Social Media Marketing for Businesses

A platform for making easy connections and contacts with people from across the world is what social media is. About 3 billion people use social media actively. Isn’t it a great place to market products and services? Many businesses think it is. They use social media to sell their ideas, products, and services. It is also an effective platform to understand the consumer mindset. Engaging with them is easy and inexpensive. The fact that social media can “show” content relevant to a consumer based on specific interests, is very advantageous to businesses. For example, it is possible through social media to advertise clothing brands to an individual who is looking for them. This may not be possible through other means of advertising. Hence, in most cases, businesses end up spending on marketing their products/services to people who are least likely to be their customers. 

The following benefits could be reaped out of using social media effectively:

  • Building brands
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Procuring feedback
  • Increasing sales


Why should businesses choose to market on social media?

Social media marketing also makes possible targeting and re-targeting of audiences from across the globe. This is almost impossible for a business using conventional methods of advertising like hoardings or pamphlets.

With the use of social media, it is also possible to earn customer loyalty at not very high costs for businesses. It has become easy for individuals to use this means to find buyers for their products/services. This has had a good impact on small businesses in developing countries like India, with many of them operating from the comfort of their homes. Indigenous products have found markets like never before.

The stories of businesses and startups are often not known to most of us. For a long time, we would rely on magazines to interview founders and publish their stories. But, it is now possible through social media to easily share the story behind a brand, logo, business, and its motives. More often than not, it is these stories that sell. This is true today not just for businesses, but also for individuals ranging from actors to political figures.

The types of audience that can be targeted through social media campaigns are diverse. It could be a barely literate person who prefers images over text, or someone who loves satire. It is possible to cater to the needs of all of these people satisfactorily over social media.


Which platform to use?

The most common social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All of these platforms are designed for both individuals and businesses. It is important to choose the platform wisely. Bear in mind the type of audience you are targeting and the region they belong to. For example, if your product/service is meant for politicians, it may best to run an ad campaign on Twitter. 


What are the hacks to use social media productively?

Although the marketing campaigns will depend on the type of business, there are certain basic but important aspects to bear in mind while running social media ads.

Good content 

It is well-known that social media platforms have now been flooded with businesses and individuals trying to push their services/products. What makes a certain post stand out from the rest is the quality of the content it carries. Using catchy lines instead of lengthy paragraphs of information could do your business a lot of good.

Images that would go on social media posts have to be carefully designed. This is where graphic designers play an important role. It is often seen that many brands use similar images to advertise their products. This does more harm than good. It is important for businesses to have their own custom graphic designs that would help them build their brand. Businesses that are starting out should carefully choose their logo designs as well. An organization should plan to use Social Media Marketing for a long period of time. In order to make a mark in the minds of the audience, it would be useful for it to opt for an unlimited graphic design services package. This will enable the business to be easily able to make designs as the need arises. 


Flexible strategy 

In order to be able to grab enough attention, it is vital for businesses to choose the right posts for the right time. For example, many businesses arouse interest in people by announcing that they have a new product coming up. They do this without even disclosing the name or image of the product. In fact, several posts on social media are dedicated to the pre-launch of products/services solely to keep the audience engaged. Similarly, if a certain pattern of posting and engaging on social media doesn’t work, the strategy for Social Media Marketing of the company has to be changed to try other alternatives. 


Useful links 

It is not always possible to put out all the information regarding a product/service on social media posts. So, it becomes prudent to have website addresses linked to these posts. Having a good website is important to have a good social media presence and this holds true for most if not all businesses. A consumer is least likely to message a social media page of a business requesting details. This is simply because of the waiting time involved. If there is a website that can be looked into, navigated, and understood easily, while also being attractive and clean, the business is definitely going to be at an advantage. There are several unlimited web design services that can be registered for by companies to reap long-term benefits. 



Google Analytics is a great tool that can help businesses track their performance on social media with credible data. This would provide them insights on the strategies they have put in place, the type of content that sells, and the posts that didn’t do well. Attaching tracking tags to the posts is advantageous. Even the different social media platforms have analysis options within them. These can also be explored. 


Social media is certainly a double-edged sword. Brands should be sure of the stands and approaches they take on social media platforms. If they manage to scale the difficulties in the initial stages, they would certainly reap a good yield from it.



Graphic Designing For Menu Cards And Banners

Owning a restaurant or any business related to food and beverages can be hectic, especially when you need to expand your business. The best way to grow in the food and beverage industry is to have exposure among the people and advertisements – Graphic Designing may help. While starting from scratch, you have to know your target customers first. In case you own a fast-food plaza, students or office employees would likely be visiting to grab a burger or fries. However, if you are up to set for a fine diner with a terrific aesthetic, then it is more likely to get visits from families or couples.

What To Do?

However, the fact remains that if you do not advertise your business adequately, you may not achieve your target growth. Since your growth depends heavily on the number of people you can attract despite the competition, your business must reach out to the maximum people.

Other than television and newspaper advertisements, it is advisable to opt for graphic design services. Illustration for advertising is gaining momentum in this digitized world day by day, and it is best if you can make the most out of it!

Let’s look at how you can use graphic designs to grow your business in restaurants and fast food corners!

Your Banners And Signs

Let us think very practically about this. What is the first thing you notice when you go out to eat, other than the ambiance? The banner and name, of course! Even if you are not aware of the meals they produce, the nature of their service, or any reviews, but you might get intrigued by the banner they use!

However, you might not enter a few based on the signboards or name headings. Therefore it is essential that you take care of the signboards bearing your name.

How To Do It?

It is recommendable not to use very bright or loud colors for your signboard. In case you are using neon lights, try to keep the colors to a minimum, using only up to two colors. It helps to declutter and appeals more to the human eye. Graphic designing can help you create and analyze various styles and combinations digitally before applying the perfect one!

For special events such as anniversaries or foundation day, you might want to create banners to promote your business. Banners make use of designs and different typography to impress the viewers. Moreover, special events can attract several customers if you can present them out adequately.

It is recommendable to make your banner as appealing as possible. Use images of your food items to attract customers.

Menu Card Graphic Designing

Menu cards are the first thing your customers will see once they enter your restaurant or food plaza. Since they will be placing their orders based on the item descriptions or the appeal of a written format, here are a few things you might want to check out!

What To Do?

• It is advisable to have legible typography on your menu card. Even if you use plenty of curves or fancy styles on the cover page, it becomes essential that your customers can understand the item names and their components properly.
• It is recommendable to use visual images alongside your food description. Proper editing of the pictures can make your dishes look more salivating and appealing to your customers. You may even enhance the colors and texture with graphic design.
• Even though it is not mandatory, it is advisable to have a kids’ menu as well. Children may not have the same aesthetic sense as adults, and therefore you need a differently styled menu card to appeal to their tastes. It is advisable to use colorful texts and pictures and catchy food names for a kids’ menu.

using close-ups of your food images can make it more interesting for your customers!

Social Media Advertisement

For expanding your business further, it is advisable to indulge in social media advertising. Since social media is used by a large number of people all over the world, your restaurant name can spread far and wide.

However, to make your advertisements stand out, it is recommendable to consult graphic designing services. They can give you consultancy regarding the use of minimalist yet effective designs!

Having an official Facebook page or an Instagram page can also allow your customers to provide feedback. It is advisable not to get disheartened with any negative review or feedback, but to work harder on your shortcomings!

let your business grow across the world!

In case you require consultancy regarding the best types of graphic designing and how to apply them effectively, you may visit the official web page of Draftss. It is a company that provides unlimited graphic design services at a reasonable price.
So go ahead and start working on your food business!


Payment Gateway Options When Stripe Doesn’t Support Your Country

Payment gateways are services provided by an eCommerce application service provider. It authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers, acting as an intermediary between the online store and the payment processor. They accomplish several important tasks in online purchasing and transaction management.

Stripe is one such payment gateway, that has amassed much fame and many users. It offers customized checkout experience, multiple payment options, secure payment processing and optimized reports and insights.

However, if Stripe isn’t available in your country, here are ten alternatives that will make sure your customers have a seamless, secure and streamlined payment experience.

1) PayPal Payments Pro



PayPal Payments Pro is a safe and secure payment processing service, ideal for eCommerce users that may not have a PayPal account. It offers several unique features such as a positive custom checkout experience, quick mobile payments and access to your money within minutes. PayPal Payments Pro is a truly integrated payment gateway as it works flawlessly with all leading eCommerce solutions, accounting systems, and CRM and sales management tools. It is also the most international payment gateway at the moment. It accepts 26 leading currencies and is available to use on over 200 markets.

2) Amazon Payments


Amazon Payments is known for its secure and streamlined service. It entails a wide array of features, including a streamlined purchasing processing an A-to-Z guarantee and a protection plan. It is designed specifically for online retailers and sellers who want to provide a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, Amazon Payments does not have monthly subscriptions and licenses; all fees are transaction-based. Amazon Payments also operates in several different languages and supports all leading currencies.

3) Braintree



Braintree, backed by PayPal, is an all-in-one payment processing partner that supports business across all industries and varying scales. It is best known for the seamless checkout experience that it provides. This payment gateway also equips you with tools that help you manage the risk of fraud. It also provides a friendly drop-in UI, customizable checkout flows, and hosted fields. Braintree allows users to access a global market with over 40 countries covered and more than 130 currencies supported. Moreover, no foreign exchange or cross-border fees are involved.

4) Authorize.Net



Authorize.Net is ideal for retail and service environments that are in need of a flexible gateway solution. It has a robust online payment system that saves time and money for small to medium scale businesses. Authorize.Net can be used as a virtual point of sale (VPOS) and has a virtual terminal for manual transactions. This platform also offers round-the-clock free support by knowledgeable professionals who can extend their aid in building connections.

5) WePay



WePay is an integrated payment gateway that is designed to support web-based requirements of software platforms. It also ensures quick, efficient and secures onboarding and processing. WePay provides software businesses with the flexibility it requires to optimize their operations. Its features include complete payment risk coverage, partner support that can handle any customer inquiry and POS solution to boost sales.

6) BlueSnap

custom-human- illustrations-


Through the incorporation of a robust payment management suite that includes a payment processor, gateway and merchant all in one, BlueSnap emerges as a dedicated platform for merchants and retailers. It supports multiple payment options. BlueSnap also has a built-in virtual terminal in every console which enabled users to accept payments over the phone. Moreover, it has an international eCommerce friendly system, owing to its integration with banks all across the globe. BlueSnap supports 110 payment types, 100 currencies and 29 languages.

7) SecurionPay



SecurionPay is a very reliable payment solution, highly recommended for users who are looking to improve their conversions. It allows fast transactions and one-click payments and can save card details for subsequent transactions. SecurionPay has a fast checkout flow, high customizability, very secure payments, and thus provides improved cross-sales through pop-ups and post-checkout promotions.

8) Skrill

skrill- brand-identity-design-


Skrill is a new UK-based payment gateway. It is designed for both business and individual purposes. This platform can be used to make international transactions to pay for products or services regardless of where you are in the world. Skrill is easy to link to any bank across the globe and it takes excellent care of the security of your payment information. Skrill supports over 30 different currencies and makes it possible to target buyers for your products and services anywhere in the world.

9) PayU



PayU, developed by an Indian processing corporation, is a simple payment solution. It is infamous for its acclaimed 12% conversion rate as well as its acceptance of over 45 payment methods. It is a single integration solution for all local payments and it provides a direct connection to local acquirers. The platform became one of the very few providers that allow OneTap payments and made a major technological breakthrough by allowing second-time users to skip entering their CVV again.

10) Zoho Checkout

Zoho-designpickle vs-


Zoo Checkout is a recurring payment processing system that helps users streamline the purchasing experience of their customers. Everything on your check-out page can be customized to fit your tastes to make sure that the message is conveyed. Zoo Checkout can process credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. It is also capable of resolving failed recurring transactions by cards that were declined.


10 Quick Tips on How to Manage your Remote Designer



The skill of designing graphics by computer software requires great information, dedication and is not an easy task. Hence requires lots of tips and solutions to do it in a better way for a better result.


Remote designing requires a structure and a strict process through which it can focus on efficiency. Various planning and processing methods can help the remote designer getting the best outcome. Also, sticking to the plan is necessary for “efficient outcome”.


Remote design is not for every company. To build the Company, its culture and the team are the two most important pillars and this, the company should first focus on constructing the two. After the initial settlement, the foundation of remote work can be established.


In the era of transition and technology, people are more interested in remote designer work and they prefer the same, as it tends to be more efficient, flexible and does not affect life, maintaining an equilibrium between career growth and personal happiness.


So, below are some tips on how to manage the remote designer work in order to deliver and attain some important qualities and how those qualities can significantly help the remote designer to serve their clients well and provide the services that would be satisfactory enough.


1) Preparation


A lot of planning is required for effective remote collaboration. It includes breaking of exercises into small steps and time frame for each of the boxes, give detailed instructions that how, who, where, and when the work has to be done.
Example:- If you need to add a sketch to a folder, then communication must be done that when and how should it be named.


2) Technology


New technology must be taken into account, the techniques used offline might not work well online. As breakout groups do not perform well in real-time because of the single audio feed and the main reason is communication, and for this particular problem, everyone should be asked to participate so that they get a chance to speak, which will eventually improve their speaking by putting them into a remote conversation. Discussing the designs to keep things running without facing awkwardness can be really helpful, and one should be clear about other’s work and notes. Now, this can be done by taking notes and timekeeping.


3) Create a working plan


While working remotely remote groups are not under any surveillance which means that the motivation and pressure to work are reduced. Consequently, this does not allow them to put their full ability into the task. To get over this problem one can capture a photo or point a webcam to a whiteboard that would remind them of the work. There are also applications and software that can be used to create a work plan. Once the work plan is created it is very easy to know work progress.


4) Communicating with the coworkers


Coworkers fail to communicate frequently which may result in downfall.  Research of the 1970s says that communication decreases as distance increases; if the person is out of sight then they become out of mind. So it’s better to communicate with the coworker.


5) Being smart with the strategy


The Strategy is very important for a remote graphic designer. Being strategic and focused on the project goal helps to provide quality work to the clients. There must be weekly reviews via google hangouts or Skype to compensate for the lack of spontaneous hallway conversation. The Design should be frequently posted and shared on a wiki, blog, and social platforms.


6) Assembling tools


A graphic designer can rely on a wide assortment of the tools and setup but only a few selected tools help the designers working remotely. Adobe, Suite, Slack, Monday.com can offer alternatives to the graphic designer. Amazon S3, Dropbox, Procreate, Basecamp, Google fonts, Wordmark It, Adobe Kuler, Coolors.co can be helpful to the designers. Making a list of tools that are necessary for a particular work can save time and keep one focused on the job assigned.


7) Setting and Managing Expectations


Not each and every project goes as planned and as a remote graphic designer, it is essential to establish expectations and control over them. Unforeseen events can occur anytime and precautious strategy to handle them can really help in the long run. Projects do not always go smoothly to completion, it is essential to be prepared for all kinds of outcomes.


8) Budgeting


Transparency of the work and the cost is essential on moral and economic grounds. Many times the quality of work is undervalued and for this, a graphic designer must set a budget. This helps the client and also helps the designer to grow, motivate, and compensate for the work.


9) Flexibility


Many times additional work comes in the project and as for the client and the remote graphic designer it is important to be flexible with the terms but one should be sure about being paid for the additional work.


10) Review


Posting all designed work on a shared space on a regular basis make others comment, criticize or give review about the work. Autodesk is a platform which creates an instant portal that links to all specification and design assets and after exploring one can give a review which turns out as personal as well as organizational growth.

This blooming career option can stretch furthermore and it looks hectic, follow these simple tips and enjoy being a designer within your own workspace.


Human Illustration Resources – The Complete List

1) Illustrationss –





They have Great Quality Custom & Unique Designs Done for you. You can get Custom Designs starting at just $69 per Illustrations.


URL – https://illustrationss.com/


2) Weerdbox –


human- illustration-vector-free


Free Illustrations but not much great quality.


URL – https://weerdbox.com/

3) Undraw – 



It’s free and constantly gets updated. You can change the color theme of all the illustrations to match your branding. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://undraw.co/illustrations


4) Craftwork – 




It has 33 packs of different styled great quality illustrations & online customization builder. You can also order custom illustration by giving them a short brief about your illustration. Its price range starts at $14. You can get unlimited access to all of their assets for $99/year. All illustrations are available in vector files.


URL – https://craftwork.design/


5) Drawkit – 




 Both Free & Paid ($49) Illustrations are available. Also, they have great quality illustrations. 


URL – https://www.drawkit.io/

6) Manypixels –




They have free and constantly updated 400+ illustrations. You can also change the color theme of all the illustrations to match your branding. All illustrations are available in vector files.


URL – https://www.manypixels.co/gallery/

7) Humaaans –



Free illustration with great quality. They have Illustrations with characters and objects to easily edit and create your own scene. All illustrations are available in vector files.


URL – https://www.humaaans.com/


8) Ouch –




Ouch has both free and paid illustration. All illustrations are extensive & beautiful. Attribution is required to get free illustrations. They have 24 very varied styles of illustrations to choose from in their paid pack( $19.99).


URL – https://icons8.com/ouch


9) Lukaszadam –




Free but not many Human illustrations to choose from. They have only 1 style, more icons & objects like illustrations.


URL – https://lukaszadam.com/illustrations


10) Startupmilk –




It has both a free and paid ($80) plan. The quality is great but they have only city illustrations. They have 3D city animations, weather animations available in 3D (static & video), 3D (static & alpha PSD), 3D( video & alpha mov).


URL – https://www.startupmilk.com/city-kit

11) Drawer –




Png files are available in the free plan and vector files are available in the Paid plan ( $29). Quality is good but not many illustrations are available. They have animated illustrations with Lottie files.


URL – https://drawer.design/


12) Smash Illustrations –



Both free and paid( $99) plans are available. It has lots of illustrations with 20+ unique scenes. All illustrations are fully vector.


URL – https://usesmash.com/


13) Open Doodles –




It is free for commercial and personal use. There are animated illustrations with customizable colors. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://www.opendoodles.com/


14) Fresh Folk –



Free but not many illustrations available. All illustrations are available in PSD files.


URL – https://fresh-folk.com

15) Glaze –




It has both Free (with attribution) and Paid ($20) plan. 180+ great quality illustrations with varied styles and scenes.


URL – https://www.glazestock.com/


16) Evilphotos –




They charge $2.50 each drawing. Line art hand drawings only & not many human illustrations. Lots of different objects, which can be used to set up a scene.


URL – https://evilphotos.com/


17) Mixkit –




It is free, has 20+ scenes, great quality & detailed illustrations. All illustrations are available in png files.


URL – https://mixkit.co/free-stock-art/


18) Stories –




Stories offers a paid plan ($23.95). It has 11 scenes with great quality illustrations & an Online customization builder too.


URL – https://stories.forpeople.studio/


19) Absurd Design – 




Both free and paid plans($57) are available. Not normal human illustration type, but more abstract and artsy. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://absurd.design/


20) ITG –




ITG has both free and paid($19) plans available. It has an online customization builder & all are illustrations are vectors.


URL – https://itg.digital/


21) Free Illustrations –




It does not have many human illustrations. Illustrations are more landscape. It has both free and paid($10) plans.


URL – https://freellustrations.com


22) Illustrations –




It is free with 100+ illustrations, lots of objects to set up the scene with great quality.


URL – https://illlustrations.co/


23) Stubborn fun –




Both free and paid plans($99) are available. It has great quality 25 illustrations,20 scenes & an Online customization builder. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://stubborn.fun/


24) Vector Creator –




It has both Free (with attribution) and Paid ($19.90) plan. It has superb quality illustrations, 20+ styles & lots of elements.


URL – https://icons8.com/vector-creator


25) Iconscout – 




It has a lot of good quality illustrations with varied styles. Both free and paid plans($19) are available.


URL – https://iconscout.com/illustrations

26) Illustrations Design –





It has low-quality illustrations. There are 3 characters, 31 illustrations & 9 scenes. Both free and paid plans($12) are available. All illustrations are available in Sketch source files.


URL – https://illustrations.design/


27) Stubborn rocks –




It only has a paid plan($38). It has good quality 30 illustrations & 30 scenes. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://stubborn.rocks/


28) Picchu studio –




It has good quality 35 illustrations & 10 backgrounds. It only has a paid plan($23.99). All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://picchustudio.webflow.io/


29) Struct –





It has lots of illustrations of great quality. All illustrations are available in vector. Both free and paid plans($99) are available.


URL – https://struct.rocks/


30) Get Illustrations – 




It has free 80 ghost illustrations & paid custom illustrations. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://getillustrations.com/


31) UI Store Design –




It has lots of free illustrations of great quality. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://www.uistore.design/categories/illustrations/


32) Scribbles –




All illustrations are free with blobs & patterns but not many illustrations. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://www.scribbbles.design/


33) IS Graphics –




It has lots of illustrations of great quality. All illustrations are available in vector. Both free and paid plans($99) are available.


URL – https://www.ls.graphics/illustrations


34) Growwwkit –




It has lots of illustrations of great quality & custom illustrations available. Both free and paid plans($49) are available.


URL – https://growwwkit.com/


35) Delesign –




It has lots of free illustrations of good quality. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://delesign.com/free-designs/graphics


36) Abstrakt –




Png files are available in the free plan and vector files are available in the Paid plan (€20). A lot of good quality illustrations are available.


URL – https://www.abstrakt.design/all-illustrations?abdf3921_page=2


37) Isometric –




It has lots of free illustrations of great quality. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL –  https://isometric.online/


38) Iconspace –




Png files are available in the free plan and vector files are available in the Paid plan ($39.99). A lot of good quality illustrations are available.


URL – https://lib.designspace.io/illustration/indraw/


39) Karthik Srinivas –




It is free with png & psd files. Good quality illustrations with not many in quantity.


URL – https://www.karthiksrinivas.in/illustrations


40) Ira Design –




It has 30 free illustrations of great quality. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://iradesign.io/gallery/illustrations

41) Kapwing –




There are 20 free good quality png illustrations available.


URL – https://www.kapwing.com/404-illustrations


42) Outlane –




It has both free and paid plans($49) are available. It has 12 illustrations of great quality. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://outlane.co/graphics/dropshipping-illustrations/


43) Shape –




Both free and paid plans($60) are available. It has good quality 120+ illustrations. It also has an online customization builder.


URL – https://shape.so/examples/


44) Open Peeps –




It has lots of free illustrations of good quality. It also has an online customization builder. All illustrations are available in vector.


URL – https://www.openpeeps.com/




Guide to hiring freelance graphic design services in U.S.

Any company in the world without graphics is incomplete. Great graphics mean integrity
and consistency, two things that can allow a company to succeed. In this respect, graphics
design is one of the hottest occupations in the world, and many people want to work in this


You can now hire graphic designers from all online platforms with a single click. If for some
reason, you & are looking for the best graphic designer, hundreds of professional freelancers
and businesses offering their services are available to you with a wide array of options. If
there are so many choices, you must pick the best out of them so that you not only reach
but surpass your goals. That makes it tedious to choose the right graphic designer. In this
post, we will guide you to hire the best freelance graphic design services in the U.S.

Hiring a graphic designer online



A designer can be hired online in several ways. The most common method is to publish the
work descriptions on the recruiting website and then review the profiles of graphic
designers who apply. You usually have to hop on a skype call to learn and see whether you
are fit to work together. Make sure you have signed up on hiring websites to recruit a
graphic designer. The popular hiring websites include:




Make an account on these websites and follow the steps below to hire the best graphic
designer for your specific needs.


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take your SEO to the next level.

Steps to hire a graphic designer online



Follow these steps to hire a graphic design service on the internet using hiring websites.


1. Sign up on hiring websites


There are several hiring websites available to hire a professional for designing, as
mentioned above. Create your account on any of the websites. Mention a legal company
name and be succinct to take advantage of the space if it is possible to describe what your
company does. Post a logo of your business as it means you’re a legitimate employer.


2. Compose a comprehensive job description


Writing a good job description is very critical in hiring an excellent professional. 3x more
potential applicants will be drawn to a good job description. A poorly written job posting
will probably attract average designers only.


3. Upload your project


After writing your job title and job description, upload it to the website you want. You can
upload your project on multiple websites to choose from a variety of graphic designers.
Each hiring website has its procedure, which may vary from other sites.


4. Scrutinize applicants


After you upload a job, there will be many applications you will receive. Scrutinize them.
You could ask for the portfolio if they didn’t have one. Nothing is more important than the
portfolio when selecting a designer. If you don’t like their portfolio, their upcoming work
will probably not be good for you either.


5. Conduct interviews


Once the potential candidates have been screened, plan an interview with each of them. It
is entirely up to you how you conduct the interview. You can use Skype or any other service
for the interview.


6. It’s time to hire


Hire one of the best graphic designers based on their portfolio and interview performance.
You will get a very clear idea about the candidates during the interview session.

Picking the best candidate



Here are some of the key features of a good graphic designer that you may need to consider
before you entrust your designs to them. Look for all of these below-mentioned traits in a
graphic designer to find the best out of hundreds of them.


1. Find technical expertise


A perfect graphic designer must learn different technical skills such as HTML, CSS, and
Adobe Photoshop. The designer must also have outstanding typography skills because it is
an aspect that can make or break a logo. Additional factors like UI / UX experience, printing
style, and branding may be an advantage, but not a requirement. A candidate will be more
creative if he/she possesses more technical skills.


2. Portfolio review


A graphic designer should have a portfolio to support the claim says he/she has the
expertise to work on your project. Look into the portfolio carefully and check their
expertise. Check if their portfolio matches the expertise that they claim to have in their


3. Look for creative candidates


The designer must know the latest developments in design trends and have a sense of
creativity. To produce a final result that is not only pleasing to our eyes but also
comprehensive and simple, the designer must make the best of his imagination.


4. Ability to communicate


The ideal designer should have the ability to communicate with a customer and present
their ideas, vision, and brand properly. Such communication skills also help communicate
and establish customer relationships. Furthermore, this skill helps the designer to realize
what the customer wants and how to please them exactly.


5. Comprehensive interview


Organize an interview or screening spot test as part of the process. You may ask the
designer to describe a concept proposal for a certain business type and assess their skill
and imagination based on the answer. The portfolio itself won’t say everything about
a designer.


6. Focusing on accuracy


The graphic designer should have the capability to give the required attention to the details
of your project. Therefore, inquire in-depth about the method to complete the work on
time. Ask if you have the opportunity to see various updates and alternatives to
find satisfactory results. This will help you find out the best guy for your brand or logo


7. Time Management


Time management is a talent that cannot be mastered by every designer, and you would
certainly like yours to equip with that. Your graphic designer should show you multiple
options and make any adjustments when necessary, well before the deadline, so that you,
too, get closer to the final artwork by making the best of it.

Final Words


The list above will help you to find the best of all your choices, given that
hundreds of people are willing to do the job anywhere you apply. While many say they
know everything and do everything, but every recruiter will need assistance in finding the
best designer who knows exactly what they want. Also, the most significant benefit would
be to never satisfy with the wrong results and make the best out of the graphic designer.


20 Things That Really Great Founders Do



When a startup is founded and a company is built, the contribution of each individual adds to the development of the startup. Among all of them, the efforts of the founder make the most of the difference in comparison with the other members of the startup. Factually, a founder maybe not the one who takes his company to reach greater heights. However, one can assure that it is the founder’s efforts who leaves a great impact on standing tough in the hardest of times while founding a startup and building it ground up.

Let us have a look at the qualities of founders which make them a role model for younger minds.




An idea can be thought very easily crossed the mind of any person. However, more than having an idea the proper implementation of an idea aided with a plan brings the fruit of success.

Considering this point, founders usually prefer learning from the other founders. They have a keen eye to observe opportunities and experiences very perfectly and register them in them an inbuilt computer; brains.




The founder of any company must be able to foresee the profits of mass production. So initially, their demands rise high and they mess up in losing people on their way towards success. As said earlier, that the ratio of demands to the population size of a company is very much, at the initial point the company might undergo some stress while meeting the needs of the consumers. Later that would give the sweet nectar of the immense hard work.




In general, this quality is considered is a part of acting like unreasonable. The founders generally predicts the effects of their steps at present. Whatever the obstacle comes they do not get distracted from their main path. Thus, their determination speaks about their success.




Usually, the entrepreneurs are someone who can be appreciated for their braveness. This is because they do not fear failure. They enjoy the challenges that come in their way and try to prove themselves.




Once they decide to do something, they accomplish their tasks without failure. Success will not meet the individual who are fickle-minded. Therefore, achievers traditionally do not change their decisions and indeed, they stick up to their resolutions and reach them no matter how hard it may be.




One of the best qualities of a successful person that can be opted from them is they are in general stubborn and confident about their dreams. They usually compete with the people of their range and love to show up their ability over them.




It was said that a person who does not have pride in learning things from others. This is because they value the fact that everything around can teach us something. In this way, an activist, usually meet success while mingling up with the mass and explore various things.




A person who wishes for success normally acquires knowledge from their surroundings. They do not boost up themselves about the stuff they learnt until them. Indeed, they believe that they are just beginners and enjoy the journey of exploration of various things from scratch.




A person would love to undergo tough conversations with their team leaders, attorneys or even with a vendor. It is because through those acts they accept the fact that communicating with various folks would help them in understanding the true nature of a Homosapien.




An entrepreneur should have three qualities, which would make them successful one day. Those include integrity, energy, and competency. However, a company may be popular and may have a skilled workforce but to maintain the stability, the management needs to amalgamate with them and should try to keep them on their side for long periods.




One may observe that whenever the founders are asked to lower their sales then they accept it. This is because they do not want to pause while reaching the mountaintop.




The founders usually are quick in recruiting young minds with great talents. They in general release job notification to be first in the line to attract youth towards them.




Founders precisely say that it is very important to increase their territory in business. This is why they usually establish the companies in various lands where the profits are usually met. Through this, they would like to increase their properties and would plan for a future company with more advancements in the policies and benefits.




Founders are casually moody all the time. They may laugh at one second and may get angry at the other second and also even start yelling. This is because they sometimes enjoy the staff’s company, through this they would create the impression that they are very friendly and would try to bring the results they wish. Also, when they are angry, they would behave strictly so that the people around him would know the emergency to fulfil his needs and work sincerely to meet them.




One who wishes to be successful in life would question him with some if’s at some point in time. This is because they would feel anxious about their future. What else would make their day tougher and thus they would end in getting better results than expected.




A great founder would enjoy his own company. He would enjoy speaking to oneself. Through such conversations with thyself, they would understand their inner potential and make up their mind so determined for the challenges going to meet them in the future.




A successful person would be more careful in his early times while recruiting the talented stuff and would be more cautious while working with the other organizations. They would be more alert in having trust in many things while their journey to the mountain top.




An entrepreneur is someone who risks his life to encounter the victory. One would want to enjoy the sweetness of the fruit of hard work then he is the one who would be the first to take responsibility on either side of the triumph.




Ordinarily, people with proper plan and vision will not for someone to come and help them.  Instead of that, they find a way to meet their goals and create their path to success.




An achiever is the one who will not blame his fellow beings for the things going wrong around him. Instead, he will be the first person to bring out the best of them by telling them about their pros and cons. He counsels them and focus only on their best qualities to make up their mind that they are blessed at something good.

These are some of the tips that are advised by the start-up founders who believe in these qualities and have thus created their path to success. We carve our path, but we can always learn from other founder’s experience.


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how to successfully raise crowdfunding on kickstarter

Tips on Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding program that focuses on creativity and merchandising. The goal is simple; you appeal directly to your audience to fund your initiative. With several domains such as films, music, stage shows, comics, journalism, video games, technology, publishing, and food-related projects, Kickstarter can help realize your dream.

Here are a few tips and tricks you must know to transform your great, innovative idea into a real, marketable product.

1) Make Sure Your Idea Is Irresistible

This would seem like the most obvious thing, but it is also one amongst the most important. The belief that your audience has in you will directly be affected by the belief you have in yourself. The key is to believe in yourself and be passionate about your idea.

You should be extremely compelling with your reasons why someone should help you. Your supports should want to be a part of your project, and they should want to lend you their helping hand.

2) Remember Your Final Goal Even As You Begin

Make sure you have a well-thought-out plan. This will help you decide where exactly you want your product or service to reach in the long run. Answering the following questions might help you figure this out; What is the aim of your innovation? Are you intending to raise money, increase awareness or test demands? How do you plan to sell the idea to people who may be willing to support you?

While this may also seem like an obvious thing to do, it really does help in determining the future of your idea. You need to be firm in your planning if you wish to convince your audience.

3) Think Carefully About Your Funding Goal

The urge to power your project with a huge sum of money to fall back on is understandable. However, it would be ideal to choose a goal that is realistic. It’s important to consider shipping and packaging costs along with the total price for manufacturing. When you have a final number, make sure you don’t stretch it too much. It’s much better to have a campaign be overfunded rather than have one that barely meets its monetary goals.

4) Quality Is Key

It need not be said that people don’t like to part with their money. The way to work around this is to attach professionalism and integrity to your project. Make sure that your idea is displayed in the best possible light. The aim is to attract supporters and make them believe that your innovative idea is something worth investing in. Present your project with clarity and resolution, and highlight its quality.

5) Do Not Lose Contact With Your Backers

Always keep your backers in the loop. You should show your audience that you are as invested in the project as they are. Keep them updated at all times about the progress of your product or service. Moreover, be prompt and amicable when answering their questions, comments or concerns. The more you develop a cordial friendship or relationship with your audience, the more likely they are to support you. In addition, showing that you update your audience regularly can also open doors to new supporters for your Kickstarter.

6) Consider Rewarding Your Supporters

It would be a great gesture to show supporters that you’re thankful for their involvement. As mentioned in the previous point, the supporters are the ones that shoulder your project and thus, you need to establish a relationship with them. This could be done in many ways. An easy and efficient way could be sending back small gifts as a token of appreciation. Be careful when you do this, though. Your gift-giving shouldn’t tap into the money reserved for your project. Make your gratitude known in a kind, but affordable fashion.

7) Use E-Mail Marketing And Newsletters

A great way of increasing the revenue collected for your idea is through e-mail marketing. Sending a newsletter will help you establish your product and allow backers to understand more about its workings. Make sure your newsletter, or any other alternative marketing technique, is creative and compelling. Kevin Peeples of the graphic-novel campaign Fighter raised 91% of his funding through the magic of e-mail marketing. It’s an effective tool that can be put to use to make your idea bigger and better.

8) Be Careful When It Comes To Mass Messaging

A personalized e-mail or message to your backers to show that you truly care about their input into your idea. Do not send impersonal and detached mass messages to your supporters. While newsletters and other marketing techniques are definitely a method of widespread communication, take the time to express your personal notes to. Remember, your backers are spending their hard-earned money to fund your dream. Make sure that you take the time to get back to them and let them know you truly appreciate their help and support.

9) Organization Is Extremely Important

Document everything. Organize your emails, messages, folders, and files. Make sure you keep them ordered and easily accessible at all times. You cannot run a successful campaign without proper planning and organization. A well thought out system will save you a lot of time and effort. Moreover, it allows you to keep track of every piece of information regarding your project and the fundraising process.

10) Make Sure That You Are The Driving Force Behind Your Campaign

This point is mostly a reaffirmation of the first point. Backers see the founders as the face of a campaign. It is your responsibility to manage that role in the best possible way you can. Think of yourself as the engine behind the functioning of your project. You are expected to have a say in every stage of the manufacturing process. Backers look to support creators who are genuine and passionate about bringing their projects into the world. You need to step into those shoes and shine bright as an exemplary creator.

manage your startup with these 15 productivity apps

Manage Your Startup With These 16 Apps

Are you a startup founder or maybe a small business owner? Well then, I bet that you are not a fan of accounting and business expense tracking. Nevertheless, you just cannot afford to have an unproductive day. Your ability to make the correct choices, to spend just the right amount of time on the right tasks and to execute the right procedures plays an important role in the success of your startup.

To make your job easier, you can use any or all of the apps/tools listed below which provide you with a wide range of solutions like scanning receipts, clearing bills from the finance department and so on.

1. Fyle

Fyle is an intelligent expense management application that can be used to create expense reports on mobile and website, reconciliation of credit card and it also facilitates convenient processing for your finance team. Employees can create expense reports in one click after they track receipts.

Is Fyle available for free? No, Fyle is available at $8.99 per month. However, there are other plans available for this app.

You can check them out here: https://www.fylehq.com/pricing

2. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is another handy expense management tool. You can use its receipt scanning and expense tracking features to convert a receipt to a data. You can also organize receipts and business cards and even create and track expense reports using Shoeboxed.

At what price is Shoeboxed available? Well, Shoeboxed has three plans, namely – Startup, Professional, and Business.

Go on and compare them here: https://www.shoeboxed.com/pricing/

3. Basecamp

Basecamp is a web-based project management tool for your business. It is very user-friendly. You can use Basecamp for creating and organizing projects, associating with your team members, clients or partners and tracking your progress until your project is complete.

Is Basecamp available for free? No, you need to purchase Basecamp at $99 per month.

You can compare this against pricing of other similar tools here: https://basecamp.com/pricing

4. Tallie

Tallie is one of the most popular expense tracking apps available out there. It allows you to streamline your entire business expense tracking procedure, i.e., from purchasing to accounting to remuneration. Through its SaaS features, Tallie can also be used to manage expenses and have internal control and visibility.

Now, this popular tool is available at just $9 per month.

You can check out Tallie pricing here: https://tallie.com/expense-report-automation-software-pricing-and-specifications

5. Slack

Slack is a tool that can be used to simplify or clarify communication across the entire team. With Slack, your team’s entire communication is immediate and in one place. All of it is synchronized and hosted in the cloud, therefore, conversations can be retrieved from the web or any smart device.

Is Slack available for free? Well, Slack offers three plans – Free, Standard and Plus.

You can compare the pricing here: https://slack.com/intl/en-in/pricing

6. LastPass

LastPass is the most used password management app. It is user-friendly and can be used by anyone to store all your passwords in one place, so that next time you don’t have to go through the trouble of remembering your password. LastPass can also autofill passwords for you whenever you visit a site that you have already visited before. I, myself, use this app and I don’t even own a start-up. So, yes, LastPass is THAT easy to use.

For those of you wondering about the pricing of this app, don’t you worry because, besides the Free plan, LastPass offers Premium and Families plans which cost $3 and $4 per month respectively.

You can check them out here: https://www.lastpass.com/pricing

7. Trello

Trello is a helpful project management app that can be used to get a substantial amount of work done in a quick time. It makes tracking and management of project progress a lot simpler for you and everyone else involved because it is a visual-focused web application.

Is Trello available for free? Yes, it is. Trello also offers Business Class and Enterprise plans which can be purchased at $9.99 and $20.83 per month respectively.

Trello pricing can be compared here: https://trello.com/en/pricing

8. RescueTime

RescueTime is a well-received time tracking app which can be used to track the amount of time you naturally spend on websites and applications. This will give you a precise picture of your day. The app runs securely on the background on a computer or mobile device and gives you detailed records and data based on your activity.

How much does RescueTime cost? RescueTime is more or less cheap because the Lite version is free and the Premium version costs $9 per month.

Check it out here: https://www.rescuetime.com/plans

9. Evernote Business

Evernote Business is a cooperative hub for your team to apprehend, develop and launch projects with business notebooks. The app can be used to share knowledge and resources across your total company.

Is Evernote Business available for free? Well, it offers you three plans – Basic, Premium, and Business. The Basic plan is Free and Premium and Business plans can be purchased at $2.73 and $4.99 per month respectively.

The detailed pricing of these plans can be found here: https://evernote.com/compare-plans

10. Certify

Certify is a good Invoice, Travel and expense management tool. It can be used for managing the expense reports, creating self-regulated expense reports and also booking your travels. You can also use it to approve or refuse business receipts quickly.

At what price can I get this app? Certify is quite cheap as it starts at $8 per month. It offers two more plans – Professional and Enterprise.

You can have a look at them here: https://www.certify.com/PricingOptions.aspx

11. Concur

Concur is a web-based expense management tool that you can use to control expenditures around business travels. This app also allows you to book your upcoming business travel and streamline and accelerate the amount payable for the process.

Is Concur available for free? Yes, Concur does have a Free plan. It also offers two more plans – Standard and Professional, which start at $8 per report.

Detailed Concur pricing is given over here: https://reviews.financesonline.com/p/concur/

12. KinHR

Want to manage all your HR tasks and responsibilities efficiently as your startup grows? KinHR is your solution. Your entire team is bound to enjoy using this app because KinHR will be managing on-boarding, employee files and data and time off in an online exchange.

Is KinHR available for free? No, but it is cheap because it can be purchased just at $5 per month.

You can check out KinHR pricing here: https://www.capterra.com/p/140348/Kin/

13. Wave

Wave is one of the most popular business expense tracking tools. Wave allows you to keep track of your business expenses easily, send your invoices directly and maintain and balance your account logs.

Is Wave available for free? Yes! Wave is free.

Check it out here: https://www.waveapps.com/pricing

14. HelloSign

HelloSign is a web-based application that can be used to quickly, easily and securely accrue eSignatures for your Startup. This means users can sign on your site directly with the embedded signing feature.

Is HelloSign available for free? HelloSign offers three planes, namely – Free, Pro and Business. Pro and Business plans can be purchased at $13 and $40 per month respectively.

HelloSign pricing can be compared here: https://app.hellosign.com/info/pricing

15. Yesware

Yesware is a popular app that simplifies the process of email management. It can be used to track opened messages, automate the procedure of following up with clients and team members and schedule emails to be sent at the right time.

How much does Yesware cost? Well, Yesware offers three plans – Pro, Premium, and Enterprise which cost $12, $25 and $55 per month respectively.

You can check these plans here: https://www.yesware.com/plans-and-pricing/

16. Hunter

URL: https://hunter.io/

Hunter is an online tool for finding and validating work email addresses, based on the company domain. Users can search for people by name and domain within the hunter.io web interface, or use a Google Chrome extension to find/validate email addresses associated with the company website they’re browsing.

How much does the Hunter cost? The free version allows 50 requests (aka searches) per month; paid versions allow for 1K-50K requests per month, plus the ability to export email addresses in a CSV file.

To conclude, I would say just go and scout the apps/tools which satisfy the specific needs of your startup. And if you have already used a different helpful tool, without any hesitation, tell us about it in the comments section below. We would love to hear how it helped your startup grow better.

To create a FREE custom email domain, visit here.

Right Inbox

Right Inbox is a Gmail extension that supercharges your emailing efforts. Spend less time in your inbox and more time on the important parts of your business. More than 250,000+ professionals have added Right Inbox to Gmail for next-level email productivity. Right Inbox allows you to send email follow ups, track email opens and set up email templates.
How much does Right Inbox cost? Right Inbox offers a free plan with limited capabilities. Paid plans start at $5.95 a month.
Check it out here – https://www.rightinbox.com/pricing

Bonus Tool: ContactOut

ContactOut is a powerful Google Chrome extension that finds any LinkedIn users’ email addresses and other contact details, including their phone numbers and social media profiles. What it does is that it adds an overlay to your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles that practically reveals their contact details and provides you with a tool to find their work emails. ContactOut also provides you with access to a dashboard that lets you search for contacts that are not available in LinkedIn.

landing page design and code

You can try ContactOut for free here: https://contactout.com/register