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Kshitij Anand

Hey I am Kshitij, I am passionate about changing the way people think about education. Making people understand that you learn for your life, not for you exams. Giving them problems that makes them think instead of making them memorise stuff. I am an engineering student and I love learning and teaching! My Hobbies include- Writing: Mostly on Quora now. I used to write Songs, Poems, Articles, Short-stories a while back. Watching TV Series and movies: Probably I spend most of my time doing this. Mostly Hollywood movies followed by Bollywood ones. Listening music: No guesses that I’m an avid music lover. I listen to it at night before going to sleep, and I listen to it on full volume when I’m alone at home YouTube: Watch various stuff on YouTube, from tech to cooking, DIY to History. I have written on different topics like competitive exams , abroad education,reviews of various products , blogs for a travel website, cryptocurrencies , Philosphy and relationship stuff and also some articles on Health.