Promoting Your Business Even During COVID-19

The COVID-19 has been an unfortunate situation globally. Apart from the destruction of human life and resources, this pandemic has also smashed millions of dreams and hopes. The economy has suffered a massive setback and new forms or startup companies have suffered the worst hit! However, the lockdown situation had made use of the digital […]

Why Make Websites on The Famous WordPress?

“Yes! I do have a WordPress blog” “Ohh yes, I created my own website on WordPress” These are some of the most common statements one must have heard around them . WordPress is something we all have access to. Especially for writers and bloggers, it’s a boon. Owing to the flexible nature of WordPress, almost […]

Getting Started With Machine Learning 101

With the development of artificial intelligence or AI, it has given rise to some branches such as General AI and narrow AI. General AI has a relatively holistic approach and does not focus on any particular domain. Narrow AI deals with those tasks that are specified in a particular domain, works such as machine translation […]

A “How To” Guide To Get Infographic Services From Draftss

Introduction¬†   The world is full of rainbow colours. And we all love vibrancy and variations, don’t we? Well, the world of design also operates in the same way. Designing is something in which you can do myriad of things and add your tinge of creativity. That’s the reason, we say that graphic designing is […]