formatting or over-the-top design will take away their attention from what’s important – the information about your competence.

To boost the UX of your CV you need to organize and format it properly. Here are a few tips that will help you do that.

  • Keep it concise and to the point. List only important information.
  • Organize your CV logically. The most intuitive CV layout is reverse-chronological.
  • Make clear statements.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Use a single font type and minimalistic design.
  • Segment the sections.

The recruiter should be able to find the information they want within seconds. That’s what you should aim for. A single glance at your CV should be enough to clarify whether you have the potential to be their next social media marketer.

Make a Strong Impression with a Great Summary

Hook the recruiters and hiring managers with a great summary. A summary acts as a teaser or an attention-grabbing introduction to the rest of your CV. Use this opportunity wisely.

Tips for Writing a Great LinkedIn Summary With Examples

If you manage to write a great summary, recruiters will be excited to learn more about your social media career. Therefore, they’ll pay more attention to your CV’s content.

A summary especially comes in handy if you have a lengthy CV. It will convince the recruiters that your CV is worthy of their time. As it summarizes your key skills it will prove to them that you meet the requirements.

“A summary statement can be a powerful branding tool that helps send the message that you’re the right one for the job. The best thing about taking the time to put one together is that it not only helps hiring managers to get a clear sense of what you have to offer but also helps you better understand what you bring to the table,” shared Lily Zhang, a Manager of Graduate Student Professional Development at the MIT Media Lab.

Additionally, a summary gives you more room to add relevant keywords and boost your CV’s optimization.

Consider the following expert tips on how to create an effective summary:

  • Keep it short, the summary shouldn’t exceed 5 concise sentences or bullet points.
  • Add crucial keywords to maximize the complementation of your CV to the job requirements.
  • Clearly outline both soft and hard (technical) skills.
  • Specify your achievements by quantifying them (providing precise information on your achievements).

Personalize the CV

Even if every job position you apply for shares the same title, remember that each job description is unique. Employers can prioritize different skills and experiences and your CV needs to match their requirements.

21 Great Ways to Personalise Your Customer Interactions

Personalizing your CV to each specific job posting is highly important. Even the seemingly irrelevant difference can change your CV’s impact drastically.

For example, if one job description prioritizes the use of analytical tools by social media platforms, you need to include them as your hard skills. On the other hand, a different job description can prioritize social media management tools. You need to adapt your CV to reflect what specific employers ask for.

There is no need for you to create the CV from scratch for each job posting. Write a CV that will act as a skeleton and just make adjustments before you submit it to a specific job posting.

To analyze how well your CV matches a specific job description, you can use Jobscan’s ATS testing tool. Paste the content of your CV as well as the content of the job description. Jobscan will analyze them and provide you with instant feedback on what you can improve.


Back up Your Claims with Numbers

If you want your CV to stand out there is a useful method that can help you out with that – use metrics.

How to Include Numbers and Quantify Your Resume

Showcasing your successes through numbers can strengthen your claims. Metrics turn your statements into facts.

Highlight your business ideas that have made a positive impact on the client’s social media success. Maybe you’ve boosted a client’s social media presence or you’ve increased their engagement. Whatever you did, prove it with metrics.

For example:

Increased social media engagement significantly by growing Instagram followers from 3,000 to 10,000, increasing Facebook likes by 200%, and regularly engaging with followers.

Show the impact of your work on other people’s social media success and potential employers will have a solid reason to trust you.

You can even use a simple formula:


VERB (increased/decreased/saved) X + BY ACTION + BY/FROM, TO NUMBER

(Increased social media engagement + by growing IG followers + from 3,000 to 10,000)

Pro tip: Start your claims with action words and power words. Recruiters will get more interested if you start your bullet points with verbs such as reduced, increased, saved, etc. Also, try to diversify the use of verbs to make an even stronger impression.

Rewrite till Perfection

When you finalize writing your CV you’ll probably get that big sense of relief. But not so fast. There is one last crucial step you need to take – edit and proof your CV.

Creating and developing a professional CV - American Nurse Today

An estimated 77% of hiring managers find typos to be the deal-breakers. They can disqualify CVs just because of grammatical mistakes or typos.

Imagine putting all that effort into crafting the most perfect CV and then getting disqualified for grammar mistakes. We won’t let that happen!

Editing and proofreading your CV will ensure that the content is comprehensible, has a natural flow, and is error-free.

You can edit your CV with the help of online tools like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor. Or, if you want to go all out, hire an editor who works for essay writing services. Such services are more affordable and yet very high-quality. If you browse for websites to write my coursework you can come across great writing services with expert editors.

When you are done with proofreading and editing, get someone to read your CV, and assess its comprehension. You can’t be objective with your own writing. Besides, you can check the CV’s readability by running it through a Readable tool.

If your CV passes all those tests, you can safely start sending it to your potential future employers.

Optimizing Your CV can present that last crossing before you get on the other side of the bridge. It may seem like CV optimization plays a small part in your job pursuit, but the effort you invest in this process can be the determining factor in getting the job you desire.


Also read, “Graphic Design: A Great Way To Earn A Living As An Artist”.



Essential Tips For Graphic Design Layout

To get better at any art form, especially Graphic Design, it’s known that you must first learn the necessary instruments and procedures that make it up. Graphic Design is no distinct from playing an instrument or even a chef making a meal. If the graphic design elements (line, color, texture, shape) are the ingredients set out in front and the design concepts (movement, rhythm, proportion, etc.) are the formula used to produce the meal, then consider the final plating as the graphic design layout.

Yeah, sure, the chef might throw it all in a bowl and call it good. Or, in a way that highlights the individual elements inside, the chef could organize the ingredients; or deliver a message in a beautiful box. With time and attention, the individual consuming the meal can create an unforgettable experience.

Read on to find more about the ways you can structure your graphic design layouts to have the showstopping effect.

The grid

Many designers see all their projects running across an invisible grid. Clean grid lines are popular and almost impossible to avoid in modern web design. There are a few essential explanations for this: grids make it easier to adapt, more efficient, and cleaner for your projects.

Grids not only add organization to the design but the design development process. Say, for a lecture series, you want to create a poster. Build a strong grid, and your simple designs will feel connected if the dates, times, photos, and colors all change. Instant quality and upgrading and adapting for less time. When working in a team, baseline grids often give you a great road-map. The feeling of relief that comes along opening the template of someone else and having a simple grid to follow is known to each designer!

Emphasis and scale

The eye needs typically a place to rest or something of interest to hold it; otherwise, individuals are going to look at the concept and move on quickly. Say, at a family reunion, you take a snapshot of your mom. By making your mother the subject and focal point of your composition, you intend to bring attention to the moment and the joy of that gathering.


Isn’t everything in life a search to have balance? Design is just no different. To find balance in their system, designers must continuously juggle numerous elements. In each template, imagine an invisible collection of scales and make sure that by cloistering elements on one side of your grid, you don’t tip the scales. By marrying large style elements (“What We Do” “Our Works”) with smaller, equal-sized paragraphs of longer explanatory copy, the above website design does this cleanly.

Bear in mind that white space (or negative space) is an aspect in terms of composition as well. White space provides our eyes with paths in the architecture to pursue. Offer some breathing space to each feature on the page, and the balance between positive and negative space will emerge organically. You can see how bringing the components closer together in the web design above (thus shrinking the negative space and disturbing the piece’s balance) makes the design claustrophobic and inevitably ineffective.

Rule of thirds

In design, the Rule of Thirds is unavoidable. It’s such a clear and powerful fundamental rule; it always feels like a cheat: divide the template into three rows and columns. The points where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect natural form guidelines for where your topic and supporting elements should be positioned. Fighting to find harmony in your designs? The Rule of Thirds is your new best friend now.

Rule of odds

The Rule of Odds says that pleasing layouts often appear to have an odd number of elements. Most commonly three, positioned in the foreground. In the middle, the two objects on the outside both complement the focal point, creating a precise, natural balance. In logo design, this is also true, where the company name will offset a centered label on either side.

This is only a description of the various ways in which a designer can shape a composition to have the most significant effect on viewers. Know, as well, that rules are meant to be broken. But once you begin to understand and apply these rules and systems in your work, your designs will be improved and strengthened immeasurably.



Why Make Your Feature Logo With Professional Help?

A logo is the first thing that a person encounters and looks at when choosing any company. Be it the red arrow in YouTube or the blue “F” on Facebook. Logos themselves speak volumes about how a company is or may look like. Very beautiful logos instantly tap our attention and people are more likely to remember a brand from its logo than its name. The most iconic brands and their logos are quite inseparable. Anyone will recognize brands like KFC and McDonald’s from their logo alone.  It is possible to create such memorable and iconic logos for your own business if you hire the right logo designer. All you need is a good professional designer to carry out that job! 

 A professional designer will do his/her job well after discussing the nuances of logo designing with you in detail. 


Now, look at these few reasons that will justify why you should hire a professional designer to design your brand’s logo! 


Reasons to get a logo designed! 

  • If someone asks you what strikes you in a logo? Your answer will surely be the serendipity of the colors you will use in them. Getting a good color combination in place is important for reasons quite apparent. A professional logo designer will be able to choose the best shades for you. He/she will do it keeping in mind your choice, preference for the product, etc. Be it the peachy pastel shades or bold crimson ones. 

  •  Besides that, you need a good font design and size too to be put on your logo. A logo in itself can’t do anything. It should certainly contain your company’s name on it. Thus, hiring a good designer can ease your job. Professional logo designers can choose a font that is perfect for your design. 

  • Now, professional logo designers can’t just put in place things like colors for you. But they can perform other wonders too for you. Just think about the famous logos of cars that have nearly canonized themselves. This includes brands like Volkswagen, Mercedes, etc. Why have they become single famous? Obviously, the feature of cars is one thing. But another thing is their logo. Designers have the power to tell you which logo design will make your brand successful and which cannot. Thus, predictions of success are something that designers can certainly do for you. 

  • Now sometimes the concept behind your product or campaign may be very vague. In that situation, you certainly need a good designer who can eliminate that vagueness for you and bring in concreteness. Besides that, you may come across situations when the designer can actually put your mind in the logo. Sometimes the idea is brilliant, yet execution lacks momentum. It can all get solved with a good graphic designer. You can even negotiate with him/her to provide you with unlimited graphic designing services. 

  • We have been told a number of times that the impression is the last impression. That’s the same when it comes to logos. That’s why it’s important to get the help of a professional. They are all people who have worked in this industry for a long time. They know it well what may crash your business and what may uplift it. They will note all the details you will be telling them in a meeting. Only after careful deliberation, they will design a visual for you. 


  • How do you associate a multinational company with its brand identity? You do it through the kind of services they provide. But adding to that list, logos would also come. Most of the time people or customers superficially attach brand loyalty to the company with the logo too. Designing a good logo is essential for any business because it can in indirect ways boost brand loyalty too. A logo plays a huge part in giving a brand its identity. 


 Logo designers are thus crucial when it comes to designing. A professional doing a job is obviously better than an amateur indulging in doing it. A well well-designed gives your brand credibility. If your logo represents your business effectively, you will attract the clients which you want to reach.

If your logo looks unprofessional, you may end up disappointing customers. 

So don’t overthink and hire a good logo designer today itself! 


A Miraculous Guide To Choosing a Freelance Graphic Designer in the USA

From the ordinary logo of any website to the ultimate advertisement on a big banner. It’s all a matter of choosing a good graphic designer. Most often people tend to underestimate the creativity of designers and the wonders they can do. Choosing the right graphic designer is a matter that needs to be dealt with carefully. Because most often the entire traffic of any website may come out as a result of amazing web designs. 


The point of difference 

Now there are certain graphic designers who have a permanent job profile and they do their work too throughout the year. That is usually with a permanent firm or client. But freelance graphic designers usually get employed on an hourly or contractual basis. That usually applies to companies who want a minimal task done or some changes done to already present designs. 

Also while a full-time designer would provide you with unlimited graphic designing services, a freelance wouldn’t do that! 


How to find a freelance in the USA? 

In the USA’s California, which marks the Silicon Valley region, one can easily find a large number of freelance graphic designers. Now some of you may be wondering as to how to do that? For finding an absolutely amazing freelance designer who does exactly what you want him/her to do, follow these simple steps: 



  • See your project’s scope


This is the utmost important step to hire a designer. You need to be completely clear in your mind as to what type of work you want your designer to do. For example, if you want him/her to animate a video, you need to specify the role later on. Also, be clear regarding the time for which you will be hiring the designer. Decide if you need the designer for 1-2 hours or around 1-5 days or months. Because if it is a job for a month, hiring a full-time designer would be beneficial.



  • Decide the medium to choose

How are you going to find a suitable designer in the USA? Also, if you are an outsider, wouldn’t finding the designer be difficult? These are the kind of thoughts that you will go through. So it’s better that you decide beforehand if you want to find the designer offline/online. Finding the designer offline can take place through a mode of creating a vacant situation in the newspaper/ meeting some placement agencies. 

And through offline mode, hiring would be easier, for there are many sites like, Fiverr, etc. They easily give a medium to advertise your role requirement. 



  • Mention the skills required

After choosing the medium to advertise the situation, the main task lies in mentioning what skills you need. Keeping in mind what output you want from the designer, you need to put the details of the role in the situation. There are a number of online sites in the USA, and worldwide on which you can post that situation. The USA is itself a hub of technology and innovations, so finding a freelance designer wouldn’t be really tough. 

The main websites to use for online hiring are: 

  • Upwork: Upwork is the world’s most popular freelancing platform. It has around 300,000 graphic and web designers available. 
  • Fiverr: It is a popular platform used by small businesses to hire graphic and web designers. It has a user-friendly interface and a plethora of visual designs.

           These websites have various filters 

           which will help you to narrow down a large number of applicants to a lesser number. 



  • Check portfolios and pricing

Now once you have advertised, wait, and relax. In the USA, a lot of people search for employment and thus you will get a lot of applications too. So out of all, just choose the one that suits the best as per your project’s scope. Go carefully through the portfolios of the designers. Choose exoticism and something different. Out of 100 applicants, choose the one whose portfolio has something out of the box. 


Apart from this, check at what price the designer is willing to work. The rates can vary a lot. Some may skyrocket while others may be subtle and sober. For instance,  in Upwork most rates usually are in this, category

  • Basic (Free) : 3 freelancers per job post + safe payment options + transaction reporting
  • Plus ($49.99/month): 15 freelancers per posting + dedicated account management + advanced collaboration features
  • Business ($499/month): unlimited invites to freelancers + premium customer support + advanced job post and talent sourcing tools

So that’s how you can work and find your freelance graphic designer. These are just a few simple steps and don’t require a lot of hassle and time. 

So get started! 




Graphic Design Skills You Need To Improve As A Designer – Top 5

Graphic design skills are one type of craft where professionals mainly create visual content to communicate messages. Here, designers use some typography and digital images to meet users’ specific requirements and focus on the relevant logic of displaying elements in an interactive design manner, to optimize the user experience accordingly. Nowadays, everyone wants to make their career with high achievement in life and try to go rapidly from all people. But the main strategy is that works best for you may depend on your view towards your career itself. We many times, think of it as doing well at specific work that is going on or earning a high income. They also create posters, billboards, packaging, logos, bus wraps, and marketing materials, which vary as per industries. Besides that, graphic designers work in advertising, magazines, marketing agencies, and so on.

Essential Graphic Design Skills You Need To Know:

  1. Getting a degree
  2. Increase Your Online Network with some experts
  3. Proper knowledge of Software and Web Designing
  4. Effective Communication and Analytics Skills
  5. Be Creative and work on a research project

Graphic Design Skills | humritha

Getting a degree in design theory

We know very well that Graphic design is a profession, not a trade among people. To opt for this course, you need to learn plenty of things and ways to get into design. But without getting a degree, it is impossible. According to top designers, formal design education shows its value. You need to know about the proper understanding of the fundamentals of the discipline, such as concepts like grid theory, color theory, typography, and the golden ratio, is vital. There are many options to opt for this course either from full university degrees or distance learning setups as per your choice.

Increase Your Online Network with some experts

Building an online network helps you to the approval of your skills, expertise, and accomplishments in the specific work area. Try to learn new things from your resources and practice on it for further process relatively. Nowadays, millions of people are working from home due to that online communities have increased. All Offline events have been held online in lockdown, so it is the best time to connect with some experts or your relative, which guides you in a specific area of interest.

 Graphic Design Skills | Humritha

There are hundreds of options to increase your network with some people who work in any company and still working. See daily updates of the LinkedIn profile, if any career opportunities available, and also build your LinkedIn network with more people. To find out the best opportunities possible, do not rely on job boards alone relatively. Try to Explore all job fairs held online, reach out to recruiters who need job seekers, tap into your university, and school alumni networks for openings of any opportunities in their firms.

Proper knowledge of Software and Web Designing

If you do not have any proper technical skills needed for the specific job you are applying for. Then your all work will go vain. So, make your self technically strong. A graphic designer must be aware of different categories of software, such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, and so on. In this field, you know about various types of media that are paired with words and able to create and edit images, videos, page layouts, animations, etc. The graphic designers should know some web designing scripts such as HTML and CSS. It is an essential skill when you are working on any website.

Effective Communication and Analytics Skills

One of the most significant graphic design skills needed for any designer is relevant communication skills. Without any effective communication, you can’t be able to achieve your goal. For that, you need to understand the concepts of communication and its key effects according to the organization. To achieve success in life, here you have to communicate with any of your organization team members and the clients with you dealing with different business issues. Due to that, you know how to speak to their senior officials, peers, and outside clients effectively because this thing shows their behavior and personality, which is the main key to any organization.

Generally, Analysis can be defined as “relevant from irrelevant information, identifying issues and problems is known as Analysis”. It is one of the best skills that normally set a valuable resource from an ordinary resource by which students can analyze situations before the time when they occur.

Be Creative and work on a research project

Creativity is also given a new direction to your career if you have a command of it. Coming up with some innovative ideas in a relevant designing world established practices within a company which is a challenge for everyone. It helps graduates to improve technical knowledge and develop some strategies to brainstorm, research, and try to know about exciting concepts. 

Due to that, you can also be able to identify different aspects of areas to deal with many opportunities and then take new steps forward towards the innovation specifically. If you wanted to improve your career prospects as a designer, then Pick a subject of your interested area and start research on it. After, deeper understanding of the topic, it’s easier for you to make connections that may not have been so obvious before anywhere. This project will help you to stand out from other job candidates and improves your graphic design skills.


After analyzing all the five graphic design skills, you need to improve as a designer. We conclude that there are several ways to improve graphic design skills as a designer. So, read the full article and try to implement it in your life. After some time, you feel many changes in your life. However, your career takes a new direction relatively.