McD is Coming Up With Its Design-Oriented Packaging


Sometimes we often are fascinated by this three-letter word: I’m lovin’ it! May it be the sad or good day, what cheers us more is the Happy meal. Although if we have a look at How McDonald’s menu has incorporated a few more iconic items with a perfect touch of design orientation showcase more connective and playful manner. The illustrations are curated in such a manner that this design-oriented packaging becomes the hero of the game. Its main aim is to create new vector-styled illustrations. Likewise, for instance, McDonald’s represents the more bifurcated look of the Egg McMuffin, the fries, and the Big Mac. The revamping done here is in such a way that is more playful and the graphic representations establish a more effective connection.


What’s New in Design-oriented Packaging:

The graphics on the boxes, packaging, wraps, and cups being communicative enough to create a zeal in the minds of the consumer. This depicts the brand identity as well. And this redesign is done in order to modernize the brand value. Illustrations in the case of McDonald’s are significant to the concept of a direct interpretation of food. The most significant ingredients are used as graphics with a pinch of modern colors. Here in the case of McD, the styles of the designs or illustrations are kept simple, at the same time iconic and minimal. Say for example:

  1. Cheeseburger: the Mc Cheeseburger now comes with a wrapper and it showcases a single dripping yellow line which represents the cheese
  2. Egg McMuffin: As being discussed earlier, the Egg McMuffin comes with a wrap-up that consists of a single yellow circle which is the indication of a yolk.
  3. Fillet-O-Fish: It is covered with turquoise waves.

Needs of McD for Redesigning the Entire Global Packaging System:

Pearlfisher, an independent brand agency has redesigned the global packaging of the system for the fast-food chain McDonald’s. The designs seem to adhere to the visual framework for the brand and its long product line. Good packaging with some bold graphics makes a brand long-lasting. It creates a sense of joy too among the consumer group. McD has used this approach also to make the operations more clear and simpler. The easy-to-understand graphics also help in driving the recognition of the other brands and customers. It also helps the brand to outstand the competitors.

In the case of McDonald’s, it has taken special ingridients from the menu and has designed in a great manner such that it becomes easier in understanding. While, the iconic expressions make this design-oriented packaging more special, recognizable and help people celebrating the smiles of the mass. Likewise, the redesigning of the packaging of McDonald’s aims at sticking to the brand identity, and the color palette is related to the illustrations. In short, the aesthetically pleasing, minimal designs, simple colors help in improving the functionality and recognition. This also leads to an emotionally joyful impact on the minds of the viewer.


Effects of This Design-Oriented Packaging:

As we already know that whipping and changing the brand packaging over time makes any of the ill-famed brands to heights of success. This in turn helps in solving multiple problems as well. This approach also helps in building a loyal customer base.

And it can be seen in the case of McDonald’s, how the company is looking for streamlining all its products by rolling in designs of bags, cups, boxes, and wrappers with a minimal design. Adding on top of it the brand also is through its product enhance consumer satisfaction by ensuring convenience. Moreover, the use of illustrations and graphics tells stories using a brighter idea. This approach might prove helpful in tricking and catching the attention of the public.

Case Study_ Tristan Got His Website Upgraded

Tristan Bance Upgraded His Personal Website With Draftss

Client: Tristan Bance
Description: Tristan is a growth marketing freelancer and wished to showcase himself better through his website.
Industry: Growth Marketing
Project: Web UI Design


In the world today when everyone’s online, it becomes important for the individual service providers also to stay updated in the market with the best of the portfolios and projects to be pitched. It not only helps to impress the visitors but also to get hold of the new clients and better opportunities.

Tristan also wanted the same. He wanted to redesign his old portfolio website to stay updated as per the market trends. In this way he could showcase himself and his skills in a better way. He thus wished to have a website that portrays the startup atmosphere and gives out a very friendly tone. The design was required to be clear and simple.

Tristan also had a slight preference for the color of the universe. Blue and orange were how he described it. A few inspirational templates were also shared as samples. With a fairly rich experience and backed up with a powerful portfolio, everything had to be placed in a very simple yet elegant manner.

That’s where we picked it up from!

The Draftss Solution

Understanding the Problem

The brief of the client talked about his color preference, the nature of the communication he wanted his website to have, and the simplicity & elegance he wished to portray. The aim of the website was thus to convey Tristan Bance in a better way to his visitors and potential clients. Some them might not even have heard from him earlier. His past work had to be displayed with utmost efficiency for it to be effective enough to attract visitors for his services and skills.

Draftss follows a very open nature of communication. That is, we have a number of channels for the clients to communicate with us to help maintain the comfort and clarity of the particulars being conveyed. We kept in touch with Tristan Bance constantly upon the email thread. Wee also used to regularly share the progress as well as the outlines of the ideation process.

Brainstorming Solutions & Crafting Results

Our design team with their screens and touchpads on started off with the design of the outline of the idea. The ideation went on for quite some time and clarity started coming in for what had to be showcased upon the screen. We started off with something very minimalistic and plain. Sketched out the layout of the plan and tried to visualize what had to be the perfect fill for all of these spaces.

All of the information, text, and visual content had to fit in perfectly with a very neat and clean interface. Along all those lines that the brief spoke about, we started coming up with something that started looking like a landing page. We redesigned it a number of times with as many iterations as to make it aesthetically pleasing.

We also started sharing the progress with Tristan and with every update he just had to say, “this is exactly what I had actually expected”.

With several suggestions and reviews from both the ends of the client as well as the designing team, we developed a number of design concepts for several other pages and features of the website.

That’s what we do at Draftss – Propose a number of great concepts for a single design to choose from!

Some were loved by Tristan and others were reiterated. With each of the designs getting finalized, the website was looking as perfect as it could’ve been.

The tasks thus started finishing off. We went on to design newsletters, some additional sections, logo for the newsletter, and the design for the onboarding email. Finally, we went onto the phase of integration of the design with the Elementor Tristan had to upgrade to.

With constant feedback, reviews, and fixes, we started developing the design into a full-fledged working web platform.

The landing page of the website comes with the preferred blue color. It also stays very soothing to the eyes of the visitors. With simplicity and minimalism embedded in each of the elements of this design, every detail holds the eyes. The navigation was made very easy and different sections of the site have been linked in a highly efficient manner.

With a very sophisticated and sober design of the elements, the theme of the website stays constant with a brief introduction of Tristan Bance. The section had to be crisp, very brief, and very natural in its way. It had to talk about itself and convey more than what is mentioned. Layering one textual color over the other further adds up to the strength of the context.

To convey what Tristan can do for his clients, each and every service he provides is listed in a very embarking and bold font. With those little icons defining more about the text and the section title matching up the color theme, the shadow effect under the boxes adds up to the shine of the section.

With the visuals and logos of the clients, the design makes a very powerful impression upon the visitors for Tristan Bance and his services. The shadow under each of the circles is themed in blue color which even enhances the vibes of the website.

With a very cool and fresh look for the website, Tristan also got a very innovative concept to showcase his fees. Pricing is written on the left-hand side. The right-hand side of the section showcases the process of how Tristan is going to work.

From top to the bottom, every single section has been ideated and worked upon with attention and dedication. This becomes even more visible when a visitor reaches the bottom of the landing page at the footer. The footer of the website is also very different and has got a very fresh look. With designing and innovation in every bit of the section, the website is spick & span with a very cool and trendy look.



With a number of days, and even more emails to take Tristan Bance along the joyful journey of the development of his website design, a website was finally completed. Tristan just had to say, “Wow! This looks great!”

The website is live, up, and running. With additional features like email templates, newsletters, and much more, the website is highly functional and very dynamic. With great efficiency on the desktop version as well as on the mobile, the website has a very refreshing look. It comes with a minimal approach and a very easy navigation experience.

Before the final output, we had a conversation with Tristan on how he wants the specific sections to be displayed. We took all of his final feedback points into consideration. Later, we started integrating the web design with Elementor.

This is how it looks:

Thanks for taking the time to go through our project case study. If you too want to get designs done you can ahead and SIGNUP for 7 DAY FREE TRIAL + Our co-founder loves talking and consulting on projects for free, you can schedule a free call with him regarding your project here


Coming Soon Landing Page and Its Design

How to interact well with the viewer who is landed on the website? Or what are the key factors to redesign your current website to improve the engagement and user experience? How to improve the homepage and eliminate the 404 pages in any part of the website as it is a serious backlog issue! What if a brand needs to launch a new product, it is needed to be communicated to the consumer in an effective and efficient fashion? Isn’t it! So many problems but one solution, that is a perfect, well-informative, well-balanced, and well-designed coming soon landing page can help.

What is A Coming Soon Landing Page?

A coming soon landing page is a temporary landing page that informs the consumer about the launch of a new product. It simply announces to the consumer that a new product or service is being added to the existing stock. A coming soon landing page is simply meant for checking if the consumer is providing some sort of action. It is a technique used for monitoring the actions of the consumers. Adding on to this, the launch of the product or service to is updated on these coming soon landing pages. It can either be in the forms of email submission, filling up of the forms, downloading an e-book, or it might be registering for any event or so.

As of now, we have seen how important are these landing pages are! However here, in this case, out of every 25% of the landing pages, 5% are able to generate the interest of the users. Let us in the next segment look at how these landing pages can be designed to avoid common mistakes and increase the engagement of the users:

Tips and Tricks to Create a Coming Soon Landing Page That is a Sure-Shot Hit:

It should be not over revealing:

Any landing page is a trailer of the movie that the brand showcases. Hence the whole plot of this movie should not be revealed. It should be tricky but not promising. In short, it must not reveal a lot about the strategies relating to the product being launched.

Templates used should not be generic:

A landing page should not be much revealing as seen above. Therefore, it must focus that the brand is in construction for the new project, product, or service. This helps in increasing the engagement and not simply pasting the coming soon landing page template. The in-construction landing page should completely focus on matching your brand identity.

It must powerfully evoke attention:

The coming soon landing page must speak on the headline and a short description too must be followed. In this case, the coming soon landing page always focuses on the less and more objective. The headline for instance is “You will definitely like this product XYZ”. Additionally a loop to this headline stating how this would benefit the user in the long run.

Only one demand at a time:

Have one form at a time for filling out. The common mistake triggers the patience level of the consumer. All you, as a brand, need to do, is to offer one thing that is the email sign-up. The more detailed form would increase the expectancy of losing the customer. Hence, not showing other navigational links and reducing the number of distractions like detailed structures of forms, would increase the customer base by 100%.

Add a countdown feature to it:

It is a very unique conversion strategy in use these days. It describes the actual date of launch or arrival of the product or service. This can be achieved by simply setting a physically changing countdown clock. This strategy is used to keep the consumers updated that how soon and at what time the product or service would be in reach.

It should be designed in such a way that it is shareable:

Each product or service always has something new in some way or the other. It solves the problems of the consumers. Therefore, to create a buzz about this new solution to the problems of the consumers is the next step that is to be followed is to shares on the various social media platform. Hence, this coming soon landing page must be designed in such a way that it can be shared easily.

It should be dependent upon mobile-based usage:

As we all know that how much the dependency upon mobile devices has been increasing day by day! Thus, the design of the coming soon landing page should be made to benefit the mobile devices. This would in turn help in generating a lot of web traffic. It should have a CTA [Call To Action is a marketing term that refers to the next step that the marketer has planned and needs to be its audience to click to the direct link that is being provided]. This CTA button or link is too expected to be appealing for mobile devices.


Using Monochromatic Designing for Your Business

What are the color palettes being used by the designers in order to attract the visuals of the viewer? Do they also sometimes face difficulty in finding the perfect color palette? Yes, of course, even the most experienced designers sometimes find difficulty in choosing a perfect color pattern. Sometimes, they completely rely on the preferences and choices of the clients and more often on the style guides as well, while sometimes when the projects demand designers choose their own color palettes. Here, there are numerous color combinations, color palettes, color schemes, and color designs that are to be looked at. So, in this case, monochromatic designing and color palettes become a sure-shot hit. How come?

The monochrome color palette is very easy to balance and can be hard to mess up. Monochromatic touch changes the look and feels of the design up-side-down. They provide an all-rounder and pleasant touch to suit the designs. As we have already experienced that designers often use simple colors that bring great power to the designs.

What are Monochromatic Color Palettes:

Monochrome color schemes comprise the one basic color from the color wheel and a tint or variation of the same color adds up. The variation that is used here is attained by combining base color with the shades of white, grey, or black. Monochromatic color schemes are suited to almost every kind of design. This is because monochromatic colors provide an elegant style to any design. Monochrome color schemes are easy to make. This in turn would help in improving the brand recognition as well. This is because, soft, monochrome colors attract and comfort the visuals of the eyes that again help in the brand remembrance. Hence, logos with monochromatic color schemes also do well.

How to Use Monochromatic Designs to Your Business:

Lets us now look at ways how we can use monochromatic color palettes for the purpose of designing:

  1. Decreasing the saturation of the bright colors: A Design looks perfect only if the colors balance out, it is to be ensured that the colors that are bright color schemes that are being used must be in decreased saturation. This is because bold colors often end up tricking the visuals of the viewer as they are unpleasant.
  2. Continuous progression of the gradients can help. One can use a monochrome color scheme by showing certain progression. It can be in the direction of left to right or might be right to left gradient format.
  3. The usage of infographics will be the best use of resources: Complexities like the infusion of the infographics sometimes provide a lot of information in a compelled manner. The monochrome color palette helps in organizing the content and also makes the graphics look cleaner and complete which is by using the infographics.
  4. Sophistication can brighten up the world: Sophistication can be portrayed using the grey monochrome shade. This makes a page or design look cleaner and provides a cooling effect to the eyes. This can also help in providing a unique and more brightened look.
  5. The creation of contrast makes the designs look elegant. If the dual-colored contrast is a monochrome design, it provides the factor of innovation. It also changes the look and feels of the design as well.

Advantages of Monochromatic Designing:

  1. A brand logo that has a monochromatic effect or designs to them often comforts the visuals of the viewers. They also help them in further influencing the viewers as well.
  2. The monochromatic color scheme helps in portray professionalism and this also helps in increasing the value of the design of the products.
  3. The products designed in monochrome color scheme or palette provide the viewer with a pleasant first impression. Such designs bring their concentration and help them focus on the most critical content. Thus, businesses get to communicate with the targeted group of consumers.


Summing Up:

As we have already explored, that how monochromatic colors and schemes help in evoking the designs and help in lighting up the user experience. Monochromes always will leave an ever-lasting impact on the visual interests of the general public. Here, things become simpler, if the use of similar colors associating with the designs are used. These monochromatic clour schemes can totally work out for the big brands as well as small businesses. The implementation of the designs works well if the contrast is taken into consideration. The game totally depends on the play of different colors, schemes, and contrasts. Likewise, For instance, designers often use two-tone hover action or single-color style will designing a business card. While the options in monochromatic design remain limitless.


How to Use Optical Illusion For Your Next Design

For any business in today’s day and age, an online presence is very important. This is because there are more and more people consuming online content. The most advantageous part of having strong online visibility is that the audience is very diverse. The reach that a business gets via online platforms is high. This online presence can be in the form of social media pages in which the business regularly posts updates. It can also be in the form of websites that have all the details about the business. It is therefore evident that it is important to have websites, social media posts, and ads designed well. While designers work on identifying the type of design they want to use, they are sure to come across optical illusion. 

Apart from this, the way a company’s office looks also talks a lot about the business itself. It is a reflection of the nature of the business. So, it is also necessary to have the interiors of the workspace designed by skilled interior designers. 

Using Optical Illusion

We have all at some point been fascinated by optical designs. Somehow, many of us like the way it tricks the eye. How can designers effectively use optical illusion?

1. 3D Designing

Optical designs can be used by interior designers into believing that a flat design is a three-dimensional object. This not just saves space in the office area but also serves the purpose of sending out an essential message to those who see it. The efforts that are put into making a design are more worthy than just writing down something in a fancy font. It clearly tells the viewers that conscious attempts have been made to make the interior look good. These designs can be done by using tools like Photoshop, which has plenty of features and tools. Several add-ons can be used to create new illustrations of optical illusion.

2. Triangle-bisection illusion

If a triangle is placed inside a curved or straight shape, it appears as if the triangle is not “sitting”. This is because of the phenomenon called triangle-bisection illusion. If something is placed exactly halfway up the height of a triangle, it will appear as if it is way more up than halfway. This is due to the way our eyes perceive this figure. Such an illusion can be used in websites as well as social media posts to make the designs efficient and attractive.

3. Hering illusion

When a design contains very fine lines or tiny dots, it is highly likely that the design looks like there’s something in motion in it when you scroll up and down. This is because of the Moire pattern. Herein, two grid spaces superimposed on each other create a false motion perception when moved. This technique can be used to grab the attention of social media users, where it is common for people to just scroll away. Creating an illusion would at least make them stop and look at what the post is about. It is then up to the designer to efficiently direct them to the website or their official social media page. 

4. Mach bands

When shades of the same color are placed in the increasing or decreasing order of intensity, it is possible that your eyes made you believe that there was a shadow. But, the truth is that there was nothing of that sort. Our eyes perceive the light shades lighter and the dark shades darker, so it appears as if there was a shadow. This tricking of the eye can be used by designers who work on website designs. Such an arrangement of different shades of the same color could be used in designs where there is the text that is supposed to be added to the design. 

5. Overshooting

Most typographers are of the opinion that while inserting text into designs, one has to be relying more on intuition than reasoning. In general, fonts of the same size also don’t “look” the same to us. So, by the process of overshooting, a designer resizes the text size. This makes all the characters look alike. While this may be sounding a little odd, it is required to be done in order to keep away the “illusions”. 

6. Cornsweet illusion

In this type of illusion, a gradient is used, like in Mach bands. But, there is also a line in the center. It makes our eyes perceive that one side of an image is lighter than the other. But, if these two sections were placed next to each other, one realizes that they are completely the same. Such illusions can be used to ease the work of a designer. It can be used in backgrounds and two different ideas can be expressed in the two sections separated by the line. Creating such an illusion does not really require much effort. 

7. Jastrow Illusion

When two curved objects are placed a little away from each other in the exact same way, it appears as if one of them is smaller than the other. This is a very common illusion. It is said that it occurs because the short side makes the longer side look longer. And vice versa the long side makes the shorter side seem shorter. This illusion can be used in websites and designs where patterns are commonly used.

Optical illusions are plenty. Simple shapes, lines, and colors can be used to create them. They help the designers accommodate several ideas in limited space. Often, instead of conveying something explicitly using texts, one can use optical illusion. 

Graphic designing, web designing, logo designing, and interior designing are very creatively exhausting processes. Using smart ways of designing eases the designer’s job while not compromising on the quality of the design. 

In order for all designs of a business to look related, one should choose able and good designers. Businesses can also explore unlimited graphic designing packages. They are popular in the market so that all their design needs can be taken care of. 



Flat Design Vs Minimalistic Design

What Does Flat Design Mean?

Flat design refers to the style of the interface design. The two-dimensional effects are used with some addition of bright colors. The illusion to the designs is provided by copying real-life properties in a three-dimensional view. But, then arises a question why are these flat designs are developed? So, flat designs ensure, that the designs of the website are responsive enough and are made according to the screen sizes of the device. These flat designs are based upon the content scales of the websites.

Here, the simple shapes and minimal textures are added. Additionally, if the sites load faster since, mobile devices have a bit slower internet speeds, it leads to an additional advantage in enhancing the user experience of the viewer. The perfect flat design also ensures that the noise should not be caused by the visuals that are in the form of textures and shadows. It ensures the streamlined as well as optimal use of the user interface as well as the user experience effectively and efficiently. In short, Flat design is a minimalistic design is an approach that mainly emphasizes usability.

Flat designs mainly focus on featuring clean, open spaces, crisp edges, slight bright colors, and two-dimensional illustrations. It can also be said that flat designs do not inculcate unnecessary use of styling elements like that of gradient, textures, drop shadows. In fact, it involves real-life characters.


Importance of Flat Design:

> Flat designs ensure readability and ease of access to website content. The designs are simple enough for the users to use the content regardless of desktops or mobile devices. Here, the designers use flat designs in a simple manner and use minimalistic icons to make the reader grasp the provided concept.

> As we have already seen that flat designs are all about sober and bright colors. The addition of illustrations makes it a bit more communicative. The fonts being used here are mostly in sans-serif, and the usage of complex images is replaced with minimalistic icons, vectors, and typography.

> Flat designs often involve the usage of single contrasting colors.

> Flat designs ensure the loading of the webpage in the given span of time. Here, a touch of gradients and skeuomorphic properties add to the low resolution of images.

> The on-time loading of the website takes place when the flat web page consists of vectors or code-based graphics, which in turn would contribute to making them work for the developers easier. Additionally, the page that loads on time improves the ranking of the webpage and leads to a hike in the revenue as well.

What is Minimalistic Design?

Minimalism is that art concept that describes the content in such a way that it embodies the phrase “less is more”. It can be said that minimalism is the design or art that occupies the smallest range of colors as well as materials. In simpler words, design or art uses very simple shapes and forms.

Importance of Minimalistic Design:

> The negative space looks perfectly overwhelming. Here, in this case, the use of negative space is empty spaces between visual elements.

> High contrasting palette provides luxury and a modern look and feels to the website. This makes the site more and more informative and readable. While this factor still depends upon the wish and will of the website.

> Typography remains dramatic to influence the decisions of the targeted audience.

Flat Design or Minimalistic Design: Which One is a Better Option?

> Flat design is much easier to maintain and update option.

> The minimalistic website often occupies less code and this ensures the increased performance and ranking of the site.

> The flat design provides more bold, subdued, and appealing icons, colors, and fonts.

> The minimalistic design offers an enhanced user experience. Here, the main focus is the content.

> Flat designs are soothing to the eyes and the readability of the texts is great.

> Minimalistic designs are often visually appealing.


Branding Colors and How They Vary Around the World?

Need of Using Colors for Any Brand:

The use of colors for any brand is a key element in expressing to the customers their strategies, theories, and concepts of the product to its targeted group of consumers. Likewise, for instance, if we look, imparting colors, designs, and various art forms, to the canvass makes it more attractive than a dull-colored or white-colored canvass. Branding, marketing, and advertising are required for any company to survive in today’s business landscape. Here, the selection of theme color remains the primary priority for any brand. Some studies also reveal that the human brain prefers those brands that can be easily recognizable. This in turn makes the determination of the brand a more important topic. But, why are these branding colors so important for any business? Let us look forward to this:

Why are Branding Colors Important?

First of all, what influences a customer to the product selection, helps him in decision making and making him/her purchase the product? It is the branding colors that make an emotional connection straight to your clientele’s hearts. By using some colors in business ventures will definitely the brand’s association and extend the brand awareness as a whole. Brand colors help in building the identity of the brand that represents the company and helps in depicting the personality of the brand as well. However, usage or repetition of the same colors can help in strengthening brand awareness.

Here, colors become a part of the brand. Providing enough exposure, colors often tend to become an integral part of the brand. Hence, to increase this association, using consistent colors help in providing recognition as well as establish brand identity. Common areas where the organization can use the branding colors can be the logo design, design of the webpage or website, in-store design, staff uniforms, advertisements, etc. this also enables in communicating the brand personality goals and helps in establishing an emotional connection with the customers.

Before we even start thinking about which brand colors should be picked in order to generate brand recognition. We need to lay some efforts on the groundwork as well. First of all, understanding and implementing the personality of the brand. A clear understanding of the personality traits of the brand’s personality traits that are trying to communicate through the color. Otherwise, one would be confused among the countless color palettes.

What do Different Brand Colors Mean for Any Business?

As we have already seen that the usage of branding colors means and leaves a powerful effect on the minds of the people and this, in turn, helps in generating brand identity. Let us look at what each color signifies:

  • Orange color: It stands for friendliness and signifies playfulness. It imparts energy.
  • Red color: It depicts passion, excitement, or sometimes anger. It can demand importance and attention from the consumer.
  • Yellow color: It signifies happiness and optimism, but can sometimes tend to seek attention as well.
  • Black color: It signifies power, sophisticated, edgy, luxurious, or modern feeling.
  • Grey color:  Grey color depicts neutrality. It can look subdued, classic, serious, mysterious, or mature.
  • Brown color: Brown color depicts a rugged, earthy, or old-fashioned look. It is often used for agricultural-based products.
  • White color: White color depicts cleanliness, health other than simplicity. It can range from affordable to high-end.
  • Green: The color green often signifies stability, prosperity, growth, and a connection to nature.
  • Light blue: The color light blue generates trust and openness. It can also signify innocence.
  • Dark blue: The dark blue color imparts the feeling of professionalism and formality. It tends to depict maturity and trustworthy factor.
  • Purple: Purple color depicts royalty, creativity, and luxury.
  • Pink: Femininity, youth, and innocence are signified by the color pink.


Additionally, using different color combinations can help in providing an abridged version of the product. The combination of various colors, designs, and styles implies a deeper connection and this would also affect the emotions and behaviors of the customer.


How These Brand Colors Vary Around the World:

There can be numerous ways in which the brand colors around the world can be depicted and possess various effects on the minds of the consumer. The colors brands thus choose should be based upon various color schemes. The base, the accent, and the neutral. Firstly, the base defines and reflects the personality traits of the brand logo or the brand. It should be appealing and must be capable enough in increasing the reach.

Secondly,  the color being used after the base color is the accent. It might be a bit difficult in choosing the base color accent color due to restrictions, because, some time or the other, the base or the accent color do not go hand in hand with the brand’s personality trait. Third comes the neutral color scheme. Brands use neutral colors more likely as background colors. They choose them to avoid attention. For example, different hues of grey, beige, whites, and off-whites are neutral shades. Other than these, monochromatic (used for minimalism), analogous colors (used for drawing attention), and complementary colors (used for stimulating the visuals) can be used.

Your brand color scheme determines the look and feels of your website, logo, store design, advertisements, etc. as brand colors would go hand in hand with the brand name, it is a mandate to use it everywhere. And these colors even trickles down into the appearances of your social media accounts as well. So, choosing them carefully remains the first option.



Product Packaging Trends for 2021

The easy online ways of doing almost everything have taken over our lives. Shopping is one such important activity that most of us do online now. When a consumer orders a product, there are a lot of things that s/he looks at after the product is delivered. The first of course is the product itself. But, a very important aspect related to it is the product packaging. The product packaging is not just to ensure that the product is safe, but it also helps the customer develop a first impression. 

The importance of packaging has increased over the past few years since the culture of “unboxing” has become widespread on social media. This is done by a lot of celebrities and influencers. If these people vouch for a product, there are many people ready to buy it. In such a case, no business wants their well designed and smart product to be packaged in a not-so-good fashion. So, businesses have started paying more attention to the type of material they use for packaging. Also, the patterns and designs on these covers should also be reflective of the type of product inside it. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that businesses are moving from cheap options to more innovative and relevant packaging materials.


With the start of 2021, a new decade started. What are the packaging trends that one can expect?

1. Vintage packaging:

This has been happening for a while now. But, 2021 could be the year in which the whole package would be in a vintage style. The whole unboxing experience should be able to take the customer back in time. This kind of packaging is common for ethnic clothes, historically used creams, lotions, and other cosmetics. Aged alcoholic drinks could also be packaged in vintage bottles and relevant stickers.

2. Illustrations:

Small repeated designs on the covers of products are not uncommon. But, these designs would be a direct indicator of what is inside the box. For example, if there is a product for a toddler, the packaging material could contain small cartoons of all the baby products the seller has. This is not just useful to tell the customer what is in the package, but would also help the business promote its other related products.

3. Abstract art:

The covers of products could also be works of digital art and graphic designing that do not directly tell the customer what is inside. Instead, these designs could have deep meanings. More often than not, they could be geometric patterns in bright colors. To leave a lasting impression on the customers’ minds, these designs could be as simple as thick bold lines at sharp angles.

4. Name of products:

In several cases, the business wants the name of the product to remain in the heads of its consumers. For example, a soft drinks manufacturer would want the name of the drink to be remembered well. In such cases, it is not uncommon to see the name written in fancy fonts all over the packaging material, including the cans.

5. Symmetric designs:

The packaging material for many products would look good if they gave an aesthetic feel. The name of the product surrounded by symmetric designs would look and provide the customer an impression of the type of product. Such designs could be used for cosmetics. Intricate designs are good, but need not necessarily be so.

6. Story-based characters:

There are some stories that are inseparable from our lives. Packaging materials that consist of the characters from these stories would draw customers to the product. These characters can also be designed in such a way that there is a story being told. This story could be about the background of the product or the business. More necessarily, it would be the story that the seller wants the customer to remember.

7. Eco-friendly packaging material:

The trend of being good to Mother Earth has seen a boom, for the good. As a result, many businesses have started mentioning explicitly that their products and packaging materials are earth-friendly. The longevity of this trend is yet to be seen but it is highly likely that it is here to stay.

A business should therefore explore different ways by which they can ship or sell their products using reusable and green materials for packaging.

8. Customized messages:

In 2020, we have seen businesses sending out personal thank you notes along with their products to celebrities who do unpacking videos on social media. It will not be surprising to see such messages being sent out to all customers. This will not just make the customer feel important, but will also make her/him go back to the business to buy similar products. These small gestures would go a long way in building a brand image.


It is important to businesses to keep themselves aware of the packaging trends in their field. The way beer is going to be packaged is different from the way a shoe would be packed. So, in order to be able to stay relevant and up-to-date, businesses should be able to quickly adapt and change. For startup growth, it is vital to start off well.

For any business to be able to do that, graphic designers play a major role. Businesses should recognize the need for good graphic designers. Also, the need is not going to arise just once, when the business starts off. From social media marketing posts to designing packaging materials, graphic designers play a significant role. Businesses should choose the right graphic designers and the right packages. Many companies provide unlimited graphic designing packages, which come with added benefits. Companies should explore all these options and make an informed call about the type of service they would prefer for satisfying their graphic designing needs. 



Email Design Trends for 2021

Email design is a critical aspect of the Emails that a business sends out. It can be about the progress that a business has made in a certain area, or informing the clients and customers about something new in the company, or simply an advertisement of a new product or service that is being launched. 

Most businesses have email subscribers. With the beginning of a new year and a new decade, it would be interesting to understand what are the kinds of emails that people would like to read after a largely tiring and boring year. It is also important to be aware of the latest email designs doing the rounds in the market. 

What are the email design trends for 2021? 

1. Visual content

The use of graphics in emails was a hit in 2020. We have entered the new year with an increased need to shop online. So, it would be useful for businesses to incorporate visually appealing content in their emails. This would make their product more appealing. If the mail is about the launch of a product, graphic content can be used to arouse curiosity in the minds of potential customers.

2. Illustrations

Emails are no longer bodies of text. Increased usage of illustrations and cartoons has made emails efficient tools of marketing. Images go a long way in conveying the necessary information effectively. They can be used instead of long mundane paragraphs of texts. Cartoons help in keeping the audience engaged. One can also insert small and relevant comic strips in the emails and convey the important message.

On a minimalist background, bright colors do a good job in instilling the product in the minds of the email readers. Little uniformity in the email would be good and make it presentable.

3. Personalization:

Make every customer feel important and prioritized. In such a case, it is important for mails to look customized. For this, use the customer’s name in the body of the email. Give the customer some exclusive offers on your products. This should be done based on his/her previous purchases. If you have an idea about the customer’s favorite colors or patterns, design your emails accordingly.

Customization takes time. But, if properly personalized mail is sent at the right time, it is sure to do a good job. Your brand’s goodwill is going to increase in the customer’s opinion.

4. Cards:

Cards can be used to send out organized and personalized content. A card has a relevant picture on the top, the main message in the middle, and then another image at the bottom. On websites, cards can be dynamic and animated. But, in emails, they are mostly static. The neatness associated with cards is unmatchable. It is also possible to insert symmetrical designs that are relevant to the purpose of the email. Use suitable colors for the background and for text. Don’t make the text too flashy. Remember that cards usually have warm messages in beautiful fonts.

5. Big typography:

There is nothing huge and bright that will escape anyone’s eyes. 2020 celebrated bold typography techniques. 2021 seems to carry the same trend throughout. Insert huge bold pieces of text in the mail conveying one main point. What follows will be information regarding that.

Make sure that the huge bold text has the words chosen rightly. For example, if your business is planning a reduction sale, you might just want to write “SALE” instead of complex long phrases. The message would be conveyed and interested people would look ahead. It is also important to bear in mind in such cases that the bold message should direct the customers to read further. Try to make the huge message coveted, yet not lengthy. 

Also, one can try inserting links behind these bold texts such that the customer is directed to a relevant page. This webpage should be impressive and ensure that the client is satisfied. For this, proper web designing must be done. Businesses should explore the different unlimited web designing packages offered by graphic designing companies so that their long and short term needs are taken care of well.

6. Authentic pictures:

While adding images in your promotional emails, avoid using images that are used by others already. Use pictures that are yours. There are many common pictures that are available online for several messages. Use modern graphic designing tools to customize your own pictures. These images should match with the ones you use on your social media pages as well. That way, the customer can identify the brand by looking at the image itself. This is important for building the brand image.

Businesses can leverage the benefits offered in unlimited graphic designing packages. These packages help the business in the long run in developing a strong market presence and brand value.

7. A layer of animations:

In emails, one cannot insert heavy graphics. So, over static images, animations can be used to make the mail more appealing and visually attractive to the readers. It is suggested that these animations be mobile-friendly as well since most emails can be read on the phone now. Also, make sure that these animations don’t occupy the entire mail. They should form just a part of it.

These email design trends for the year 2021 are general. Apart from these, there could be several event-specific, business-specific, and situation-specific designs that are trending now. Businesses have to make themselves aware and ensure to conform to these ways at the earliest. 

The most important aspect of changing ways of sending out emails is the design. Companies should hire efficient graphic designers who can make customized email designs that are in coherence with your web and social media designs. 

Mobile marketing and online store concept flat icons. Full circle of online-shopping with mail menu of wide range products, product research, basket, pay per click, call center, delivery.

Top E-commerce Trends for 2021

Something about the E-commerce industry

What actually is meant by the E-commerce industry? So, E-commerce is an abbreviated term for Electronic Commerce and is a business model in which, businesses and companies sell their products using the internet or online. This is done by contacting or attracting customers over the internet and the product is sold online as well. The E-commerce model of business can be operated in all four segments of the market. Namely,

Now, every year each business strives to set its policies in such a way that it rivals with the policies of its competitors. This is because the company of the online retail sector has suffered the most in terms of revenue generation, during the phase of lockdown. Companies already had to change many policies due to the increased competition, disrupted the supply chain, and had to cope with the existing profit margins and whatnot. But as in now in the phase of the global pandemic, each business is looking for the ever-best E-commerce trends that would help them grow all over again. So now without any further ado, let us look on to the emerging E-commerce trends because the people found it difficult to move to physical stores and have switched to the online shopping modes.

Emerging E-commerce trends 2021

Let us now look at how the E-commerce industry had its evolution and helps cope up with the economic recession as well as helping in changing the game of the retail sector. In short, let us look at the emerging E-commerce trends in 2021 and how would they help in determining the future aspects of any company or business:

1. Single Brand Online Stores Would Take up a Hike Instead of a Giant Marketplace:

Now, in an online retail chain, marketing is done on a huge platform, this would again lead to the increased commission from the sellers. And adding on to the fact that this would decrease the sales due to increase commission of marketing expenses. Hence, to avoid this, small and single-brand stores should be encouraged to increase the competition as well as the business.

2. More Cost-Effective Options Might Help:

E-commerce businesses would now become more and more affordable options. This is because of the increased competition as well as dynamic market situations

3. Shipping Options Must be Flexible Enough to Attract More and More Mass:

Shipping options often will involve more cost, which in turn will add up to the price of the product. Thus, more shipping options would decrease the cost and attract loyal customers.

4. Minimalistic Designs Must be Used:

Simple yet convincing designs of the websites are more liked by the consumers as compared to a website that has many bifurcations. Simple, minimalistic, and less occupied designs must be followed as a trend of E-Commerce.

5. Smart Marketing Options:

Smart marketing options might include social media marketing, incorporation of chatbots, email marketing, and re-marketing. These options can help to increase the customer base using E-commerce. This leads to a more personalized experience. AI [Artificial Intelligence] and AR [Augmented Reality] are emerging as a more effective and advanced data analysis that would help in providing a more personalized experience additionally would help in optimizing the cost of ads as well. AI would help in viewing that shoppers’ purchase history and browsing behavior. While AR would help in eliminating the gap between the product and consumer, that is the consumer would see how the product looks like even before buying. It is likely to see that the customers would respond to the videos. Hence, smart marketing techniques would enhance the reality of online shopping.

6. Change in Consumption:

The need for products relating to healthcare, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and everyday products have hiked up instead of travel, luxury goods, restaurants.

7. Increased Reliance on Voice-Based Assistants:

People have highly increased their reliance on voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo with Alexa and Google Home with Google assistant. This has increased the volume of voice searches. Hence, it is expected that the return rates of the voice assistant might increase.

8. Dynamic Pricing Policy:

These days, businesses use dynamic pricing software. This software is used to determine the real-time insights of competitors’ price, market demand, and optimal costs. They also help businesses to provide the best price for the product in the market.

9. Mobile-based Commerce Will Dominate the Market:

Mobile devices are the most preferred ones among the consumer group. Thus, to ensure the convenience of the consumer because the website if mot mobile-friendly will allow the consumer to look on for some other website.

The Final Verdict:

The E-commerce trends, thus mentioned above, focus on real-time issues. The industry faces these issues and can work them out in 2021. Thus, if more and more businesses would start using cryptocurrencies as their payment option, this would ensure attracting more and more customers.  As there has been a drastic change in the economy due to the global pandemic. Hence, the Covid outbreak demanded and lead to massive changes in our lives as well as the whole industry.


Importance of Merchandise Designing for Your Business


As we reside in the ever-changing and highly competitive world. Here, to survive in this type of environment, the entity must possess a smart marketing strategy to survive. Now, what can be done by the marketing professionals to significantly drive the attention of the targeted group of customers. For them, here, merchandise designing for your business is a sure shot hit. How? Let us discover in this article, what is Merchandise designing? And, how is merchandise designing helpful for your business:

What is merchandise designing?

Something with attractive prints on some products attracts customers. Merchandise designing includes the company’s logo design, a brand message, slogans or tagline design, illustration design, and apparel design. Merchandise designing can be defined as the art of promoting the business and selling the goods to the targeted customers. It can be also be said that merchandising is the process that promotes goods for expediting the journey of attracting consumers and hiking up sales. Firstly, the basic layout of the certain products that you place in such a position that it catches the eyes of the customers and you do it to convert those leads into sales. Secondly, the placement of the product helps in attracting consumers. Thirdly, the design of the display plays an efficient role here.

Like, for instance, any product that has a logo of any company, brand, or business printed on it comes under the category of merchandise designing. In this situation marketers, use very high-quality products to promote their business through merchandising. Merchandising helps in the creation of a unique brand identity by incorporating authentic logos, illustrations in a printed form, and visuals that attract the attention of the consumers. Rather, these products might not be the company’s main business but you can use these merchandised products as give-away gifts and discounts. This will add to the positive word of mouth, creating awareness and promotion of the business. Now, arises the question what are the products that can be used by marketers for merchandise design and promotion. You can use products like drinkware, T-shirts, men’s and women’s apparel hoodies, etc for merchandise designing.

How Merchandising is essential for your business?

  1. Helps in introducing the concept of the business in an ever-new way. The use of creative and unique way of showcasing the business and promoting it. The products are designed such a way that it describes the brand and is aesthetically pleasing. This in turn will help in generating the potential volume of sales.
  2. Helps in creating brand recognition in the marketplace. As the attractive designs and illustrations attract the minds of the consumers, which help them in simplifying their buying decision. This in turn would boost the sales leading to an increase in brand recognition.
  3. Helps in establishing an emotional connection with the customers, as the visuals and aesthetic designs attract the minds of the consumers.
  4. Merchandising also helps in providing the business a better exposure.

  5. Merchandising helps in winning the loyalty of the targeted group of customers through appealing visuals and products that you can use for the purpose of retargeting.
  6. The product choice has a wider range. Usage of products like drinkware, T-shirts, men’s and women’s apparel hoodies can be made. Hence, there is a wider scope of products that can be used.
  7. Merchandising helps in making new customers as you can exhibit the designs, illustrations, and logo in numerous ways to fit in probably every customer’s view.
  8. Helps in increasing direct sales of the business.
  9. Advertisement costs reduce. The advertisement costs of placing the ads on televisions and banners in the markets take huge sums of money investments. The cost of bearing these advertisements can turn out to be an expensive way of marketing and making the general public aware. Hence, merchandise designing is a cost-effective marketing strategy as you require some money for printing the logos and illustrations on the desired product.
  10. Scores of the business in terms of tangibility increase. Your brand gets recognized by the advertisement and promotion that is you do by the medium of merchandise designing.


As we have already seen that brand merchandise carries the logo of the company in a printed form. It can be used as the mode of promotion, as being printed on the apparels such as T-shirts and accessories. Thus, what artists do is, sell these merchandised shirts and other accessories from reputed brands by carefully and creatively printing the unique artworks on the products for sale. Also, this practice of marketing can be advantageous for the business as well as artists for regular earnings.


Limitations of DIY Tools for Graphic Designing

It is a well-known fact that the most important organ of a business is marketing and especially digital marketing. We are all aware of conventional advertising means like hoardings, pamphlets, and posters. But, with the advent of technology in almost all walks of life, there are new advertising modes. The most important of these is social media marketing. DIY tools have been highly used by business owners to push their social media marketing growth.

There are different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through which a huge number of people can be reached. Although youngsters or middle-aged folks tend to use social media more, there are some platforms in which many people are active irrespective of their age groups. 

Apart from the wide reach that the ads get, social media allows businesses to tweak and alter the advertisement campaigns. This happens with the help of analytics tools that help one identify how many people saw the ad, how many clicked on it, etc. This is a rather interesting advantage to provide, given that such facilities aren’t available on television or radio ads. 

Social media ad campaigns are also relatively less expensive. Businesses of any size can advertise on social media platforms without any major hassles. Graphic designing and content writing has to be done well for the posts. For these services, there are several Do It Yourself tools available online. Many startup owners find themselves checking these tools out and the simplicity of it all makes it very attractive to try out. But, there are many limitations associated with these tools.

The 20 best graphic design tools recommended by top digital artists - 99designs

Limitations of DIY tools

1. Lack of expertise –

It is a well-known fact that experience plays a major role in the output of any product. If someone who is highly oblivious to graphic designing starts trying it out, it is highly likely that s/he is going to need sufficient time to get to know the nitty-gritty of the job. The resulting designs are bound to be below the mark. 

At the same time, if you decide to sign up for the services of a professional graphic designer, you are going to be getting the best services that would add value to your business. 

2. Lack of resources –

Commoners who are unaware of the way graphic designing is actually done, are surely not going to be in possession of good software for designing. In such a case, the designer is less likely to use relevant tools. They also don’t have the facility of consulting with other professionals or peer-reviewing their designs. Their creativity is confined by the available options in the DIY tools. This would have a direct negative impact on the quality of designs produced. 

3. Limited options –

DIY tools don’t let the designer explore much. They have certain fixed templates and options for adding attributes to them. This would mean that the design that a novice creates would depend on these options only and rarely her/his creativity. Most DIY tools don’t offer you an option to add whatever you want to the design. 

The other problem associated with these options is that the templates could be used over and over again, by many businesses. So, when you are going to use these designs on your social media pages, the brand image is going to be affected because the audience can’t really distinguish your design from another business’. This lack of originality is known to damage the public opinions of businesses. 

4. Ownership issues –

If you use a DIY tool for graphic designing for free, you could have that tool’s watermark in your designs. You will have to pay to remove their logo. If you are using a DIY tool for web designing, the ownership of the website does not lie with you in most cases. So, the data of the visitors to your website could be compromised. Lack of security is the last thing a growing business should be dealing with!  

In order to make your website/design look like yours, you are going to have to pay. Instead, opt for a graphic designing or web designing package that offers multiple benefits. Unlimited graphic designing packages offer you good designs in a time frame, making it easier for you to concentrate on your business. Similarly, unlimited web design packages are also suggested. 

5. Lack of critique –

If you opt for an unlimited graphic designing package, the services provider reviews the designs multiple times before the final delivery. The designer gets credible feedback from his/her peers and improves the designs accordingly. This option is not going to be available to someone who is new to graphic designing. S/he is going to stop at the point of her/his personal satisfaction. This may not yield a design that is good enough for the market. 

6. Slow updating of new technologies –

A designing company has access to all new technologies and software that can be used for different businesses as the need arises. But, DIY tools take a lot of time to introduce these technologies in their platforms. So, if you are using a DIY tool for web designing or graphic designing, it is likely that you are using an outdated method while your competitors could be far ahead of you.


Canva, PicMonkey, and Pablo are common graphic designing DIY tools online. While there are several online tutorials on how to use them, startups should resort to procuring services from experienced and trained graphic designers. For startup growth, marketing is vital. So, taking a chance in this area is not really a good option. Also, several graphic designing and web designing packages offer long-term support apart from other services like logo designing. Therefore, it is important that a new business make an informed decision regarding all its operations.