Designing With Environmental Sustainability

One thing the current global pandemic has proven to the world is that we need to take better care of our environment to ensure lasting benefits.

While it becomes essential to use different machines, it is recommendable to consider new and improved methods that do not compromise the quality of the environment around you. We should all contribute whatever we can, even if it something trivial. Do you know how many trees are cut down for paper creation? Yet the paper is used for a variety of purposes. Although some of the uses are unavoidable, we should try to limit our applications as much as possible.

Books already have a famous digital counterpart known as the e-book! It is freely downloadable in some cases and has proven its benefits in terms of movability and transferability. However, what about art and design? What about the thousands of advertisements that takes up newspapers and posters? Minimization of paper use is required.

So what is the next best alternative? How to go digital or go green in the designing sector? The answer lies in Graphic design!

Graphical designs are not a compromise on art

No doubt, artists need a lot of practice and patience to reach their mastery. However, it is not a reason to think that digital artists do not require any effort!

Digital illustrations need learning and understanding of different artistic concepts and techniques. While it is true that AI has benefited a lot of new artists to learn and get ideas, but even then, incorporating new insights and understanding of what works best has to come from the artists themselves!

It requires time and effort for both, paper designs and graphical designs.

Changes in the advertising firms

Most of the companies are opting for digital advertisement nowadays. This shift in preference has many reasons. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

• Social media has become something prevalent and accessible. Even high school students can see digital advertisements more than they would see in a newspaper. Going for digital ad campaigns would maximize your outreach!
• Since the

global pandemic COVID-19 has endangered human physical contact in any form, it is advisable to use digital illustration instead of actors playing out in advertisements.

• Marketing through emails is also trending nowadays. Willing subscribers often receive newsletters and other promotional content in their emails, which helps them stay connected with particular companies. This technique has proven to be more effective than placards!

• Startups in home decor or similar businesses find it easier to advertise through digital content. It allows them to use different photos and videos of their products to appeal to their target audience.

Digital marketing is what most of the companies are opting for.

Commercial art

Digital paintings have become an excellent medium for creative artists and comic writers worldwide. Different art software allows various shades and textures that are quite difficult to afford for struggling artists.
Digital art and illustration have become an excellent way of exploring talents and creating different works involving art. Artists are getting jobs, and collaborative project offers like never before!

Comic artists and commercial artists make use of graphical design software.

Conservation of natural resources should be a priority for most people, yet this is where we lack at the moment. Using digital medium as a substitute for paper canvases may not bring about much change in the damage already made, but it is bound to cause some changes and create awareness.

In case you require unlimited graphical designing services at reasonable prices, or for design consultancy, feel free to contact Draftss for some fantastic graphic design packages that you will definitely want to check out!


Your Guide to Managing Paid Membership on Slack


What application is best adapted to chat for business-related purposes? Well, it’s undoubtedly Slack. The Slack community is the best possible way to talk sense. What this means is that for professional purposes, the companies are most likely to choose the Slack community only. It’s because of the advantages it offers.The very obvious reason is because of its ease in usage and accessibility. All you have to do is download the app from play store and join your organisation’s channel via the link that will be sent. After that, you will be put into your respective communities. For say if you are a writer, you will be accommodated in that. You can then share files and send messages. 


What subscriptions Slack gives? 

Now coming to what we are going to read about today! Basically, you can avail the Slack services under a number of heads. This means as per your convenience you can either pay for it to get more premium services. Or you can only settle down with basic services for free. This primarily includes :

  • Free plan 
  • Standard plan
  • Plus plan

Now under these plans only you will be getting varied services. For say the free plan gives only 5 GB space per workspace. But in the Standard Plan, you get 10 GB per person. This increases with the plus plan wherein you get 20 GB space per person. 

Besides that, in the paid subscription you will have the option of infinite messages to be saved. But in the simple plan, you will have the limit of only 10 K recent messages to be visible. 

Accordingly, the benefits are scattered. But today we are going to look at how we can manage the paid slack community. This will include things like how to change the members, guests etc. So take a closer look! 


How to manage paid memberships? 

The pricing of the various paid plans is as follows: 

  • Standard Plan: $2.67
  • Plus Plan: $5

You can manage the paid memberships in the following ways: 

  1. Change member’s role 

Under this option, you can actually change a person’s role. This means you can assign them a different role. As the owner or admin of the workspace, you hold the power to do that. All you have to do is, go to settings. Click on the option of Manage Members and then three dots. Out of that choose whose role do you want to change.

2. Manage roles of the members

Through this function, you can promote any member of your workspace and can also demote them. This means if they are just a member you can make them the owner or admin also. Just go to those three dots option and select Change account.

  •  To promote someone select Workspace owner/admin. 
  • And to demote someone clicks on workspace admin/Full member. 
  • After that, to save the changes, click on Save. With fairly few steps you can manage the paid membership of your workspace.

3.    Invite others

Under this, you can send an invite link to all those people who aren’t a part of the slack community. And whom you want to include in your workspace. Note that only workspace owners or admins can invite guests. Members of a workspace can definitely invite other members. But if the admin has restricted you to not send invites, you can only send a request for approval. 

After that, you can directly go to the home tab. Click on invite people and then fill email addresses of the people you want to invite. This way you can directly call guests to join your slack community. 

4. Change full member into the guest

And the last among all the ways to manage membership is to change a member into the guest. You can do it for a couple of reasons. But irrespective of that, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. Firstly, you have to choose the three dots option. After that, click on change account type. Then you have to choose a single or multi-channel guest. If you have selected any of these two options, enter the channel you want the guest to be in. You can also set a time limit. 


That’s how you can manage the paid membership of your community at slack. Slack helps you a lot to build connections and spread networking base. It can offer instant growth and success. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead! 


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Tracing the Evolution of Digital Art Through a Bird’s Eye View

A beginner’s guide to digital art 

Decades ago, people used print media to convey information, ideas, speech etc. Be it the graffiti that was put on walls. Or the print graphics in the newspapers, the media used was largely paper. Yet as the printing press gained momentum when Gutenberg invented it, literacy expanded. 

Even later than that invention, a major watershed event was the development of digital art. Now, what does that mean? Basically, digital art is the graphic form that developed with the emergence of personal computers. Put in simple words, digital art is the contemporary art that uses methods of mass production and digital media. 

Digital art has completely revolutionalised modern Industry. It has a lot of advantages over conventional print art or written Graffiti. 

Some of these are listed below: 

  • Digital Art is very cost-effective as one can hire any designer with a minimum investment who provides unlimited graphic design services. 
  • Digital art is versatile as it can be created through any electronic device easily.
  • Digital art is more long-lasting as it stays for a longer time in the computer and other devices. 


The Evolution of Digital Art from ages

The digital art that we have today is entirely different from the pioneering stage one. With the improvements in technology, art has flourished a lot and has improved its outlook too. If you compare the digital brochures and graphics of the present day with the 3 decades older ones, the visible difference will be found. Check out how digital art evolved through ages. 


  • The emergence of Digital Art 

Digital art slowly emerged in the late 1940s with the introduction of personal computers. The onset of production of PCs meant that people needed the digital form of art which they made on paper. This, as it’s said that Necessity is the mother of all Inventions, digital art came into being. 

However the first true computer, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, or the ENIAC, was created for military purposes, came into being around 1940s.


  • The 1950s and 1960s

As soon as the personal computers came in markets, the users and artists began exploring the possibilities of art from computers. This was done owing to a variety of reasons. The first being that the basic feature that any user explores in a new device is any graphic or visual content. Also, some users were in urgent need of learning ways to present data in digital form. They also experimented with related technologies of art in the late 1950s and early 1960s.


  • 1965

And then further experimenting was done in this area. Early experiments with computer art came around 1965. German artist Frieder Nake who was also a mathematician created a computer algorithm. An algorithm is a programmed list of instructions that tells a computer what to do. This algorithm enabled the machine to draw a series of shapes to make artwork. What this means is the computer created digital artwork through the instructions that were there in the algorithm.

The resulting computer-generated drawings were some of the earliest examples of art done on a computer.

  • 1967

Wondering who created the first digital artwork? Interestingly, one of the first truly digital works of art was created in 1967. It was made by two Americans Kenneth Knowlton and Leon Harmon. There’s an intriguing anecdote to how they made it. They actually took a photograph of a nude woman and changed it into a picture composed of computer pixels, titled Computer Nude. (A pixel is one small element of an image; when many pixels are combined, they can create a larger, complete image.) The nude that the 2 Americans created was one of the first digital artworks.


  • The late 1960s

And after this development, around the late 1960s, several museums held exhibits exploring art using computers. That was an exotic way to highlight the newness that had entered the digital scene. Around the same time, several artists began exploring digital technology in multimedia art too using computers, television, video, and other things.


  • In the second half of the 1960s, preferably around 1969,  artist Allan Kaprow created artwork by the name of Hello. He was known for art events called Happenings, in which the art was a series of activities or actions with audience participation. He created Hello as a juxtaposition to the Boston TV station. 


  • The 1980s


You will be surprised to know that the term ” Digital art” only appeared around the early 1980s. This happened when the computer engineers created a paint program which became known as AARON. It was a robotic machine designed to make large drawings on sheets of paper placed on the floor.



  • The 1990s

Around the time of 1990s, the internet became all the more widespread. This made digital art more accessible to artists and viewers. Artists began to explore how they could use the internet to create their works of art. With the improvement in digital technology, artists could also manipulate the images they had filmed with a video camera for the first time.


And in the 2000s, digital art is everywhere. 

 Presently, there’s been a radical decline in the cost of digital art software. This is owing to the exponential growth of chip power and bandwidth. Thus, digital art has been made very cost-effective as we discussed before. A lot of coming up artists and bloggers are exploring this realm of art!!!



Where To Find The Best Community For Instagram Marketing Growth Hacks

Instagram is a great community for the promotion of your company or brand. They provide you with certain features which allows you to showcase your products more efficiently and reach out to a larger number of audience, as compared to any other social media.

The communities for Instagram marketing growth hacks will provide you with tips to fetch you more Instagram ads. You may then include those in your marketing and promotion strategies for growth hacks. Some of the best ways to find these communities are:

Name dropping: not pretentious anymore!

Sometimes you may provide links for or use quotes of famous bloggers or content creator of the giant business companies. You may also write to them directly through email or using social media accounts to let them know that you are using some of their works. They might get pleased and even share your work among some of the best communities for an Instagram marketing!

You may also mention website s and provide links for influencers.

Start answering Quora questions

Quora gives the platform to both: the people searching for answers, and the people who have the answers. You may find a number of doubts a lot of users are likely to post. If you can solve their queries and promote your blogs that would be a gateway to communities for an Instagram marketing growth!

A wonderful way to promote your content.

You are also allowed to use other social media to boost your growth in Instagram

Sometimes, it so happens that you might have a large number of followers in other social media accounts, so in that case, you may promote your Instagram ads in your other accounts as well. People who weren’t following you earlier might now start following you on Instagram.

Linking other social media accounts helps a lot.

Even though Instagram has numerous filters, it is always wiser to invest in your graphic design. Instagram can make your graphic design colours pop out in various ways but it is ultimately based on your designs which can only get enhanced. Draftss provides unlimited graphic design services. You can check out the packages to get some quality designs for your Instagram ads.


Where to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities on Indiehacker

If you own a blog then you must know how hectic it must be to direct traffic into your blog website. With Google’s new and dynamic algorithms, making use of SEO is not easy. You need to constantly take care of your quality over the number of articles you post.

One of the chief ways to direct traffic into your website is to indulge in the guest blogging. It gives you the thrust you need directing traffic towards yourself which is very much required for the promotion and marketing of your products or services.

Wait, but what exactly is guest blogging?

This is a question that many viewers are probably wondering. In case you do not know, don’t be ashamed! After all, learning something new has no age limit or time limit. To answer your question, let us take an example. Suppose you find out that another company blog often shares similar content or are looking for something that you probably have an expertise in. Now, you may write as a guest writer for them, and include your company website in a link below the content. Now what you need to understand is that this works both ways. While your content is fetching more viewers to the blog you are guest blogging for, some of that traffic is also getting directed towards your blog or website!

Guest blogging allows you to create links to your own blogs and websites which directs the traffic from other established company websites into your own, such that your blogs can grow. But make sure you don’t put too many links in your guest article!

But how do I know where to guest blog?

Another important thing to be kept in mind is that you have to find out relevant blogs for which you may apply as a guest blogger. Normally, try to opt for those websites which are growing steadily, allows you to enter your name or introduction along with the content, this is important for marketing on your side.

It is best to adhere to the guest blogging rules the websites provide you with. Reach them out through social media with your content. In case they don’t respond you may send a follow up mail after 2 weeks. However, please don’t spam and look for other websites in case they don’t respond even after the follow-up.

Also, make sure the website you want to guest blog for allows guest blogging, and if they do, it’s best to adhere to their guest blogging guidelines. You may then share the blog as a promotional content into your website as well, once it gets approved and published!

Are there opportunities on Indiehacker?

Indie hacker is a great platform for startups and companies with struggling backgrounds who have made it despite all odds they faced. It is meant to inspire newbies and young company entrepreneurs who that they don’t give up despite the challenges thrown at them.

They have blogs where they allow you to comment and write guest blogs in order to promote digital marketing and it also enables you to create ads for yourself. So buckle up and start working on your blog writing, and start applying to an indie hacker website. Even if they are unable to post it, other websites often comment and give opportunities to guest bloggers!

Writing a guest blog does not entail you immediately get featured on another website or the traffic on your website shoots overnight. You have to provide quality content and the link you provide to your website will be visited. Therefore, you necessarily have to work on and improve the UX and UI to enable easy and smooth navigation. Draftss is a company who can provide you with solutions to these along with graphic design services for your website. So give them a visit as well!


The A,B,C of Graphic Design in the Era of AI


Artificial Intelligence has changed the present world, in unbelievable ways. From things that had to be earlier done manually, it’s all done through robots now. Artificial Intelligence has surely changed our lives for the good. Manual operations usually take a lot of time and these are tiresome to perform. But with AI operations, the tasks become easy. The same applies to the arena of graphic designing. Though one may pose a question as to how graphic designers can do their jobs through AI? But don’t worry, here is a quick go-through list for you to know more about it. 


Usage of Robots

The first and foremost thing that pops up in our minds when we say AI, is a robot. In fact, it’s the most spectacular achievement of artificial intelligence. Robots working in restaurants are easy to find. Yet they have invaded the graphic designing world too. You just need to hire a graphic designer and get a robot, and your work is sorted! 


  • Adobe’s new AI tool Sensei is in the nascent stage of development. But it can help designers in image pattern identification by editing, patching and image or absolutely reinventing a specific vista. 
  • Context-Aware Crop ensures prevention of accidental cropping of a photo subject. 
  • Multiple banners or layout options can be created by robots in different languages. The designer only needs to verify them and approve. This means that robots can do tasks like resizing of images etc. The designer has to only check if the job is done is correct. 


Development of powerful design systems

Another way in which AI has influenced the graphic designing Industry is the interface of designing systems. AI has helped to develop very efficient and robust designing systems.

Design System uses a mixed sequence of modules, patterns and elements to build a brand’s design language. This means AI will use a certain interface system to develop a design language for the company. Website developers such as Squarespace and Wix have integrated these AI technologies into their workflow to assist designers. 


DesignScape’s AI web designing offers an interactive teaching mechanism. It provides useful tips and hints to designers. So designers can use those hints to design more elaborately. 


Getting Perfection in the graphics

Artificial Intelligence is the gateway to get perfection in your designs and images. 

Wondering how can that happen? Well, there are certain tools devised through AI that will check if your image filter is appropriate or not. Some companies make unlimited graphic designs and cater to so many clients. This makes the task bulky.

But with some tools, it becomes a cakewalk.

Tools like Prisma or Artisto identify the exact image content. They apply smart filters based on an image recognition technology to highlight visual effects.

Auto Draw is another automated visual tool that can finish and fine-tune your sketches into fresh and polished versions. The more a designer engages with machine learning tools for drawing sketches, the more effectively AI can comprehend what the users are attempting to draw.


Precision in decision making

A human mind can commit a lot of errors. So whenever graphic designers work, they are bound to commit mistakes. But with AI, you get a lot of precision with which you can do your job. 

Graphic designing companies are becoming very clever and sharp. They wish to give the best to their clients and are incorporating so many new things. All thanks to AI! This includes things like time of the day when visitors visit, day of the week, source of users, device types used by the users etc. This all is done with Artificial intelligence, regarding which some users may be completely unaware of.

This precise decision making based on the previously mentioned factors has been consistently done manually by designers, strategists and technologists by employing use cases and scenarios. With AI, the potential to make use cases more scalable hyper-personalized will increase its accessibility to more companies.

This will only ensure greater personalization of services and experience to the user. Thus, it’s going to make him/her feel special. An enhanced personalization in user experience will likewise translate into increased conversion rates for the website.

Thus we have realised that Artificial intelligence has impacted every bit of graphic designing. From hiring so many subordinates, the task has now shifted to automatic machines, robots, etc. This is revolutionary in itself because nobody would have thought that a domain like designing could have been done through it. 

Thus, as and when they need, graphic companies can certainly use the latest following trend in artificial intelligence to get their jobs done. 


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How to Create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Like Amazon on WordPress with Dokan

Are you planning to build an eCommerce website? Well, that’s a great idea as it’s been growing steadily for a long time. Nowadays people prefer to buy products from online stores rather than physical stores.

Especially in this current pandemic situation, online marketing has been a part & parcel of everyone’s life. Even before the pandemic, it was pretty clear that multi-vendor marketplaces like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, Etsy would take the area of retail shopping gradually.

According to Shopify Plus, global B2C eCommerce sales will reach $4.5 trillion within 2021. So, it is high time to own a multi-vendor marketplace to grab that opportunity.

So if you’re looking to create a multi-vendor marketplace and sell your products effortlessly, this article will walk through how to easily build a multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress using Dokan, even if you’re not a tech-savvy person.

But before we start, let’s get started with a simple question!


What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

In simple words, a multi-vendor marketplace refers to an online platform where more than a single buyers-sellers inaugurate or conduct trades. In fact, it’s like a digital medium that creates a convenient environment, boosts their business. Moreover, interconnects both buyers and sellers on the same platform.

Having said that the owner of the marketplace controls the entire platform; s/he will decide how much commission a vendor will get and what will be the percentage rate of each product.


Why You Should Start a Multi-Vendor Marketplace with WordPress?

WordPress is one of the largest web development platforms serving a number of businesses from various domains and sectors. WordPress development is easy due to a number of highly skilled service providers and the output is highly dynamic. Well, a multi-vendor marketplace has notable benefits rather than a single eCommerce store in the industry. And there are plenty of reasons why the online platform yet the multi-vendor marketplace is growing very fast.

For your convenience, let’s check out why you should build a multi-vendor marketplace:-

  • Based on WooCommerce:- As an owner, you’ll get all the basic eCommerce website’s functions in WooCommerce that helps you to create a full-fledged eCommerce marketplace with ease.
  • Flexibility:- On a multi-vendor marketplace, you’ll get 100% flexibility and ready-made features where you just need to design them accordingly without any hassle
  • Multi-vendor marketplaces create better chances for purchasers and sellers to establish new alliances.
  • A multi-vendor marketing platform acts as a sales platform whose purpose is to market and sell the products of vendors
  • The consumers also get a chance to compare products rather than going on different websites, etc.

So the above reasons can easily help you understand why you should start building a multi-vendor marketplace.


Performance of a Multi-Vendor Marketplace During this Pandemic

COVID 19 started to spread everywhere from the beginning of 2020. Retail Shopping became impossible.

After the pandemic, people can’t get out of the home. Most of the companies have been working from home. So the online shop gets a new boost from those people.

Thus, multi-vendor sites can perform a pretty significant role in this critical situation; and also can ensure people to get different products according to their choices


Introducing with Dokan- A Reliable Multi-Vendor Marketplace Builder for WordPress

Building a multi-vendor marketplace is a huge task. But if you want to build it from scratch, you will need a large amount of manpower and break your bank. Perhaps, you need to hire a professional web developer who can take the part to get your job done.

But don’t be afraid! We will share an easy way of building your first marketplace using Dokan, a popular multi-vendor marketplace that can help you to build a marketplace in less than 30 minutes.

Yes, you can do it yourself without hiring a web developer. All you need to do is, follow the basic instructions and apply them side by side. You will get all the features that a full-fledged modern multi-vendor marketplace must-have.

So, let’s see how easily you can start building a multi-vendor marketplace in WordPress using Dokan.

Keep reading and follow the steps carefully.

Step 1: Select a Domain and Hosting to Build Your Marketplace

First of all, you will need to purchase a domain & hosting. Initially, you can start at $20.

However, there are lots of domain & hosting providers available. But in this case, we suggest you purchase from reliable sellers. Thus we recommend some of the best domain and hosting providers online:-

  • Hostgator
  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
  • Kinsta

Step 2 – Install WordPress

After choosing a domain name & hosting plan, now it’s time to install WordPress. There are plenty of available methods that you can follow to install WordPress.

Note: If you want to install WordPress on your localhost for testing purposes, you can follow this guide.


Step 3 – Installing WooCommerce

Basically, you might be wondering what actually WooCommerce is or what actually it does? Well, it’s a free WordPress plugin that includes eCommerce functionalities to your WordPress site so that you can create an online shop or store seamlessly.

Anyways, to install WooCommerce on your WordPress site, navigate Dashboard>Plugins>Add New Plugins>WooCommerce>Install>Activate.


After a successful installation process, you will get a setup wizard that helps you to customize your online store easily. So, just follow the instructions and change what you need to do.

Before adding products, convert our newly created eCommerce website into a multi-vendor marketplace. How? Let’s see the next step.


Step 4 – Installing Dokan – Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Now you’re one step away to create an online store. So it’s time to install Dokan and configure its functionalities accordingly. The way you install WooCommerce, the installation process of Dokan is also the same.

To do that, navigate to WP Admin>Plugins>Add New Plugin>Dokan>Install>Activate. That’s it!

Fill up the necessary information. That’s it! Your first multi-vendor marketplace is ready to trade.

However, the free version of Dokan has limited capabilities. If you want to unlock more features & customizing options, you need to avail of the Dokan Pro.

However, you can check the official documentation to get a proper guideline to install Dokan


Step 5: Configuring Essential Settings

Well, your multi-vendor marketplace is created but not ready for use. Tweak some settings for that.


  1. i) Adding Vendors: Firstly, there should be an option for the vendors to sign up so that they can start selling products on your marketplace.

To enable the vendor registration, go to WP Admin Dashboard > General > Settings, and turn on the anyone can register option.

On the other side, you can manually add the vendors from the WP Admin Dashboard > Dokan > Vendors > Add New.

ii) Set a Commission: The most important thing is setting the commission structure. Dokan lite will help you to choose between a Percentage or Flat commission structure. You can edit it from the WP Admin Dashboard > Dokan > Settings > Selling Options.


iii) Enable/Disable Adding Products: The website’s authority is in your hand. So, if you don’t have any vendor to add new products to, you can easily enable or disable it.

To dot that, navigate to the WP Admin DashBoard > Users > User Name > Enable Adding Products.

Besides that, using this feature you can set up a shop for yourself.

To do that, go to WP Admin DashBoard > Users and then click on Your Profile, turn on Enable Adding Products.

Now, you can start adding products. You can register as a vendor like everyone else, alternatively.


Step 6: Customizing Vendor Dashboard and Adding Products

As the vendors start registering on your website they have to add products. To include the products your vendors don’t need to enter in the backend. Because Dokan enables each vendor to have a frontend dashboard which will work as a backend for them.

From the vendor dashboard, they will find options like-

  • Sales
  • Pageview
  • Earning
  • Order Details
  • Product Status
  • And more

However, products need to be published by you as an admin.

To avail that navigate to WP Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Products > Edit > Publish.

If a vendor wants to customize the appearance of his/ her store, s/he can do it from the setting tab. The features like-

  • Orders
  • Reports
  • Withdraws
  • Coupons
  • Reviews
  • Tools


And, these features help Dokan to stand up among the rest of the multi-vendor plugins.

You can check out the video to understand in a better way-



How to Promote Your Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Your business will get recognition if you can market it properly. In this digital era, competitions are high and entrepreneurs are fighting heart & soul to uplift their business and create a strong global appearance. So you can’t stay relaxed only applying one or two methods and think your job is done.

Therefore, you need to properly promote your marketplace and notify the vendors. So they can find your marketplace and register as a vendor. That’s why we will share some tips & tricks so that you can easily promote your marketplace and make remarkable revenue.

Pick a Professional Theme for Your Website

Initially, using Dokan free theme, you can begin your journey with your new marketplace. But afterward, you can change the theme if you want to bring more innovation & attention-grabbing look on your marketplace.

Luckily, Dokan works effortlessly with almost all the WordPress themes. So we’ll suggest you stay with the initial theme in order to save crucial time & effort. Later on, you can pick any one of the suitable themes. And then you can start to rock by creating your first multi-vendor marketplace.

It is always recommended to have a great web design and investing on the right web design is a very critical aspect of any web platform.

Handle Social Media Platform

Right now, most of the online users are hooked to social media. They spend a long time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.

Thus, social media becomes one of the best places to connect your potential customers. If you can grow a quality social media presence, it will boost up your brand image.

Social media will help you to promote your ads to specific customers and shows you the result. Advertising on social media can be the turning point of your marketplace.

Doing Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing methods and still it is the most efficient marketing area. Especially for the eCommerce business owner, email campaigns bring a huge amount of customers.


DMA says, if you spend $1 on email marketing, you can get $42 in return.

So, it proves how much email marketing can boost your business. We suggest you use authentic email services. Like-

  • weMail
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Aweber
  • And more

Encourage Your Vendors

As a multi-vendor marketplace owner, you need to remember that vendors are the fuel of your business. They are the main earning source of your eCommerce platform.

You can return their favor if you promote their products. You have to check the reports of underperforming sellers constantly. Plus, support them with different marketing strategies.

By doing all these staffs you can build a robust relationship with your vendor.

After-Sale Support

Retaining customers and achieving your goals can be easy if you provide after-sale customer support. Certainly, all the vendors may not be honest or everyone may not fulfill customer’s requirements according to the given pledge.

In that case, you can set a policy, or method so that customers can put their valuable feedback after-sale stage. This way trust will gain and goodwill will spread. So as an admin, you have to take responsibility. There should be a simple money-back process.


Wrapping Up

The fun part of the multi-vendor marketplace is, you can manage everything staying at home. Due to this pandemic situation, the eCommerce business is in the hype and one should start it right away.

This blog can entirely help you to create your marketplace for multiple vendors.

However, you should know the Dokan WordPress plugin has an expert customer support team who can help If you face any problem while customizing your website. So feel free to ask any questions regarding anything.



Unravelling the dynamics of trends in the Content Industry


As time has progressed, everything seems taking a new trajectory of its own. From designing to articulating. And from pictures to videos. It’s all fresh and dawn! 

The same holds true whenever we refer to the content being created by any industry ( web, print etc.). Earlier when customers used to avail services from the company, it was all common and same for everyone. Moreover, there was hardly any creativity colour added to the product. How can you imagine the present age customers to consume “sameness”? Exoticism is today the key to the content industry. Besides that, a lot is happening in terms of playing with Content, experimenting with new concepts and coming up with out-of-box ideas.  Do you wish to know in detail about the changing trends in the Content industry? If you want to, then read these 5 amazing trends being followed by present content creators! 

And get hold of the ones you like the most!  

Best 5 changing trends in Content industry


  • Providing customized and user-friendly content


tips and tricks for designers for new design trends of 2020

Your customers want what they like, they don’t want what you like!”

 This is the core mantra and guiding principle of today’s Content Industry. If you fail to please your customer, you lose the game. Creating content that is targeted to a particular user group has to be unique. For say you can’t make the same kind of logo/ graphic for a start-up than what you will do for a Multinational company. This varies from person to person and firm to firm. In a study, published in Demand Gen, there was a 20% rise in sales for those companies that delivered what their users wanted! 

So this is something that’s visible today. There are many graphic designing companies like Draftss, who ask their customer what they want in terms of design. Thus, personalized Content is the new fad! 


  • Less text and more visuals

One will realise the importance of this trend when one will see what Apple is actually doing. In one of the most famous advertisements of Apple, you will see its iPhone with minimal text in the background. This is the strategy employed by renowned brands. They don’t really miss out on content part but then they do it tactfully. Rather than cluttering every bit of your layout in which you make Content, make it more diversified.

In fact, diversification of content is what users want you to do. This means that today the trend is more of combining text, graphics, media, videos, art, infographics etc.


  • Niche based interactive content

Now some industries are exploring by creating more interactive content. They are doing it through two-way interactions with their users by meeting them or creating content that touches their heart’s core. For say if a web designing company is making a graphic for kids, it will make it emotional. It also conducts regular surveys and polls. This way interaction is bound to happen. 

Besides this, many companies are now making entirely exotic Content in terms of written material and products. They are doing so to set them apart from other commonly made content.

For say Apple has unique iOS Content! Or Canva is renowned owing to its uniqueness! 


  • More audio-video usage 

Google is the best example of this latest trend. Today, what companies are doing is adding flavours to their Content. They are doing it by adding virtual assistants. Who doesn’t know the Google assistant? It’s the best example of how adding an audio assistant can make the content look creative and interesting.

Besides that, companies are hiring graphic/web designers to make good videos for them. The video usage is going to make your content look amazing! And that’s what everyone is doing. 


  • Influencer Marketing

We all know the likes of content creators like Dolly Singh, Bhuvan Bham etc. on Instagram. They are social media influencers who are further employed by companies to market their brand. The companies are now complementing content creation with influencer marketing. They are not just making brilliant Content but also marketing and pitching it well. 

That has made all the difference in the way content is consumed! 


So we have figured out the way in which the content industry is improvising itself and setting new trends. The content is transcending all the rigid aspects and is now exploring the possibilities of doing something exclusive. After all, only when the consumers will consume good content once, they will consume it again! 


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Exploring Some Wonderful Infographics for Startups From Around The Web

Infographics Designing and Pivot of Start-up

How about beginning a new startup? Well, businesses don’t grow big just in a few days. They all have their respective journeys and growth. What today may look like the fruit of instant success, maybe the fruit of tiresome effort too. Thus, what is trying to be implied is that businesses are risky. Every day when you wake up in the morning, you may read some bad and good news alongside. Be it the shares of business growing or be it a business going bankrupt. It all depends on some dynamic factors and it’s something not really under control. All you can do as a new startup is trying new strategies to grow yourself. One such strategy is using infographics. Well, graphic designing can actually perform miracles if you use them carefully.

 Also, you may come across one term in the start-up world. It is called ‘ pivot’. This basically refers to a drastic change in the business strategy of a startup/ company. This may be done to induce and catalyse growth. Infographics also have played the same role as a pivot in some startups’ growth. So let’s check out some amazing infographics of startups from around the web! 


Top examples of Infographics ( creative)

  • Music and Productivity 

This Infographic was developed by a company by the name of WebpageFX. The infographic was basically concerned with providing details regarding music. So the company actually used it to spread awareness about the scientific reasons for listening to music. For example, it said that music helps to release dopamine. It then went on to explain how music and business are interrelated. Besides that, the Infographic was just beautiful with the proper mixing of colours. And it provided all the information in a concise and creative form. So kudos to WebpageFX!



  • Vacations are a must 

Who doesn’t wish to travel? Well, we all are travel enthusiasts. And this idea was employed by the travelling related company Quill to be used in its Infographic. When it launched its Infographic, it basically contained a mix of everything. It had information about how in earlier times also Americans travelled a lot. They then explained further that travelling is very therapeutic and relieves us of stress. By using some cute images and data, they created a lovely Infographic. Do read it! 


Top examples of Infographics for start-ups

Let’s now head to some best Infographics that largely contain some technical information. Usually, startups are always in search of ideas and growth techniques to boost their growth. So there are some famous companies that provide information in a comprehensive manner. Here you go! 


Now when we hear the name of IBM, we realize that it’s a very famous brand in itself. So it created an Infographic to help the new entrepreneurs in the market. The infographic is green in colour and contains very accurate information. It explains how combining both analytics and data is important to become a successful CFO. Thus in a brief form, it has explained everything well! 



  • Adioma

Do you sometimes wonder how much money your entrepreneurial venture will take? Or you worry about the investment. Well, if you do, then stop doing it. Adioma’s bloggers created an Infographic to help you resolve your queries. It created a template in which it has used a graph cum bar to convey information. The bar moves from lowest to highest. And one can keep a track of how many dollars are required for every industry. For example, the minimum investment is shown to be around $500. And then it keeps increasing.



Now this one is an interesting story cum Infographic. We all know that there are umpteen companies that provide unlimited graphic designing services. You can easily hire designing companies near you. However, on Pinterest, a user made this Infographic. The infographic is very arresting and sweet in outlook. It instantly taps attention! 

It talks about how those startups who wish setting up in Los Angeles can perform their work. The infographic gives us an insight into what does it take to set up a company. It also provides statistics like there are more than 789 startups in Los Angeles.


So we have seen how Infographics play an important role in any venture. They streamline very bulky information and help you know things at a quick glance. So don’t just keep reading. You need to go and check out some amazing Infographics! 

Watching Machine Learning Change: For The Last 10 Years

What is Machine learning? 

Now some of you may be pondering upon the fact as to what is Machine learning. Well, it’s basically related to the process of handling a large amount of data. Usually, in the business world, there’s always one or the other thing going on. So to handle large processes or facilitate the process, we take help of certain equipment or machinery. This is what makes up the cumulative term of ” Machine Learning”. It includes things like automatic extraction of data or analyzing large data.  Basically, machine learning employs the usage of Artificial intelligence to improve itself over a period of time. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs.

For the past 10 years, Machine learning has changed quite a lot. Artificial intelligence has transformed to become more sustainable and efficient. Thus, with time come needs. And the need is obviously the mother of all innovations! 

Take a look at this trajectory of Machine learning


Some machine learning methods

  • Supervised machine learning algorithms apply past learning to new data using examples to predict future events. The system is able to provide targets for any new input after training. The algorithm can also compare its output with the correct, output to find errors.
  •  Unsupervised machine learning algorithms are used when the information used to train is neither classified nor referred. The system doesn’t figure out the right output, but it explores the data.
  • Semi-supervised machine learning algorithms are in between the supervised and unsupervised learning since they use both labelled and unlabeled data for training. The systems that use this method are able to considerably improve learning accuracy. 
  • Reinforcement machine learning algorithms is a learning method that interacts with its environment by producing actions and discovers errors or rewards. 


The ancients of machine learning.

  • The terms “machine learning” first appeared in 1952. It was in 2010 that  George Dahl and Abdel-rahman Mohamed proved that deep learning speech recognition tools are effective. They also mentioned that they can provide some good industrial advantages. This provided an impetus to the process.
  •  At the same point of time, Google dived in the process too. It announced its self-driving automobile project, called Waymo
  • Finally, DeepMind was established in September 2010. It is a pioneer in the fields of AI and deep learning


From 2011 onwards

  • In 2011, Artificial intelligence went on a different path. It literally shook the world. The reason was of it was: 

 IBM’ s question and answer system defeated Jeopardy. 

  • While IBM machines were working on portraying human intellects and other features, Apple introduced Siri, its virtual assistant. Though it was banned by IBM.
  •  Siri uses speech recognition, a natural language user interface, and convolutional neural networks. The technology enables users to conduct searches and make recommendations. It also answers questions, and perform tasks via internet services.


Some other ventures in this field


  •  Besides this, another application -The Oculus Rift is used in many applications beyond VR gaming, including industrial visualization and design, education, and media.  


  • In 2013, Boston Dynamics created Atlas. Atlas is basically a dog-like robot. It is capable to carry out a variety of human activities. 


  • In 2013, Google also introduced a beta test version of Google Glass.  For those who don’t know, Google Glass is a heads-up display mounted on eyeglasses. It supports functions including facial recognition and text translation, besides other functions.  


  • Google turned heads again in 2014. Guess why? Well, it did something completely different this time. It bought another program DeepMind for  $500 million.


  • Also, who doesn’t know Alexa? Well, some people have found a best friend in her! Amazon’s Alexa is again a new process of Machine learning. It is also a milestone set in the department of Artificial intelligence. Who doesn’t want Alexa? 


Just a few years ago 

  • Finally, let’s come to recent times. Around 4 years ago, that is, in 2016,  Google Assistant came up.  We all know what Google assistant is. Don’t we? It is an  AI-powered virtual assistant that engages in a two-way conversation. Thanks to Google’s language!  Google Assistant can conduct Internet searches, schedule events, set alarms, etc.

 It truly plays the role of a reliable assistant.

  • In 2018, a different thing happened. A Paris-based art collective of artists and AI researchers created some artwork. They did it using an algorithm that analyzed image data from some portraits. 


  • Finally, we have landed in 2020. And what we see today is the expansion of Artificial intelligence in all spheres. This not only includes business but healthcare too. If today a pandemic has engulfed us all over, then data scientists are also working to dive into unexplored areas of Machine learning to improve analysis methods. 

Want To Increase Conversion Rates? Find Success In Banner Designs!


Conversation rate and banner design: Know a little more! 

Now, matter how many times things are repeated and told, we tend to forget them. There is no denial of this universal truth that design is the energy of any website. Your content may be brilliant, yet if you don’t surprise users, you lose the game!

Ever heard of a thing called banner advertising? Well, surely you must have! It’s basically a new and recent innovation in the marketing world. Under the conventional advertising norms, physical banners were put up. But under digital advertising, small rectangular shaped banner ads appear on your screen. They are embedded into a website and appear on a web page. After that, whenever a customer clicks on it, he/ she is directed to the main website.  

Now, this is where the conversion rate as a concept comes in! It refers to the number of visitors who successfully complete the desired goal. That can include a thing like signing up for your site or simply visiting it. Websites most often grapple with this problem: They keep trying to increase it yet it doesn’t. But do you know one secret to do that? If you want to, then read the below tips! 


Banner Designs Tips 


  • Choose a proper size

Now, as mentioned before in the introduction, banners are largely rectangular. Yet they can vary in their dimensions. So choosing the right size becomes very important. How will you do that-? You can easily hire a good graphic designing company for the same task. The main sizes to choose from are as follows: 

  • 728×90px — Leaderboard
  • 300×600px — Half Page
  • 300×250px — Medium Rectangle
  • 336×280px — Large Rectangle 

Once you are done with choosing an appropriate size, you can ask your graphic web designer to start with the  colors choosing and other processes. 



  • Use logos and social proofs

Does your website have a really aesthetic logo? Or if not that, does it include testimonials on the banner? Well, the answer to both these questions should be in affirmative. Adding your own logo or your famous clients’ logo on the banner is extremely important. This creates an impression that your site is very famous and people will click on it! Your logo should be clear and beautiful. You should choose good graphic designs for logos. You can take help of some banner makers too.

Besides that include testimonials too. In an interview with ConversionXL,  growth marketing expert Angie Schottmuller said, “If quality social proof  buffers notable uncertainty, get ready  for some remarkable conversion impact in some cases up to 400% improvement.” So get ready to reap benefits! 


Now some of you may ask what are these terms? Well, value proposition shows the service you provides. It then calls attention to itself with attractive offers. So you must have seen things like ” Very High quality” or “39% off” or “Limited offer.” This should take up the most space in your ad. This way the viewers will surely visit your site. And

call to action is the text or button that invites users to click. These buttons should accompany your banner ad. This way it will be easier for users to visit the site. Words like “Click here” or “Watch Now” are some examples. You can choose other alternatives too! 


  • The Colour Choice, Contrasting and Borders

And now comes the most crucial aspect of every design. No matter you miss out on one thing, you can’t afford to miss on a good colour choice. For this, you should take professional help. You can create some beautiful banner Designs by using online tools like Canva also. Just make sure that the purpose of your site is in tandem with the colour. For example, if it’s a cooking-related site, it should contain colours like green etc. If it’s an ethical hacking site, you should include black. One can even choose a contrast ratio tool to measure if it’s correct! Now coming to the part of borders of it! The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) states that ” display ads must have clearly defined borders and not confused with normal web content.”

Thus the border should be clear and precise. It should make things hassle-free to be seen. 


  • Animation and a lot more 

If you are still grappling with this question: How to boost conversion rates? , then follow the animation mantra. It’s said that animated ads are more appealing. According to Adobe’s 2015 report on the State of Content, with 15 minutes to consume content, 66% would prefer to view something beautifully designed. And the animation is the key to it! So just grab a good company that offers unlimited graphic designing services. That’s the best way to design banner. Besides that, focus on small details like fonts, spacing etc. You should also ask your designer to look at buttons on the banner carefully. More or less, it’s the game of the buttons that your rates get increased or decreased! 



So finally, we have looked at how conversion rates are a powerful yardstick showing a company’s success. Obviously, there are other ways to increase rates. Yet the most subtle and simplicity to do is through a banner design! It’s just so hassle-free and doesn’t even take much money and time. You just need to grab a good web designer. That’s all! 



The Great White space: Add Spices of Creativity In It

A beginner’s guide to white space


Ohh God, what to do with this white space”

” Wow, the white space is so beautifully used “


These are the two moods that one can experience while seeing a space that is empty around any design. While some people feel it’s useless, others feel the opposite. And what is that space called? Well, it’s called the white space which some people love referring to as “Negative space”. 


Now suddenly a question pops up in our minds as to what is negative about it? Well, some people in the business world believe that this empty space around margins or between columns largely goes waste. Since putting up designed advertisements both physically and digitally is a task quite expensive, carefully using space that is available, is crucial. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to design some banners on the web. Thus, it’s imperative to choose wisely as to what use can white space be employed for. There are basically two types of white spaces keeping in mind the area they cover- micro and macro. So if you are in this same dilemma as to how to use your white space creatively, then do read these below ideas! You are sure to grab some good ones!


How to use white space creatively? 


  • Choosing a good designer 

Now starting with this tip becomes very important. More often people who are in premium businesses don’t really do designing themselves. There are graphic designing companies that provide such services. They just hire a designer directly and do the needful. Now choosing a good designer becomes very important. Most often the designer has in his/ her hand the power to make the most appropriate and creative use of white space. For example, Draftss provides really good designing services which can be a boon to you!

The same applies to other designers in the market as well.  


  • Using a solid colour background


Now there is a common misunderstanding among people that white space has to be “white”. But that’s completely wrong. In fact, white space is a misnomer. You can use any background or colour you wish to use for it. For example, there’s a popular India’s largest student-led newspaper – DU Beat. And the white space used by it includes dark violet and purple colours which look phenomenal! That’s why they have a unique reputation owing to good white space usage in their graphics.

You can surely adopt their formula by using some visible and bright colours that make your text content look raised among the white space. 


  • Space in Text is important

This tip needs to be reiterated again and again. Now obviously your content is something that’s crucial to any of your design. For say the Astronauts Wanted creates shows, media etc. It has a typical background in white space. And it very beautifully puts its brand name in capitals with enough space. It’s a typical example of how white space can be employed creatively.  They don’t crowd it with tightly written material. You also need to make sure that your text in terms of brand name or tagline has appropriate spacing. Furthermore, it makes it easy for the reader to read! 


  • Lay emphasis on service/ product

Who doesn’t adore Apple’s advertisement? Apple is one of the umpteen brands that know how to do everything best in every field. Be it designing, marketing, promotion or anything, they are the pioneers in setting trends. In their ad, you must have seen how their iPhone lies in the centre with a lot of white space surrounding it. This is a conventional way to highlight your product in centre amidst the white space. So what you can do is: firstly, choose a colour for white space. And then place the centre of attraction ( product/ brand/ service provided) in the middle. 


  • Keep the layout minimal


Now there are certain companies that provide unlimited graphic designing services. Some of them largely clutter the whole white space with one or the other thing. But that’s a faulty thing to do! By putting literally everything on Earth in your design you tend to make viewers confused. This induces them to not see your design. Yet if you have seen Oreo’s biscuit campaign, you will get shocked! They have used milk in the background as white space. And have put an Oreo biscuit in it. Such a small thing has brought huge success to them. Thus, this technique can do wonders! 


Altogether you have realized how white space isn’t really negative altogether. If used properly, space can certainly reap some good benefits. You will then realize the importance of White Space! Sometimes we see an empty visual and realize what’s this for? Well, that’s in itself a good marketing usage of white space. Extraordinary visuals do attract individuals. So you need to creatively mix up things and make an excellent visual.

That’s how your white space will turn out being a magic space!!