Begin Your Journey With The Top 5 Graphic Designing Software!

Graphic designing allows a platform for artists to showcase their talents while earning at the same time. If you are looking forward to building a career out of graphic designing jobs, then you are off to a great start!
In the 21st century, plenty of designing software is available, including free software. It encourages young and aspiring artists to explore their talents further and master their skills with minimum investment.
Here are the top 5 designing software that is especially good for beginners and amateurs who are trying to improve themselves.

Adobe Photoshop

Developed by Adobe Inc. Adobe Photoshop is extremely compatible with Windows and MacOS. The software became so popular since its creation in 1988, that it became a “generic trademark”, and people use it often to mean graphical editing.
Rise of phrases such as “to Photoshop an image” or “the image is Photoshopped” has grown significantly higher in the present day.
What makes Adobe Photoshop so desirable? The answer lies in the different features and easier user interface. It allows you to work on different layers and supports masking, alpha composition, different color models such as RGB, CIELAB, CMYK, spot color, and even duotone. You can even select your preferred graphic design color format while working with vector and 3D graphics!
Whether it’s editing images or creating digital art, Adobe Photoshop is a first choice if you are going to create professional designs for commercial art!

Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator was primarily designed for MacOS back in 1985. However, it is compatible with Windows as well.
Illustrator has several tools that can be used to draw, paint, type, reshape, cut and slice, graphing, moving and zooming, and some other additional features solely meant to benefit artists.
Moreover, you get different types of brushes that cater to every need. This graphic designing software is a must-have if you are looking forward to graphic designing jobs!

CorelDraw graphics Suite

CorelDraw graphics suite is essential in commercial art especially for graphic designing for logo and designing for websites.
This software is extremely compatible with Microsoft Windows, even though it was designed for MacOS too, it led to poor sale.
CorelDraw is a top-notch preference for poster designing, and other advertisement design purposes. It is a great place to start with your graphic designing career!


This application software allows converting your sketches into vector or videos. It enables you to edit creatively according to your requirements!
It is software compatible with Smartpads and Tabs. It has plenty of features that also allow you to convert your handwriting into DOC format, enabling you to edit and compile your notes. Moreover, this application software can identify up to 15 languages, making it highly popular!

Canva App

Canva app is application software chiefly designed to benefit commercial artists. It is an excellent choice if you want designs for logos, banners, or other marketing tools.
It also provides you with enough design content such that you need not search outside the app for vector images! Of course, if you wish to refer to or edit outside images, you can. However, that won’t be necessary!
Canva is amazing if you want provide unlimited graphic designing services to your clients. It can be installed in your phone, enabling you to edit and create on the go!
As a pro marketing designer tool, it is definitely a first choice for startup companies and amateur artists.

Practice makes perfect. Hence, no matter how many software you download, ultimately you need to sit with them and practice designing until you can master the art!
Therefore, start with your practice today, and do not worry even if you don’t get it perfectly done in the first attempt. It is advisable not to engage with clients until you are confident enough to create digital art for commercial and advertising purposes!


Collaborating With Other Designers

Sometimes, in the designing world, the need can arise when required for a collaborative project. Of course, you may be an individualistic person who works best when left alone. However, with the rise in demand for content designing for companies, you might find yourself unable to pave a successful career in graphic designing jobs if you cannot work with other people!

Working with other people has different pros and cons, just like everything else in this world. However, you need to think of the best ways to transform the cons into something beneficial for you at a certain point. Collaborative projects with other designers can help you to learn more, share perspectives, and gain more knowledge in your work field.

Whether you are designing for promotional content for a client or merely engaging in the joint production of digital illustrations, there are some hacks to help you to maintain professionalism along with a warm sentiment.

It usually helps when you are a communicator or diplomat by nature. However, if you are an introvert or often find it difficult to express yourself adequately, then here are some tips crafted especially for you.

Understanding the aim of the collaboration

Every collaborative project has some specific purpose or goal. It is the very reason you are jointly working. Hence, it is essential to identify them and cultivate interests that suit the aim of the project.

It is essential to maintain transparency regarding the understanding of both. If you already know the people you are working with, then that helps a lot. However, the chances are that you may not know your team members personally. In that case, it is advisable to talk and understand how they have understood the purpose of the project.

Find a standard schedule

Even though it is not mandatory to always work simultaneously, it is still better to find a typical schedule to allocate at least an hour or so to discuss your plans and progress.

It promotes team spirit and professionalism. Holding frequent meetings, keeping tabs on each other’s progress, helping out with the problematic parts can engender trust and understanding among your team. After all, teamwork is not just about working together; it is also about co-operation and mutual help.

It is better to take some time of your busy schedule an make time for the team to discuss issues face to face.

Compromising on ideas

In case you are a freelance artist who works alone, you might find this point a little less comfortable to undertake. However, you might have to give up on some small creative ideas to incorporate others’ wishes for successful project management.

No doubt, you must be great at your job. However, collaboration with other designers entails that you need to respect their ideas too. Of course, you can have everything without compromising either, but sometimes that can lead to a jumbled mess.

That is not to say that your ways are inferior. When incorporating ideas, you need to test and check, which works best for the ultimate aim. Just in case your opinion or method falls slack or seems to be lacking in something, it is recommendable to have the courage to step down.

A group venture often means that your style gets diluted with different other styles, and their ideas can often seep into your mind. While you can consider it as contamination of your originality, it is also viewable in a positive light as expanding your artistic horizon.

You can try and analyze which design structure works best. If an idea simply seems inappropriate or inadequate, it is advisable to dispose of them.

The points mentioned above can help out if you collaborate with another or several artists for the first time. However, with more experience, you will be able to master your communicative skills and work with ease. Even unlimited graphic designing services can be achieved through your team! Accommodation of creative ideas will come spontaneously to you, and you can handle group projects better!

However, as you keep up with collaborative projects, you are likely to meet different types of designers with a different mood and work ethics types. No two people are the same. Hence, you need to deftly give respect to their originality and creativity, while at the same time, have them co-operate with others.

Being a skilled designer doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a natural communicator. It’s okay if you fail in your first attempts. Keep trying and working on your social skills alongside your designing practice. Proper communication is often the key to a blossoming career!


Designing For Video Game Interfaces

Do you ever wonder how video games are made? How you interact with the story-line, the way you progress through the levels, and the way you can interact with other players?
Video games transport you to another world altogether, where you find a different set of rules, and your presence in the virtual world of gaming is dependent on the game developers’ user interface or UI.

Video games are the largest growing market in the motion graphics section! It is one of the most in-demand job sectors ever. The UI sector of a video game that interacts with the players helps them navigate the game, gather information, or complete goals requiring development and upgrading by designers.
The narration and art direction decide the design of a video game; the visual aesthetics is mainly dependent on the illustration style and mood generated by the graphic designers.

Break into the “fourth wall.”

What is the fourth wall? It is the barrier between the actions being conducted and the person in the viewing position. The fourth wall exists for films and theaters mostly, and there are sporadic instances of breaking the barrier.

However, in video games, that barrier gets broken as the gamer themselves become a part of the narrative. Their decisions affect the game’s outcome, and players feel a part of the world created through the illustration for gaming.

Dark user interface: why is it famous for gaming?

Depending on the game content, various types of the user interface are used. Many factors require research before deciding on your perfect interface. The age groups and the players’ tastes are all taken into account while deciding on the interface.

In case you have decided to stick to a dark user UI, let’s first try to understand what is it exactly? Dark UI typically comprise elegant and dramatic settings in the game. However, the game purpose should be kept in mind before deciding on a dark UI. Usually, this type of interface is preserved for war adventures, magic realism, dark-themed games involving violence and actions.
Your visual aesthetics will have an impact on the minds of the gamer that could be long-lasting. Therefore, it is advisable to follow some directions to enhance the game interfaces.

• It is recommendable to have a brightly colored background that facilitates character contrast, text reading, and foreground object viewing. Studies reveal that it is easier to read dark fonts on a bright background than light fonts on dark backgrounds. It is also easier for company logos to stand out. However, in the case that you, as a game designer, want to shift over to a darker theme, whether to build an aroma of suspense and mystery or to reduce the digital eye strain, you could use a dark background.

• In case you have decided to go with a dark background, your number one priority should be to optimize the readability and maintain proper contrast. It is advisable to select your colors wisely and consider the devices on which the game will probably run.

• A dark UI helps in creating focus and maintain the concentration level. Most of the game-play is done in dimly light areas to enjoy the game environment. Therefore, using the dark theme helps in the complete involvement of the player’s mind.

A dark theme often helps in bringing out different colors and textures that fits with the mood.

Even though there are countless horrors of spending too much time playing video games, it has also proven to increase concentration and decision-making capabilities. Working together as a team, the ability to accept failure, starting from scratch once again, are some of the perks that video games provide.

In case you are a video game designer, you might also need to learn advanced graphic design if your game demands heavy use of 3-D graphics or to meet specifications of the company. Sometimes, a lot more pressure can come upon you when the graphics have to be well suited to game optimization.

Either way, to successfully develop a game, you need to master your digital illustrations perfectly. Often, looking for inspiration outside of the game world also brings in fresh ideas and innovative concepts. Draftss is a company that provides unlimited graphic design services to its customers. Perhaps a look around their web pages and blogs could boost up your creativity!


Use Of Graphic Designs In The Comic Industry

Storytelling has been an age-old technique that passed down ideas, knowledge, and ideas from one generation to the next. Stories through sequential art have been a technique since cave paintings and are traceable to Columbian art to modern-day comics!

Comics are one of the most influential media of expression in use for a long time. They have been employed for expressing social, political, cultural, and personal stories and ideas. If we look at the development of comics, you will find that comic artists earlier used the hand-drawing method or the traditional method. That period marked the pop-art era with famous figures such as Superman, Batman, Spider-man, and Garfield.

With the rise in digitization and electronic communication methods, there has been a complete revolution in the comic industry too! Now you have a different dimension altogether where digital illustrations are taking up the place of traditional drawings.

Specific designing tools and gadgets are used to create better and more inclusive comics. The utility for designing has now expanded from mere personal ideas to forward a vast array of agendas. Comics are used nowadays for other purposes such as awareness programs, advertising, increasing brand value, and commercial reason.

In case you are a comic artist in today’s world, there are numerous fields where you may utilize your talents. Different companies and firms are hiring comic artists for graphic design illustrations to promote their sales!

For those of you who are newbies, here are some tips that might come in handy!

Have a complete narrative

One of the most basic requirements of a successful comic would be to have a whole story. It does not matter whether you are creating it for fun reading or product promotion; having an entire story captures the readers’ minds far better than an incomplete one.

In case you want to do a series, make sure you ultimately finish it. It is very disheartening to find that the promised next issue has not been completed or published.

Coloring and texture

Since designing software allows you to pick from a wide variety of paint and texture tools, it might seem overwhelming at first! However, you need to focus and find out the perfect shading for the ideal places.

For example, cross-hatching brushes are best preserved for the dense part of trees or to depict dense areas. It would be unattractive to use it for, say, lit up areas or places not having shadows.

Since most comic publications are online, there won’t be any loss in graphic design colors. It makes the work of the artists easier.

As a beginner artist, it is recommendable to stick to either a black and white or a colorful palette in one particular work. It helps you to stay balanced. You may mix it up once you gain mastery over your tools and create unique combinations!

Please make wise use of colors to depict different moods adequately. In case you are portraying a gothic castle under the moonlight, use darker and colder shades compared to when you are creating a warm summer afternoon scene!

The art of storytelling

A comic is about storytelling through visual aesthetics. Other than your designs, what will captivate the readers is your content delivery. Therefore, it is advisable to create a more engaging and meaningful storylines.

One of the top ways to do it would be to have a proper narrative arc with a crisis that gets resolved in the end. Of course, you may utilize your creative skills to create alternations in timelines or withhold crucial information until the ending. In either case, the readers should be intrigued with your narration.

Designing for promotion

When you plan a comic for promotion or advertising for any firm or group, the storyline and conclusion matter the most. The firm’s services require good highlighting, and your content needs to be revolving around the company’s requirements.

In case you provide unlimited graphic designing services and incorporate promotional comic creation within your services list, it is recommendable to let your clients know all the terms and conditions before sealing the deal.

Since comics have the power to engage audiences and are devoured by people of all age groups, you have much freedom in selecting your purpose of comic creation. Is it just a story? Are you creating it for promotion? Is the content for adults? It helps you in categorizing your work into various genres.

Moreover, different techniques of drawing can also help you with the sense of belonging to any group. In case you haven’t noticed already, there are different styles, such as Kirbyan comics, including DC and Marvel. You also have Japanese manga styles prevalent throughout the world.

It is advisable to consult more than one drawing style to establish your own. It might be a little daunting at first, but with a bit of practice and perseverance, you can master it like a pro!


How Is AI Changing Graphic Design?

There’s probably no field that hasn’t been touched and disrupted by artificial intelligence and its adjacent technologies.

According to Gartner, by 2021, 80% of emerging technologies will be based on AI.

Together with machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and neural networks, AI has the potential to transform and tremendously alter any industry, including graphic design.

Much like with other creative jobs such as writing, artificial intelligence will not replace human graphic designers, but serve them to enhance the quality of their work, speed up processes, and boost their productivity.

Let’s discuss the ways in which AI is changing graphic design and the impacts of this shift.

It Helps Designers Create Better Designs Faster

At the moment, we’re still a long way from so-called artificial general intelligence (AGI), a concept based on the idea that a machine can develop the capacity to understand and perform intellectual tasks, and use critical thinking – just like humans do.

One of the most powerful abilities of artificial intelligence is the speed with which it processes, analyzes, and interprets massive data sets, which in this case means producing alternative designs and suggesting design adjustments and improvements.

This makes a designer’s job much easier because they can create the most effective designs quickly and A/B test different versions.

For example, rapid prototyping tools save designers a lot of time by being able to move design ideas from the whiteboard to reality in no time. Airbnb, the US hospitality giant, not only uses AI to evaluate how trustworthy their guests are but also to test design concepts. The company’s AI-assisted design and development tool transforms hand-drawn design and elements into the working code.

Similarly, Uizard is an AI-powered platform that teaches machines to understand graphical user interface and renders mobile app sketches into clickable prototypes, while also automatically generating code. It reduces costs and time to market.

It Automates Repetitive and Low-Value Tasks

Although graphic designers get paid for being creative, a great portion of their workload consists of tedious, repetitive tasks, and legwork.

Sometimes designers have to create a number of different versions of the same design without repeating themselves. And that’s almost impossible to do manually. This is where AI comes in. Nutella, the famous hazelnut spread, leveraged an AI algorithm to generate 7 million unique jar designs. They were aligned with its brand identity for the Italian market. It would take a lot of time and resources to pull off such a huge effort manually.

Similarly, companies use AI to localize their content and create the same designs in different languages, so augmented intelligence systems help Netflix localize and personalize show banners. In other words, this powerful system decodes the original version and produces personalized and localized graphics in no time.

Not only can designers benefit from AI – people who want to build a fully functional website without knowing the first thing about web development and graphic design can now do it on their own.

Wix, a DIY website-building service powered by AI, allows anyone to create a website from scratch using a simple drag-and-drop functionality as well as a number of personalization features.

What’s particularly great about this platform is its ability to adapt the final result based on a number of parameters, that is, to customize a website taking into consideration its purpose. In other words, it’s possible to pick among different types of websites such as e-commerce, portfolio, blog, etc., and the platform will adjust different elements and customize the new website accordingly.

Companies frequently use images of people in their marketing visuals, and instead of using stock photos, they can simply generate realistic-looking faces of people who don’t exist in reality. A website called thispersondoesntexist uses AI’s capacity to analyze massive amounts of data and combines it with a new generative adversarial network (GAN), a neural network consisting of two sub-models – the generator model whose task is to generate new images and the discriminator model trained to distinguish whether the examples look fake or real.

That’s how the average viewer can’t tell the difference between a real or AI-generated face. There are similar tools for creating, for example, images of vacation homes that look plausible and close to reality.

It Improves User Experience

88% of people are less likely to visit a website again after bad user experience.

That’s why developers and designers try their best to make sure that a website they build is intuitive and user friendly. And since they need a lot of information from users themselves, AI can come in handy to analyze all the collected insights and feedback and suggest the ways to make particular website elements fit user requirements.

For example, eye-tracking technology paired with AI helps designers fix usability issues by collecting information on how website users navigate the website and which areas of a web page they’re focusing on and which ones they ignore.

Similarly, user experience can be tremendously improved if a website features an AI-powered chatbot. Not only can they help website visitors navigate a website and find answers to their product-related questions, but these AI assistants are now helping with a number of other tasks such as complaint handling, payments, onboarding, as well as collecting customer feedback.

As personalization is another important factor when it comes to user experience, AI and its analytics capabilities allow for tapping into a huge pool of user information and understanding the preferences of every individual user.

For example, from which device a particular user accesses the website, at what time of day or week they’re most likely to visit, or whether they will find a particular image or ad appealing and attractive.

All this can enhance and personalize user experience, thus making sure that a website meets visitors’ needs.

Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, but it has already managed to revolutionize graphic design. However, it’s very unlikely that it will steal designers’ jobs. Instead of that, it will automate monotonous and repetitive tasks so that designers can focus on creative work.



Creating A Corporate Identity With Graphic Designs

If you are a new entrepreneur in any industry, you must be aware of branding’s growing need. Customers are drawn more to any manufacturer or service provider’s corporate identity before purchasing or signing any contract.

Being an entrepreneur, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that your target consumers receive the image you want them to. It forms an essential basis for the branding of your company. Taking it one notch further would be to create a complete corporate identity with graphic design!

Displaying yourself to the targeted set of audience through a visual identity comprises a successful corporate identity creation! In this case, it is advisable to bear in mind that your firm should have a separate identity, different from its owner(s).

The presentation of the firm depends on the graphic solution you can provide. It is recommendable to have it recognizable and could be told apart from your competitors. It is wise to avail of graphic design as a service for this purpose.

There are notably three main components in creating a corporate identity for your company! They are the logo design, business cards, and memorandum. However, certain secondary elements also include designs in notebooks, pens, T-shirts, envelops, and other merchandise.

However, the critical feature lies in establishing a particular style and connecting all your graphic designs according to it. Under this light, it is better to hire a permanent designer or unlimited graphic design packages from designing companies!

Designing the logo

Your logo is the symbol with which the potential clients will associate your company. There are specific features a logo should endorse.

The first thing that is advisable regarding logo design is that it should be simple yet engaging. An average person should be able to comprehend most of it in one look. If your logo becomes too intricate and difficult to remember, the chances are that your potential clients may forget about it.

On the other hand, creating a simple design does not mean it has to be bland. The design should be engaging or have an elegance about it that would draw the layman’s eyes.

It is advisable not to leave the logo to any amateur. Since it is a symbol for your company name and the way you wish to be viewed, it is recommendable to handle it with utmost care. Please hire professional designers who provide custom logo design services to ensure the graphical representation’s rich quality!

Moreover, it is recommendable to make changes to your logo with time. You cannot stick to the same design forever. Making subtle changes to your logo to show a sense of upgrade helps in acquiring several potential customers! It promotes a sense of progress and keeping up with the times.

The key to a good logo is that it should be remembered

Landing pages are not to be missed!

Okay, so once your potential client remembers your logo, sees your advertisement, what do they do? They probably lookup for your company name in a search engine or social media accounts!
The second most essential feature of a corporate identity is having a remarkable landing page, whether for your websites and blogs or your promotional social media pages. It is because the first impression you are going to create is through the landing page.

It is advisable to keep the outlook suitable for the kind of services you provide. In case you are giving home décor products or furniture, make your page aesthetically heightened. It is wise to incorporate the same colors as your logo into the landing page!

On the other hand, if you provide teaching or medical services, it is advisable to keep a minimalistic yet informative landing page.

In other words, let the design and outlook of the page describe your company—your services or products!
However, it is mandatory to maintain a similar style for all your pages. It helps in establishing a corporate identity that is unique to your company!

Your landing page is the first ground to attract potential clients.

Perfect growth hack for startups!

A corporate identity is an ideal growth hack when your firm is taking baby steps towards your goal. Including graphic designs as a form of marketing and advertisement enables you to gain much exposure.

While engaging in business cards or brochures, it is recommendable to use a similar mood and texture as you used on your landing page, albeit with some layout variation. However, a look at your business card should be sufficient to place you with your logo and landing page.

Secondary elements of corporate identity also act as an immense boost for your business growth! Designing of notebooks, pens, or T-shirts can help you expand your business, while at the same time and advertise your company name in other sectors as well.

It is recommendable to get hold of graphic designing firms that provide unlimited digital services to ensure an economically suitable growth investment.

For creating a successful corporate identity, it is essential to contact those service providers who would provide you packages for small businesses. It helps you grow more like a startup as you can avail of services at very reasonable prices.

For graphic designing services, you can always contact Draftss – a team of hard-working professionals who want their clients to climb the ladder to success! Make a visit at for some of the quality designing services.


How To Manage Clients In The Designing Industry?

The designing industry lets you explore your creative talents and bring out the best in you through proficiency and skills! In case you have picked up graphic designing jobs to create a career out of it, you are at the right place!
Like any other freelancing job, if you are a freelancing designer, you will get to meet new people, work on several projects, learn new things, and explore your creative skills to the fullest! What’s more? It would be your own business, and your clients would be collaborating with you for mutual benefits!
In case you are new in the graphic designing industry, one of the first things you might need to learn is the different ways to manage your clients. It is advisable to maintain a healthy balance between professionalism and friendliness towards the people or companies you will be working with. It promotes a transparent and healthy work environment.

By now, you might have gotten the drift that some clients are angels, and working with them will be filled with learning opportunities and immense job satisfaction. However, the chances are that you might run into some demanding clients, too, in your designing career. Working with them can prove to be challenging at times. However, it is recommendable to bear in mind that difficult experiences greatly engender our learning process!

Let’s take a look at how your clients can be handled deftly and suitably. However, it is advisable to use your understanding and perception of the clients along with these guidelines. So let’s get started!

Provide a brief outline of the services

When talking to your client for the first time, it is recommendable to provide them with your graphic design services list. It will enable both parties to have a concrete idea about the exact nature of collaboration involved in the project.
As a freelancer, it is also advisable to have your graphic design price packaging by including several services into one price package.
Often, your clients might ask for added services, other than what your package covers. It is advisable to agree for an additional yet reasonable amount.

Don’t lose your cool if you are asked for a redo

Sometimes it can happen that the PR department may have liked your design, yet it gets rejected by some higher authority figure. It is recommendable not to lose your temper in these situations. Please confirm at first that whether that person gets to have the final say, and even if they do, sometimes you have been flexible enough to fix the places they want you to. When you have just started with your designing career, you might have to accommodate some of the client’s whims.
However, if your clients keep on finding faults or refuse to give your remuneration for all your hard work, you are allowed to stop working with them and take the necessary steps. It is a perk of being a freelancer; you don’t work under anybody to fire you. You are merely collaborating with your clients!

Maintain a record for all the agreements

It is recommendable that you keep a signed document for every deal you and your client make. It is to ensure that you both agreed to the particular design created by you. If further changes are to be made, they need to specify that their requirements changed after initial acceptance.
It helps in making a formal yet authentic outlook in your design services. Moreover, having a record can also help you understand the type of design preferred for various businesses.

Having a record helps in maintaining agreements

Communicating with your client

Often your way of conversing or communication impacts the way your clients view you. It is recommendable to understand your client’s preferences or way of engagement before you talk about the project.
In case your client is a very enthusiastic person, you might have to match their cheerfulness, or they perceive you as disinterested. In another case, if your client maintains a somber mood throughout the meeting, it is recommendable to maintain a similar stance.
Mimicking your client’s approach or matching it will help the customers think that you are on the same page and will be able to communicate their needs better!

adequate communication is important with your clients.

Although a lot can be theorized about the best ways to manage clients, the best teacher is ultimately an experience! You have to get down to your business, talk, and collaborate with your clients to find the most suitable ways of working with them.
Not every human is the same; therefore, you need to understand their state of mind, likes and dislikes, and other things through your meetings or conversations. Moreover, you need to make yourself understood to them!
In case you wish to provide unlimited graphic services, it is advisable to let your clients know every term and condition beforehand. In fact, please make sure your clients have an exact idea about the services they will be receiving against the remuneration they are paying!
If you wish to look up some of the successful graphic designing firms for inspiration, you can always look up Draftss. They are a team of excellent designers and illustrators and provide design packages to small businesses. They do not compromise on design quality and manage to grow exponentially every year as a company.
It is advisable to look up other designing companies and freelancers and visit their blogs once in a while for tips and hacks to grow your career!

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Why Are Your Favorite GIFs And Web Animation Important?

Watching the trajectory of Web Animation 

Don’t you get attracted to the lovely GIFs( Graphics Interchange Format )you see on any website? Well, they have a beauty of their own. All that moves or twinkles or appears as animated in pictures comes under the head of the web animation. In old times, only the one-dimensional pictures were used. Yet times are changing and web designers are experimenting with designs today. That’s how web animation came into being. 


Technology has nurtured to a point where a designer can create multiple animated pictures out of his/her imagination and creativity. These animations are not just limited to the cute little pictures but can be any animated illustration too.  However, the fact that one can make a lot of fancy web animation today, doesn’t mean that one should go ahead without thinking. Because while creating good animations, one should also take into account the bandwidth, compatibility with other devices etc. 

During the initial days of the World Wide Web, webpages were based on graphic design that was printed. However, some designers made an effort to include web animation to make them more attractive. One of the first additions of a GIF animation to a website was on Jeffrey Zeldman’s Batman Forever in 1995. 

The Batman Forever promo site was one of the most popular sites at the time. It inspired other web designers and developers to incorporate GIF web animation.

But now GIFs are everywhere.

Yet amidst all this, one needs to look at the benefits and advantages of using web animation in designing: 


Why is web animation crucial? 

  • Web animation on the face of it looks very moving and interesting. It holds the potential of capturing people’s attention longer than a static graphic. Web animations are also good at conveying an idea or concept more clearly and effectively. For say if a graph’s arrow moves from high to low, you will easily come to know that it’s decreasing. Excellent web animation also conveys a background story. This animation truly brings a lifeless thing to life. 


  • Web Animations are also proven to increase conversion rates. This happens owing to the 3-D nature of the designs. For example, the famous Web animation of Google is its mainstay. It was because of it that Google’s rates expanded. For this, you need to hire a good web designer who provides unlimited and best graphic designing services. Web animation should be smooth and meaningful. The web designer also needs to be aware of how the animation fits into the user experience and try to predict the conversion rates via it.

  • Animations are an interaction between the animated graphics and the customer/user. The animation also helps to explain simple processes since users can easily understand what to do via an animation. Animations also serve as navigation and provide useful information. While designing the animations, the web designers shouldn’t look at web animation from just a technical outlook. Rather, they need to look at it from the customer’s eyes. That’s how a true animation will be successful. 

  • There are basically 2 types of web animations. These are as follows:
  1. A static web animation, for example, a GIF animation.
  2. A dynamic web animation with user involvement.

Dynamic web animation is often used to present animated infographics on a website. This makes things easy for people to pay more attention to specific areas while scrolling the page. Besides that, it’s a very exotic medium to highlight the information. The best example of dynamic animation is a game that one plays. Or the cartoon that one watches. The usage of web animations can be not just in advertising but in animated movies too. This only means that the market for web animation is expanding. 

  • Today are the times, where everyone wants to do something exceptional to expand their business. Nowadays, we are trying to create eye-catching websites to create better conversions and click rates through users. This has created a competition in the graphic designing world. Animations play a fundamental role in these conversions. Animations are very useful in improving the UX/UI of a website or web app. Besides that, users not only feel attracted to these animated designs, but they appreciate the efforts that have been put in by the company in it. 


Altogether, animations are the most underrated type of graphic design. It’s usually thought that animation brings with itself a lot of hassle. Yet if you choose the right designing service, your animation can do wonders. 


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Catching Up With Design and Gaming Trends

Someone who is a professional gamer would surely love to know more about games. Online Gaming is an industry that is a billion dollars one. Online games have covered a huge time span. And over this time period, they have encompassed revolutionary changes. From the online Mario game, we all played as kids; to the modern Pokemon Go, we have played. And then Pubg of course. Gaming has used graphics in different ways. The audience keeps demanding more and more unique content, owing to which gaming and designing are both quite dynamic. Let’s look at these amazing gaming trends that the industry has gone through or is going in terms of graphic: 

  • Realistic Backgrounds

Graphic design is a key component in gaming. The technology used in the graphic design of games is undergoing drastic changes. 

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard explains how gaming benefitted his franchise. He has rolled out games franchises like Call of Duty, Candy Crush etc. Without developments in graphic design for games, it would have been impossible for them to create the game’s environment that tapped the attention of the gamers. The excellent background of games is quite sensational. They used a realistic background to evoke realistic sentiments in gamers too. For example, a setting like a jungle or a sea looks adventurous. 

  • Virtual Reality

Now, this is the most important trend that is visible in games today. Today, everyone wants a tinge of realism in whatever they see. This has induced graphic designers to resort to virtual reality designing. A good example of virtual reality games is Minecraft that can be played via a medium like Gear. 

Besides that, you have Cards of Humanity that can be played on Zoom. All these games have been carefully designed keeping in mind that users have wholesome experience. For this, graphic designers are now working on honing their art in the field. A lot of designers can be hired for this purpose who provide unlimited graphic designing services. 


  • Animation 

Besides that, the animation as a genre in gaming has become quite important today. Those days are no more when characters in games would be still and dull. Animation has brought life in games today. In modern games, the graphics make characters feel more like real, living people. For instance, in Mario, the character only used to move and run. But today they can speak as well. For example in the game GT San Andreas, the chief protagonist can do business and then talk like any normal person. The graphics have assumed a sophisticated character today.

  • Diversification of Games 

If you ask yourself a question that were game graphics homogenous around 5 decades back? The answer would be yes. Earlier the games were largely containing one kind of graphic and didn’t offer anything unique on the platter. Also, games back then were more children-oriented. Yet today we have graphics catering to all age groups and backgrounds.

 Video games are a great way to reach audiences of all kinds, especially young people.

Thus games like Pubg are today catering to the Generation Z and older population both. Besides that, cute games with beautiful graphic designs like Angry birds are catering to children. 

  • Complex Art in Games 

What are the games? They are obviously a good source of entertainment and relaxation. However, if looked at closely, games can be a powerful source of knowledge and a medium to convey certain things too. One can be glad and equally surprised at the same time to know about this trend in the gaming industry. 

There are many games that have been solely designed to spread awareness regarding social issues. One such game is Darfur is Dying. This game is available on PC and here the participants have to find water while escaping military. Thus, the game throws light on water scarcity. Another game Nightmare: Malaria spreads awareness about Malaria disease. 

Thus, graphics in games have evolved. They now are designed to create awareness too. 


  • Emotional Graphics Era

Who doesn’t want to play a game in which there are sweet couples making love? Or a game that’s emotional conveying love, hatred, anger etc in all intensities. Today the work of a graphic designer has evolved into the role of incorporating ever minute detail in gaming graphics. 

Sony first introduced its PlayStation console platform in the late 1990s. Sony experienced a hugely successful launch after giving priority to feelings in the games. 

Besides that, you have love games for teenagers today which contain beautiful graphics. The mechanised part of games has now become more human-like so that audiences can connect with it. Thanks to the amazing graphics! 


All in all, something “simple looking” like games have been going through a lot of changes lately. As we all know, graphics can make a huge difference in the way something is depicted! 




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Best Elements for Your Logo Design

Do you want to create a logo that surpasses fame like Apple? Or say LinkedIn or Nike? Logos are truly the hallmark of any website or company. If you create a logo that contains everything that is required, you automatically create brand loyalty too. However, if looked at closely, logos can be quite complex too. They may look simple on the face of it. Yet in designing them, there are required a lot of hard work and brainstorming. 


Just think as a consumer yourself. What do you want to see in a logo? You obviously want it to look relatable. Besides that, you want the logo to capture your attention. 

Look at these crucial logo elements that you can focus on as a graphic designer while designing them. 

Best elements in Logos


  • Good Branding of Logo 

Good branding is nonetheless very important for literally every corporate product. Branding gives an opportunity to showcase your logo to the masses. Thus, whenever designing a logo make sure you add a unique brand value to it. This can be done through the general design in a logo. Logos provide more opportunity to tell a story. 

 Try advertising your designed end product as much as possible. No matter what the design is, branding can do miracles. With the right logo, you are communicating your brand’s values from the first moment a customer sees it. 

  • Choosing a good Logomark style

All logos consist of one or two main components: 

The logotype is the design of the text or letters. On the other hand, logomark is the icon used to represent the business. Now if you wish to create one of the best logos as a designer, try incorporating the best elements. A good logo can have both these elements.  For example, the logomark of Apple is quite famous: “That one half-eaten apple”.

As a designer, you should also experiment while creating a logotype. Try creating a logo that contains lettering that captures attention. For say the yellow “M” of McDonald’s is a good example. 


  • Employ good Logomarks

As discussed previously, logomarks should be the principal attraction of your logo. These can include anything from the range of a mascot like any turtle or animal to abstract marks. Abstract logomarks use geometric shapes. But as the name suggests, they don’t have definite form as such. This includes brands like Adidas who only have abstract logos. But are still doing brilliantly. 

There are other marks called Pictorial marks. They are basically concrete images. Examples include logos like Instagram or Facebook etc.  So a logo need not be following any previous archetype or standard set of rules. Rather it should be created in a novel form every new time. By experimenting too, you can create the best logo for yourself. 

  • Simplicity and Subtlety

When we say “simple and Subtle”, we mean that the logo should not be very much over-the-top. When designing one, make sure you keep the target audience in mind. Logos need to serve its purpose. That is: they should make your product famous and reachable to audiences, besides promoting the brand value. 


“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand


Besides that, the logo needs to be subtle in a way that it doesn’t create any ambiguity. If your product is a pen, you should design a logo related to it. By making a completely divergent logo, you tend to confuse the public a lot. Besides that, make a logo that has elements of adaptability in it. It should be having elements like the versatility that may change when other trends change. 

  • Add creative tinges

After choosing a good designer for your logo, the next thing should be asking him)/her to make it look exotic. Best logos aren’t mundane. Rather they have a royalty around them. While your designer does provide unlimited graphic designing services, you can ask for some additional facilities or services too. This may include things like colour contrast, colour choice etc. A logo is obviously just not about marks but about presentation and colours too. That’s when you need a designer. If your brand is all about fun and creativity, you can say that it’s a good design. Make lovely colour combinations and see the magic happening! 


So these are some of the principal elements that you should include in designing your logo. You can include other elements too as snd when you need them! 



Incorporating Letters Into Graphic Designing

Letters or alphabets are simple morphological tools that can help us build meaningful words and sentences. However, with recent trends and the demand in new ways to make creative illustrations, letter designs create a sensation throughout the world of Graphic Designing.

Having letters as designs is not something entirely new. The letters’ structure has been morphed and manipulated to form various design structures way before graphic designs were invented. However, it has remained valuable technique artists have since used.

In this world of digitization, handmade designs are becoming more and more expensive. It is because the paints and papers of various textures do cost more every time the artist has to create new products. On the other hand, digital art is a one-time investment.

Of course, buying a laptop or tablet and the required software for Graphic Designing sounds expensive, but once you purchase it, you can create unique designs using different brushes and textures digitally. Let us find out how to incorporate letters into your designs to make it more appealing!

Shared longitudinal stroke

It is recommendable to have a single vertical line or stroke to have two different letters side-by-side as the most effortless 2D letter designs. You also have the option of using two colors or one single color to make it more concrete. This type of illustration is mostly found in logos.
In some cases, you can mix and match uppercase and lowercase or use a single form throughout. Here is how you can do it in different ways:

• Uppercase only:

Most of the uppercase letters in English have vertical strokes, making it easier to have a shared line or stroke. Moreover, English’s grammatical rules state that the first letter of any word at the beginning of a sentence has to be uppercase. Therefore, using two uppercase letters is quite a realistic Graphic Designing experience.

• Lowercases only:

Sometimes, the uppercase letters may seem bland or too formal to suit your design or logo’s mood or taste. It becomes easier to find standard vertical strokes in lowercase letters in this case. You can incorporate this design to make your design for an informal and jovial look.

Best of both worlds:

Often, designers create innovative designs by bending grammatical rules. Typically, we have a capital letter followed by a lowercase. However, some designs are known to manipulate the rules for an engaging illustration.

Usage of negative space

Another creative way to create a 2D letter design in your process of Graphic Designing is to use negative spaces. This design type can be used in logos, banners, website designs, and even in creative illustrations.
The technique of using negative spaces can make your design stand out among the rest, and it will grab the viewer’s attention for a relatively long period.
You can incorporate a design within another design by using two completely contrasting colors. The best way to go about this is to use black and white. You may have a black design that is not drawn but is created through an outline of white design outside it. It can also be vice versa.

3D letter designs in graphic illustrations

Another way to excite and manipulate your viewers’ visual perception would be to introduce 3D letter or alphabet designs in your image. 3D letter designs are typically found in banners, animated graphics, video games, and even vector art.
3D typography helps in providing a dash of realism into your illustration aesthetics. It pays less attention to the readability and prioritizes trendiness and visual appeal. It can create an illusion where the letters seem to be lifting from the screen.

The fundamental differences between a 3D letter design and a 2D letter design lie in the very concepts of perception and structures.

The things that make a 3D design unique and more eye-catching are:

3D typography utilizes shadows. Each letter casts a shadow effect. In other words, designers create a visible “shadow” underneath the designed topography. The shadow is typically in shades of grey or black, making the illusion of “coming out of screen.”
• The perspective plays a huge role. While 2D typography has a uniform layout, 3D typography uses a combination of straight, angular, and laid down structures to make the design realistic, as if it were objects.
• There appears to be some distinct difference in the layers of text and background. Using different colors, creating “solid long shadows” helps the design to become more visually appealing.

Incorporation of letters to your design can bring out a creative boost in your graphical illustrations. Various typography styles will help you create a different mood and aesthetic to go with your design or website.
If you require an expert opinion on incorporating typography the right way into your designs, you can always contact graphic services teams who offer consultancy and advice regarding graphic illustrations. Draftss is a company that provides consultancy as well as unlimited graphic design services to its clients. You might want to check out their web page as well!


Wondering What All Should Your Blog Have? Take A Look!


Creating a blog has now become the easiest and most convenient activity. All you have to do is use WordPress and then start writing. Creation of blogs is an important activity in terms of the exposure and publicity it provides to your brand. It’s usually seen that while selling the products the company complements it with beautifully written blogs. What function do they play? Blogs are a good way to put in words, the various experiences of the company. Besides that, blogs are a good excursion. Most of the times, you as a customer will be willing to read something informative or entertaining apart from the usual stuff about products. That’s where you need blogs. Yet the bigger question is as to what all makes a blog worth reading and good? 

Read the below points to know more about it! 

What all to include in a blog? 


  • Interesting Topics 

This should be anyways the first priority of any blog. Don’t ever try to incorporate difficult topics that make it almost negligible for readers to comprehend. Include simple topics related to your brand. For example, if you are a designing company, include topics like the importance of graphics, how to create good graphics etc. Try creating blogs that engage readers. Only then will they actually read your pieces. 

  • Keep Comments open

How will you know that your blogs are being liked or loved? One way is to look at the likes it is receiving. The other way is to look at comments. People will surely comment on your blog if they like it. Though there are built-in comments system too, yet you can add your own commenting system as well. That way you will be able to engage with readers. Besides, you can like their comments and reply to their queries too. 


  • Adding Categories

Why is this crucial? Well,s for a simple reason that clarity and demarcation is important in a blog. Otherwise the rea,ders may have to struggle to find the proper headings and sub-headings. This is also crucial to keep your blog organized. But just make sure that the categories are completely lucid. They need not be too voluminous and bulky. By adding around 4-5 categories, your blog is sorted out! 

  • A lot of visuals and pictures

From designing your blog to actually adding feature images and others in it, it’s the whole play of visual. Even if you compromise a little bit on content, you can’t afford to lose the value of the graphics. Graphics designing is the most essential feature central to any blog. Once you watch a beautiful blog, you get enamoured by the design alone. That’s how crucial visuals are! Try incorporating minute details like animation, HD images etc. in a blog. When posting a written piece, add a big image. Besides that, add a lot of graphics because that’s the mantra behind a successful blog. A professional designer will do that! 

  • Engrave/ embed links and Content

What does embedded content mean? , it includes things like important files, links, videos etc. that can complement your written word. In order to make the best blog, you need to carefully balance both written as well as other content. You can include content such as YouTube videos. Thus, if you are writing on graphics designing strategies by Neil Patel. Then through that link, the reader can directly go to the YouTube video. It will allow visitors to watch the video right on your website than having to leave it and watch it on YouTube’s website. 

  • Add Excerpts

There is mostly a brief introduction that is included in the beginning of the post. This is an excerpt. Excerpts are good at creating curiosity among readers regarding the full full-fledged posts. Without excerpts, your blog’s landing page is going to go terrible. 

Try including the most influential and best lines from the post in excerpts. 

  • Author’s name and identity

Most of the times, the viewers are so impressed with the blog that they wish to know more about the writer behind it. 

You can thus include authorship within your system. In most of the blogs, the number of articles written by the author is mentioned. Apart from that the name, date of joining and social media profile link of theirs is also shared on the blog . This only makes the whole blog more interactive . 

A blog is truly an embellishment. And only by following a certain set of procedures you, will be able to adorn your blog properly.