There Are Things Other Product Packaging Companies Will Not Do For You

Product packaging has always been a very high demand in monopolistic markets. A monopolistic market being, a system of many buyers and sellers where each seller is selling items that can act as substitutes for each other but are somewhat different. Being “somewhat different” monopolistic markets give power over the product to the manufacturer. Now, this difference in products might be real, such as differences in components or quality; or it can be an induced difference such as the difference in packaging. Most of the time it is the later one which leads to more cutthroat competitions between different companies selling similar products. For example, washing power companies, toothpaste companies, packaged mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, etc.

So now that we know the way product packaging has gained popularity, let us first analyze what most companies providing this service will and will not do. Most of the orders for packaging come from brands that have made a reputation for themselves. These companies make the most out of graphic design services for the promotion of their products.

All expertise, no low fees

If you look carefully at the packaging of branded companies you will find that there has been clever use of graphic design colours, the colour combinations are such that it will appeal to a large number of people. Now, as you probably assumed, these are created by experts or professional graphic designers. They often charge a high rate for the quality of work they provide. Moreover, these companies often do not provide enough scope for changing your choices later on. However, if you select companies providing unlimited graphic design services then those would be beneficial to you. For a reasonable price, they offer you unlimited design service for an entire month. That doesn’t mean they are less professional. On the contrary, they just want to be supportive. Corporations like Draftss give this facility to their clients.

It is very important to have companies who support you even when you can’t afford a huge budget.

There’s no shame in starting!

It is quite natural for people to develop their own interests later in life. In many cases, most of the well running businesses start from scratch. Therefore, it is very important to support start ups and struggling business companies. However, most of the time, these firms can not afford to spend too much on advertisement and marketing, like the big companies. This is for the simple reason that small businesses earn lower revenues and their profit amount is lower, as they probably still have to cover the cost of credits given to them.

Struggling companies normally have lower assets and thus it becomes an even greater struggle when they approach product packaging companies. Some designing firms are extremely reputed for providing graphic design services to popular brands which naturally shoots up their price range. Small companies unable to purchase those often end up with bad quality designs that does not give them the boost in marketing they so require.

Companies unable to afford much for designs end up having lesser appeal which leads to less profit, which leaves a lesser amount for further investment. This loop can be frustrating.

Companies providing graphic design services should be supporting small companies, which they often fail to do. However, every firm is not the same. At Draftss, they have a scheme of design packages for small businesses. These schemes come at a lower price and are solely meant for startups.

Why settle for less?

Oftentimes, for businesses that are mere babies, the entrepreneurs do not understand how to go about the logo and websites. Product packaging services do not cover these issues most of the time and the owners are left to fend for their own.

Most of the time the entrepreneurs look for non-professionals at the beginning of their start-up so that they would have lesser costs to spend on. However, the creation of proper logos requires some expertise and knowledge of professionals as the logo is going to be your representative symbol. The website design to requires dexterity and working knowledge of UI and UX. The viewers should be able to navigate quickly and minimalism of graphic design is preferred there. Therefore, all these are not the work of an amateur.

Professionals are often required to understand the needs of the companies and create designs accordingly.

Therefore, a startup business requires services that cover these issues as well. One of the best choices would be Draftss. They can provide you with packing services as well as logo and website designing services and ideas from professionals.


A Look Into the Future: What Will the Side Project Industry Look Like in 10 years?

We all have heard about virtual reality, and how it’s transforming almost every industry, be it the hospitality or travel industry. But did someone ever wonder who pioneered VR? It was a side project! And there are numerous side projects earning a hefty amount and getting proper recognition. Even the abstract expressionistic art was a side project, which is now considered as one of the best artworks. Young generations nowadays consider working on their skills and hobbies apart from their routine job, and this hobby will surely pay a hefty amount in the future!


What is the side project?

A side project is something a person does apart from his routine job and adds extra revenue through it in the income. But a side project requires much more passion and dedication. 


A side project can be anything, a blog or writing code or doing some artistry work, designing, and many things. Because the regular job never allows a person to dive into too many tangents, in the future, these side projects will be creating jobs for millions of youngsters with new energy.


A side project requires experimentation, inspiration, curiosity, energy, and too much effort, but it will surely pay off!


At the start, some people will surely fuzz out because of less payment, but in the future, all the market will care about creativity and passion, and a side project is what every industry will ask for. 


Future of the Side Project Industry:


With too much of popularity of the side project industry nowadays, below given are some changes which will be seen in this industry:


Keen and acute Competition:

The most popular side project job in the future will be related to blog writing, podcast creation, games and app development, graphic designing, and multimedia. And the competition will be more robust because there will be many individuals who will go for these side projects. 

According to the career planner blog, it’s estimated that graphic designing will increase by 5 percent in the future, and there will be a fierce competition among all the players.


Whereas the software and the gaming development side project will gain higher revenues because of increasing demands in video games, and also there will be a significant impact of Artificial Intelligence in the future.


Independent business:

More than thousands of side businesses have emerged as an independent business until now. 


Apple, Hubspot, Instagram, Udemy, and Khan Academy were all side businesses when they started.


It’s no doubt that side hustle can give a lot, it’s the same as more the hustle, and more the gain. The history of all these side businesses is very surprising to read. And in the future, it’s expected that there will be lots of independent businesses because people will rely more on side business than on their job!


Use of advanced technologies:

As the whole world will become dynamic and highly competitive, all the side business will be driven by technology. The competitive nature of every side hustler will depend on how effectively they will be using technology. 


Every side hustle, like podcast creation, graphics designing services, web designers, web content writers, and financial planners, has to be aware of how to use the technology optimally in the future.


High scale experiments:

Creativity will be dominant, and every business will tend to do high scale experiments. This might be a barrier to the side hustler because they will have to work rigorously on improving themselves. 


Intellectualism and curiosity will be the game-changer of a side project industry.


Devaluation of 9-5 job:

There’s a chance that the 9-5 job trend will change in the future because the productivity in these restricted hours is very less. A side business will be opted by many because they will like working more in a place where they love working. 


Most of the industries have stopped this trend of 9-5, and have seen increased productivity. Also, there are many reasons displayed in this post. And as there will be no restrictions at the workplace, every individual will have sufficient time to work on their hobbies and skills!

Is It Worth It To Go To The Side Project Industry now?


It’s undoubtedly the right time to step into the side project industry because a visible growth in this industry is seen in the future. Most of the companies allow their employees to work on their skills, apart from the job. The best example for this is Google 


Google not only gave its employees 20% of the office hours to work on exploring skills but also Gmail, Google News, and Adsense is the outcome of this step!


A side business could give a real punch of growth in the future if it started now because the paradigm of the future will be creativity!


Graphic Designing for Special Occasions

Quarantine Birthday Party: Free Printable Home Quarantine Party ...


Be it weddings, Halloween party, New Year party, birthday party or Office parties and events, online invites are increasingly coming into vogue and have almost made the print invitations obsolete. With design companies offering unlimited graphic designing service to their clients, people are preferring to choose these beautifully designed vibrant posts and invitations for sending them to their friends, family and colleagues. This huge demand has also opened up a great opportunity for companies working in event management.

Let’s delve into the details of how these graphic design services are giving people a treat to the eyes and also, what makes it a better alternative to previously conventional invitations.

Party invitations:

The ‘oomph’ factor that a graphically designed party invitation adds to your party is unparalleled with any kind of party invitations available in the market. Let’s go into a case study of these invites and see what makes then unique and awe inspiring.

1. Formal invites:

Formal Birthday Invitation Template, Birthday Invitation Printable ...

In the above party invitation, the graphic designer has catered to the formal sense of the party and has designed the invite in such a way that it gives the first impression of aristocracy and formal-ness. The use of this royal font also adds to the aesthetics of the invite.

2. Festive invites:

Jingle and mingle Christmas party invitation #2

In the above Christmas party invitation, the theme of the festival has been beautifully captured by placing symbolic icons of the festival in the invite. The color choice is apt in accordance with the festival and the use of multiple fonts in the design shows the differing and unique aspects of it.

3. Theme parties and birthday invites:

Halloween Party Invites (With images) | Halloween birthday party ...

Girl Dinosaur birthday party invitation Template | PosterMyWall

The above party invitation for Halloween is the best example of graphic representation of symbols, designs and themes of the events. Here, the use of clear and spooky fonts has conveys the story of the Halloween festival. The color palette choice is intelligent and uses the 4 most popular colors- Orange, Black, Green and Purple.

The other example of a birthday party invitation of a little girl with the theme of ‘Dinosaur’, use of flower prints and pastel colors beautifully captures the idea of children and their imagination.

Wedding Invitations:

If you are getting hitched then you might be wondering how to approach the designs of your wedding invitations. There are two ways to go for it:

1. Conventional invites:Indian Wedding Invitations | Wedding Design Ideas

Indian Wedding Invitation Card Templates (Free) | Greetings Island

Although they look beautiful and elegant and are most common used among the majority population, they do not offer the new age quirkiness and design trends which are offered by modern age graphic designing companies. If these were to be converted into online wedding invites they will not be able to garner that level of attraction among the receiving audience.

2. Graphic design invites:

Quirky Indian Wedding Invitations

A Funny Take Indian Wedding Invitation Card (With images ...

Illustrated Wedding Invitations ** Deposit ** — Michaela Schuett

The new age graphic designing firms can offer much more than the conventional wedding invitation design. They offer a huge range of designs with beautiful font templates, choice of thousands of color palette combinations and an experience in making your wedding invites as unique as possible.

Official Events:

Graphic design services are being increasingly used for official purposes these day. Most of the companies outsource the aesthetic aspect of their business to graphic design companies who bring with them their expertise and experience on the creative table and also offer unlimited design services to them. Ranging from visiting cards design, logo design for the company to designing invites for online events and webinars, graphic designing adds to the creative quality and imbues importance to such events. Here are some examples:

Logo designs:

In the above logo design of Krasi wine brand, the graphic designing firm Draftss has captured the serenity and elegance of the bottled wine as well as designed a beautiful poster for the wine brand.

Visiting Cards design:

Here, the visiting card designed for the ‘managing partner’ for the firm Preid & Sidal by Draftss, depicts the professionalism of the firm by use of few colours and fading designs. The minimalist use of text here is also noteworthy.

Webinar  and online conference invites:

10 of the Best Webinar Invitation Email Examples You've Ever Seen

Conference Invitation Graphics, Designs & Templates

Official events with the names- ‘conference meeting’ and ‘webinars’ pack with them a boring and monotonous pitch of thoughts. Companies looking towards greater productivity from these events can bring in the graphically designed invites which can be floated among the colleagues. These invitations can bring in the motivation to attend these events for the clients and colleagues. These invites need to be created in such a way that they define the purpose, attending leaders or event conductors and time and date of the event quite clearly and many-a-times involves the making of an interactive icon of RSVP for the receiver.


How To Acquire Your First 100 Members For Your Side Project

It has always been a struggle to find your first customers, to appeal to the popular demands while keeping your ideas and innovations intact. Most of the time in real life, especially in business, textbook knowledge doesn’t get you very far. You have to get down in the field, swim the murky waters, and use the trial-and-error methods to find out what works best for your project.
In case you have a side project which you have been meaning to start-up for a long time, and have finally managed the courage to do so, then you have already made a small achievement. However, your success will depend on whether or not you could gain customers. This is because the only customers or clients can get you revenues which will yield you profits.
Most people believe that to launch any side project start-up, you need sufficient capital, which is true. A start-up idea might occur to many people but they may not have the capital to invest in it. Therefore, if you already have your resources, then you are already well ahead.
Now, it seems that the best way to attract clients or customers is an advertisement, which could be a great way definitely, but let’s take a look at other ways as well:


It is really important that you understand your potential customers or who are the people who need your service most. You may conduct your own survey using people you already know, or you have contact with. Ask them various questions about what are the qualities or features they are looking for in similar products. Whether they are satisfied with what they get or not, how could the products be improved to have a better customer experience; these are the things you may focus on in your survey. Remember, interaction with your potential clients is what will benefit you in your business.

You may use services such as surveymonkey to help you. But keep in mind that conducting a survey is really important.


Another thing most entrepreneurs miss out on is the use of social media to gain customers. When you start your business, it always helps to have a social media existence where customers can post their complaints or reviews. This will help you to create better versions or fix any shortcomings from your sides. After all, everyone loves it when their opinion is being taken into account or given a thought. Your customers will be more likely to recommend your product or services to others if they find their opinions are taken into account as well.

Having a social media presence for your business can benefit you.


You may create an email id meant for promotional purposes only. Once your webpage is set up and ready you may ask your views to subscribe to your emails. Now, why would anyone willingly sign up for your emails if they think you are going to spam them with promotional contents?
This is where you have to work on. Build your webpage such that it also contains important information, which might promote your service subtly. Use words that have motivational content and the viewers can learn something from them. Educating your customers is important when you want them to use your products more. Moreover, your webpage should be easy to navigate and users should be able to get the information they want without hassle. For this, you might want to take the help of professional designers who provide graphic design services to companies. Designing for websites may sound very easy, but it is not a kind of work you should leave to amateurs. Draftss is a company which provides unlimited graphic design packages, especially for small businesses and start-ups. You might check them out too!

Giving out quality content with subtle promotion has often worked wonderfully

When you send your emails to your subscribed viewers, make sure you send them emails that have quality content. You may also carry forward your survey of customer preferences through the emails themselves.

Thus, you may use these hacks to get your first 100 users for your start-up side project. Make sure you talk to your customers and treat them politely! All the best.


How To Get The Best Out Of Your Unlimited Design Service

One of the major question asked by most of the people seeking graphic designing companies are: What is an unlimited design service? Is this a good investment? What needs to be understood is what are the services provided under the unlimited graphic design scheme and how can you make the best out of it. Once you have a fair idea of how beneficial it is for you, you may then decide whether you wish to go for it or not!

The first thing that pops up in our heads is that “Is the unlimited design unlimited?”

Well, here’s the thing. You can get as many designs you want to be made by expert graphic designers within your subscription package. This package ensures that you can ask for as many designs as you want!

Now that we know what the unlimited graphic design entails, let us try to comprehend how to get away with the best of it!


It has always been a problem for entrepreneurs, especially if you are new in the market—the logo! Everyone wants a logo that is quirky and attractive, simple yet elegant, something that people will remember or recognize. That is how you start with your branding! Now, logo designs should be unique as well, you do not want people to confuse your company for someone else’s. Moreover, illustration tools and software applications are easily downloadable nowadays so most people think they can do it themselves. But here’s the catch! You might need to update your logo according to the needs and up-gradation of your company. Now, this will become hectic if you wish to do graphic designing and put on the pressure of running a company all on yourself. This the major reason why you should opt for unlimited graphic design services for your logos. Graphic design for logo requires more effort than you think!

Therefore, what you can do is contact such service providers who also provide unlimited design benefits even for starters or small businesses. You may consult them and fix them on designs. You may change your logos or improve upon them according to your need.

Successful companies evolve their logos to keep up with the time’s needs!


Having unlimited graphic design service at your command also gives you a lesser thing to worry about regarding your online appearances. Now you may simply order your blog design or your website layout design from experts. To make the most out of your package, you might update your webpage and blogs every week. That way, the various designs will keep your loyal customers intrigued.

Moreover, expert designers can make your user interface more user-friendly and quick navigation to ensure better user experience. All these can be done without you worrying about or racking your brains up for inspiration. Graphic designing for websites entails that your website should always be updated and designs changed frequently to adopt various changes. You might first start with a blog for information and promotion, later on, you may transform into an e-commerce site. All these transitions can be made through your unlimited plan itself!

Your web page needs to be in top form and that often requires proper calculations to be made.

All these are methods to efficiently use your unlimited graphic design packages. However, please make sure that you sign up for those companies only that provides you services at a very reasonable price, that has the perfect balance of professionalism and understanding, and that won’t dismiss the requests of small and struggling companies as well. The other important thing is, the company you select should have a good reputation for completing the projects on time so that you may focus on other important things. Draftss would be a really good option and a worthwhile investment to make!


Side Project Startup: Expectation VS Reality Continues

Have you ever felt the inspiration for something while working on a different project? Almost as if this other idea is fostering inside your mind, and there is a sudden urge to undertake it alongside your main project. This is not something new. We have all been there, in that dilemma, that whether it is a wise idea to start investing in your side project startup at the moment, whether all the ideas that you are having will bear fruit or become a failure built on wasted dreams and resources?

It has often been encouraged to try out the side project startup without losing sight of your main goal. This makes sense; after all, no one wants to let their inspiration ideas go to waste just because it arrived during a tight schedule. In fact, most of our creative ideas arise when we are not looking for it, and it is worthwhile to venture upon them. Many people have been successful in their endeavors of a side project and we can draw inspiration from them.

However, there have also been many failures whenever any side project startup could not take off in the desired direction, or many shortcomings came up. Sometimes there are factors we do not take into consideration that later on we find out to be very important. In fact, these factors are what will later become the differences between our expectations and reality of side project startups. Some of the major expectations vs reality scenarios are:


Expectation: You will wake up early each day and invest about one to two hours minimum on the side project. You will do something fruitful or achieve some short term goal in this new project. Since this is just starting so you do not hope to achieve too much, but at least you hope to get sufficient work done such that you feel motivated the next day. Even if you do not get to work in the morning, you will work at night.

Reality: You do not wake up as early as promised. Or maybe, you need to do certain morning chores before you could sit down with the side project. Maybe your coffee spilled, or maybe your pet created a mess, or your boss called you early or it was something else. Either way, if you face minor inconvenience right before starting with your work, that necessarily dampens your productivity. You feel that you can work better at night but then after a tiring day of work and household chores after coming back, you would probably feel tired and normal procrastination will lead to an entire day gone without achieving your short term side project goal.

You might end up running from one work to another and not being able to complete either.

To overcome this, time management is the key. You have to plan your day accordingly so that you have sufficient resting time besides your work hours. If you exert too much pressure on yourself with timings, you might find yourself not being productive at all.

Taking rest once in a while motivates you more. Plan your schedule such that you have a break at regular intervals.


Expectation: You will focus on one work at a time. While working on your main project or handling your main clients you will not think about the new startup. On the other hand, when you are working on this side project you will try and focus on that.

Reality: You were getting new ideas while at work, or while working with your main project. You want to incorporate them immediately into your side project and wish you could work on whatever you feel like whenever you want. You feel that you need to work a lot more on your side project if you want that to be a success as well. But you cannot afford to under-perform in your main area of work as well. You get tired with the added mental pressure. Plus, you tend to forget what you had planned to do while working on the other project.

Lack of focus or concentration can affect your work productivity.

The solution to this is to have a pen and notebook ready. It can be like a journal. Try and focus on your work at hand, but in case inspiration ideas occur randomly or while working on your other work, you may note it down in small points. Later on, when you sit down with your side project, you will know how much work is left as you would have a to-do list now. Moreover, you can now focus on your work as you know you won’t forget anything. More tips to stay focused.

Once you note it down, there is no fear of forgetting and now you know you can improve on that idea later on.


Expectations: You will keep the minimum investment as this is just a startup that you are not too sure about. This will be a side project for you so you want to keep your investments low. You might have some people you know or certain contacts to give you the materials you need and the labor force you require. You might not want to involve a lot of professionals at first. But once your project or business sets sail smoothly you will want to make it more professional.

Reality: The lack of professional people would lead to slack in the growth of your project. Nobody is willing to invest monetarily into something that does not provide any security of profit, even if that investor is a “close friend”. Moreover, not taking expert help or not hiring people for a full-time job could lead you to take too much pressure on yourself. Even if you try to do most of the work yourself, there might be shortcomings in certain areas. You may handle your accounts and sales but might need someone for graphic designing jobs. After all, you would require a proper company logo that would stand out. Cutting of budget by non-advertisement will only result in a low level of profit.

Sometimes people might not want to fund you and lack of professionalism in your co-workers can lead to hardships.

To overcome this, you need to contact firms or take expert opinions from professionals who are willing to provide support to small businesses. You may need graphic designing services for various things throughout the project. Draftss can help you! The unlimited graphic design services are meant for the benefit & ease of the businesses.

Taking up side projects is a great opportunity to try something new and create more opportunities for yourself. The most important thing is not to lose faith and not to give up.


Graphic Design For Founders | Effective Designs For Startups

A picture often expresses more than a thousand words could. Sometimes the design you portray has a greater impact in the minds of the viewers and it creates a longer and lasting impression. This fact has been taken advantage of by many popular brands, advertisements, NGOs, and even movies! Do you want to find out how to use pictures and designs to improve your business?
If you are a new founder of any manufacturing company or business organization then you must be aware of the level of impact your logo or your website page is going to create!

In case you are still wondering why is it mandatory to invest in designing services, then the answers are right here! The top reasons why you should invest in graphic designing services and how to improve on them:


Come to think of it, what is a company without a logo? A logo is short and can be easily identified with and can create a far greater impact if made properly. A logo should have the following features:

• It should be memorable. No matter the design or the color here, the logo should be something viewers can remember your company name by looking at it once. If your logo is too bland then it won’t attract the masses, and they won’t be able to tell you apart.

• Set up a unique identity, please. You should never crib your logo off someone else’s company or startup. This is why you need to see experts who can guide you in this matter. You might consider getting custom logo design services in case you have trouble getting unique designs. Sometimes it so happens that you love a design but unfortunately it’s taken. But maybe you loved its shape or texture. Draftss can help with graphic designing services to new and budding companies in creating unique designs just for you.

• Trademark your logo. This is important, peeps! You don’t want someone else to use your logo design and defame your company.

You really should take care of your logo design as it represents your company where you won’t be physically present, plus it should reflect your ideology and what how you wish to portray yourself.

It is very important to select the kind of design that is easy to reproduce, and remember!

Be careful of the colors you choose to incorporate.


Not to forget, nearly everyone has internet services these days. You are reading this blog using the internet. Now, whenever your company name is mentioned, making a quick Google search is what people will most likely do to find out more about you! So what do they find is up to you! If your blog contains a lot of words and explanations you may not attract a lot of readers. On the other hand, if your blog has extremely bright colors and loud designs that do not quite suit the mood you wish to evoke. In that case, you will lose out on your customers. Therefore you need graphic designing for websites.

Moreover, you have to keep in mind that less is more nowadays. People prefer minimalism in graphic designs that add meaning and purpose to your designs. Therefore you need to be careful about the usage of your graphic design colors!

This is another reason you need competent and expert graphic designers. You may consult Draftss, who provides unlimited graphic design services, have ample graphic design packages for small businesses at reasonable prices, and they will be able to guide you if you need advice regarding up-gradation of your designs and styles.

Make sure your web page design is minimalist and enticing.

Even with two colors you may create rich designs!

It is understood that being a founder, you have a lot of headaches right now, and you need to work on many things at once. But graphic designs for logo and websites are something worth investing in after all, for they increase your level of reach to the masses and speak volumes for your production or service. So use this tool wisely and for maximum benefit!


Graphic Designing For Special Occasions For Brands

Special Occasions form a very important part of our lives, and more so if you are a company owner. Your company may be earning large revenues for the rest of the year, or maybe providing quality products and services, or even might be one of the leading brands in the market. However, you have to pay attention to special occasions as well, for this is the time of attention your goods and services would receive to the maximum.

Most of the festivals are associated with the culture of gifts exchanging, therefore the time becomes somewhat beneficial for all the companies at large. It becomes a grand gesture to offer discounts and give out limited-time offers. This leads to the popularity and further market growth.
As someone new in the market, you might be eager to start with providing your services and using different methods for branding your company. One of the major factors that aid in your market boost during special occasions is your use of graphic designs to promote sales. This might seem just like any other type of advertisement, just like fliers or placards broadcasting your brand name from the rooftops. However, graphic design for boosting sales proves to have a much greater effect than you can imagine! Some of them are enumerated below:


In case you are thinking that special occasions probably last for a few days and the excess expenditure over graphic designing to be made especially for that time will lead to just extra expenditure, then think again! There are numerous occasions throughout the year. Birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, new house celebrations, all will continue throughout the year. Although a lot of your advertisement will depend on the type of production or service you provide. For example, if you deliver flowers, then you know you have occasions throughout the year. It becomes very important to have custom graphic designs for each occasion as it lures in more customers.

Let’s take up another example, suppose you loan cars. Even then you will surely have occasions that you may enjoy the perks of. You may use graphic design for boosting the sale of your service. If you give designs in your blog showing how car services are required whether it is a pool party or a trip to the airport then that necessarily brings in a lot more clients!

There will always be some or the other special occasion. To build up the brand image you might have to create designs that are in-tuned to the current occasion to boost your sales


Nowadays most people use online portals to check up on brands or products. There will be numerous blogs and articles online depicting the nature and type of their products, and well-researched articles stating the different services they are willing to provide. Now, what you have to keep in mind is that an average busy person will never spend an enormous amount of time reading and researching what would be the best. Most of the time, it depends on the impression created by the pages itself that what will be the most appealing. Now imagine your blog has proper designs that explain conveniently the benefits you will be providing, so naturally then, the customers will be lured into your blog.

Sometimes a picture may become more expressive than a paragraph. Use this to your advantage!


No, this is not some job for your friend or relative who “has a knack for drawing and designing”. You have a brand name and whatever you decide to display on a public forum will have an impact on your brand image and value. There will be critics who will not only judge you for your product or service quality but also the quality of your presentation. You have to be very careful about the image you are portraying on behalf of your brand.

This is why; it is highly recommended that you contact professional graphic designers. Draftss can provide you with unlimited graphic design packages at reasonable prices. The team of experts can tell you the best types of designs and color combinations best for your impression creation.

It is highly recommended that you employ professionals who understands exactly what kind of design your website or blog require.

It takes a lot to build a brand name and attach a brand value. Special occasions are simply a gateway for more productivity and creativity. Make sure you utilize most of it through the perfect projection of your quality and commitment through your graphic designs!


Guide To Grow Your YouTube Channel And Create Better Content

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel (In Three Easy Steps)

Can’t stop watching videos on Youtube? Well believe it or not, you are not alone in this. According to a recent report, a single person anywhere on the globe is watching videos on this platform for an average of 30 minutes daily. This makes it the highest used video service platform of the world and that too for free! Well, only if you forget that it makes about 15 billion dollars annually from advertisements.

Youtube has given content creators an amazing opportunity to publish their creative content and showcase it to the world. This platform has turned ordinary people into celebrities like Justin Bieber and Psy. In addition to this, the platform can turn any brand into a huge success by the use of video and banner advertisement, if it is used in the right way. According to a report by Go Global 2019, nearly 78.8%(i.e. 8 out of 10) of marketers consider it to be the most effective video marketing platform on the internet. This makes it ‘a place of opportunity’ for all. However, not everyone is doing great on this platform. There are a handful few, who are able to follow the winning Mantra and take the journey to the top. Therefore, the ultimate question to ask…

Question: What is the winning Mantra?

Answer: Observe and Analyse

By observing successful Youtube channels, one can analyse a pattern followed by such channels. It is perhaps essential to see in which category your Youtube channel fits and what works in amassing not just a niche audience which consumes the particular information you offer but also audience in a general sense. Let’s discuss here some of the highly subscribed Youtube channels of different categories.

Beauty and cosmetics: NikkieTutorials

Full Face Using ONLY Black-Owned Makeup Brands | NikkieTutorials ...

With about 13.4 million subscribers on Youtube, Nikkie Tutorials is one of the giants of Youtube channels in the beauty and cosmetics category. Started in the year 2008, she has been posting videos of DIY make-up tutorials, Reviewing beauty products and on hot topics related to cosmetics industry- Every week. Therefore, regular content creation and creating content of high quality plays a big role in growing your channel.

Next is the use of Eye catchy thumbnails for her videos. This creates a good first impression and attracts the people visiting her channel to click on these videos to find out what they are all about. The use of beautiful graphics in her videos as well as in the designing of the thumbnails is exceptional. She also makes sponsored videos on demand from cosmetics brands to review their products which adds on to her fan base creating a trust factor for her audience.

With the immense content created in the long run, she has been able to categorize them into video series which is a great tool available on Youtube and makes her subscribers consume huge content on the basis of their choice. When your content on Youtube is consumed by a huge audience, you also get the opportunity to monetize your videos by placing ads on them. This creates a source of regular revenue and also absorbs the cost of video creation in the future. Live videos or interactive videos are a great tool to keep your audience engaged and keep in regular conversation with them. They are used in a way where your subscribers watching them can talk to you on live chats during the video and you can answer them promptly.

Art and Craft/ Life skills: 5-Minute Crafts

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Started in 2016, it has amassed an audience of over 67 million subscribers. This channel provides short videos of ‘Do it yourself’ art and craft which are graphically vibrant and addictive for any viewer to watch. But what makes these videos highly addictive is its ability to convince its viewers that these videos will just take a very small amount of time for them to watch. Interestingly, you will rarely find videos on this channel that are literally of 5 minutes duration. Therefore, short duration videos are more likely to be watched than longer ones. This can be achieved by either making the content crisp and to-the-point or by naming the videos in such a way that the viewer relates with them lesser time being spent like- ‘5 minutes craft ideas’.

The use of exceptionally vibrant and catchy thumbnails makes it even more enticing for any viewer to watch. Graphic designing plays a big role in the making of these videos as well. Here too, you will find regular content creation being done and almost 3 videos per day being uploaded. With high viewership, they are able to monetize their videos and earn a lot of profit from ads placement on their videos.

Gadget unboxing: Unbox Therapy

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Unboxing videos are becoming a huge trend on Youtube. The channel ‘Unbox Therapy’ has about 16.7 million followers at present and makes videos of unboxing new and trending gadgets whenever they are launched by big brands. This provides the channel with sponsorship from those gadget brands and keeps their fan-base intact with the right kind of reviews they provide to their viewers. The viewers of this channel get a kind of vicarious happiness of opening the box of a fresh new product and gives them a sense of satisfaction. The regularity of new and amazing content they upload on their channel, the graphically attractive thumbnails for the videos, the use of passive advertisement, live and interactive videos and categorization of videos in video series are a few takeaways from the growth of this channel. They also collaborate with other Youtubers who have gaming channels so that their viewers can have an opinion about the gadgets on the basis of gaming compatibility.

Sports: Nike

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Nike’s Youtube channel is the highest subscribed among the different sports brand channels like Reebok, Adidas and Puma that are available on Youtube. Started in 2006, they have been regularly posting content on their channel for more than a decade now. Their subscribers currently stand at 1.45 million and counting. Their content does not just talk about the brand actively but also deal with diverse issues that affect the day-to-day life of the common people like nutrition, disease, social stigma, racism, discrimination, etc. They post a new video every week and are involved in regular content creation. They have numerous videos which have been categorized into playlists of workout videos, nutrition, talk shows and even videos on social issues like gender equality, politics and racism.

By not directly advertising products in their videos, they promote passive advertisement of their products which is a highly effective way of advertisement that takes the brand much further. They also collaborate with different Youtubers to gain traction in not just their regular audience but also the audience of their guest Youtubers. Today, social media marketing strategy has highly evolved and works on starting a conversation rather than the conventional banner ads campaign of the past.

The Gist:

From the above case studies of different channels on Youtube, we can see that there is a common thread that joins all successful channels. The common thread is- Regular content creation, graphically vibrant and eye catchy thumbnails, sponsored videos, passive advertisement, social media marketing, content marketing, live and interactive videos, collaboration with other Youtubers and use of graphic designing in the videos. If a new channel needs such exceptional skills at graphic designing and are not able to fill that vacuum, they can outsource and hire a firm working in graphic designing services. Their experience and skill-set will transform your channel into a potentially high-growth channel. Some graphic designing firms offer unlimited graphic design services for their clients so that they pay for a holistic support package in making their channel as graphically attractive as possible. This can work as a strong hand for any new channel trying to make it to the top on Youtube.


Reasons Behind Why One Should Focus More On Improving Ad Campaign Conversion Rates

The conversion rate is decisive and an essential metric in this age of Digital Marketing.

The primary motive of any business in online marketing is to convert maximum visitors of the website into paying customers. There are various parameters to be looked after while studying the conversion rate.  Although in simpler words,  a conversion can be any desired activity that brings a business closer to making a sale.

Now, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by metrics when getting started in digital marketing. While some just watch click-through rates (CTRs) and cost-per-click (CPC) to evaluate their return on investment (ROI), there’s undoubtedly much more to think of. At last, the whole point of digital marketing is to maximize conversions for the cheapest rate possible.

Why does the Conversion Rate matter?


While many businesses spend a considerable amount of money to increase their conversion rates, Ad campaigns can be the best way to boost profits, and it’s quite cheaper too. 


Previously,  advertising was not so complicated because it was just about terms like ‘advertisement, sales, sold, etc.’ but as most of the businesses have transitioned themselves digitally, advertising even played a very crucial role. 


Advertisers were doing their work well, like pumping out ads and generating traffic for the business. But what blocked the conversion rate was an imbalanced advertising campaign. There were many problems faced by web users, as they were not landed on the product page, and they had to hunt for the offer they viewed on the ad. Hence, it became too important to look after the conversion rate, as the sales were not happening as predicted.


Top three reasons why conversion rates matter:


Conversion rates can predict success or failure:

Need to know whether the business is on the right track or not? 


Conversion rates can put on a pretty honest assessment, especially after optimizing the campaigns.


Through the help of analytics reports, one can see which parts of the business are getting the most credible conversions. Hence they can even predict what type of audiences are likely to become the best customers. Similarly, weaker conversion rates reflect where the business strategy needs extra effort.


Better conversion rates can save money:

Campaigns with higher conversion rates are typically more profitable than drives with weaker conversion rates. A better conversion rate lets a business cover more ground, without increasing the ad budget, or else one can lessen the ad budget and have cash left over for experimenting with new marketing tactics.


Focusing on conversion rates will improve a  website:


Developing an air-tight sales channel is the key to improve conversion rates. 


A business’s campaigns, website, and sales processes need to be as in-sync as possible. As one learns which factors are most valuable for driving conversions on the website, they will eventually discover how to make the site more useful for visitors as well as for the customers. 

Focusing and spending on conversion rates will work as an asset for the company, as it’s a long term investment.


Ways To Boost Conversion Rate:


After knowing the importance of conversion rate, the very next step is to take action to improve conversion rates.

Below given are six tips and tricks to improve your Ad campaign conversion rates:


Sharpen your ads.

This the very first step towards increasing conversions, nail your ad copy so that it stands out from the competition.


Optimize your landing pages

Whatever offers you have displayed on your ad copy should be engaging, concise, and catchy. The sole purpose of the landing page is to excite the visitor regarding the product and services your offer.


Test new ad channels

Try to create new ads by adding variations to your landing pages. Through this approach, you’ll see a drastic conversion! 


Target your audience

Thinking wide, every time can’t be fruitful. Target your consumer groups and try to reach out to them as much as possible. Through this, you can quickly boost your conversion rate.


Use FOMO/ Product scarcity to your advantage

FOMO is fear of missing out, and so is the scarcity of the product. While advertising your product, try to display the shortages, like a count down clock, to create an added urgency. Here are some amazing techniques to use for FOMO.


Grow your social media. 

Social media growth is important. Ask your visitors to follow the business on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts. 

Also, if you have a strong social following, display the number of followers or the shares on your page as social proof.


How does the landing page affect the conversion rate?


A perfect landing page design will make or break a website because this is the first thing a visitor will see. If the landing page design is wrong, most people won’t hang to it.


Landing page designs should indicate the unique selling point (USP) of the product or the service of the business, and focus on one call to action (CTA). For example, getting the visitor to register their details or to make a purchase from the site. 


Whatever the goal may be, it all depends on the design of the page to direct the user towards it, whether by the use of white space, contrasting colors, or more detailed directional guides. 


Clear and concise headers, sub-headers, along with punchy bullet points, are the order of the day. The landing page should be prominently branded, often incorporated by a sharp image to convey the product or service at a single glance, and come straight to the point to avoid users’ attention drifting.


Hence, it’s quite challenging to build such a landing page, and for this, different graphic designing agencies provide unlimited graphic design services. Draftss is one among many who offer various graphic designing packages for small businesses.


Hence, conversion rates are immensely important while optimizing the ad campaigns. Through this, a business can learn about its consumer response and even work on making the company more profitable. The landing page also plays a very crucial role, therefore, paying attention while building a landing page is also very essential!


Clever Ways To Up Your Game Of Marketing With E-Books

Books have always been a great way of a marketing strategy for companies. Not only does it look official, but also it is light and easy to carry around. Moreover, a book usually gets the attention of the people far more than any printed fliers or placards displayed at various places. This is for the simple reason that when you have an entire book based on the company’s interest, their short term and long term goals are explained, with the exact ways their service would be beneficial to their clients, people are bound to be moved by it. In the case of fliers, only an advertisement is aimed at, but a book makes the people feel as if they are being led inside the company, to understand their growth and the people are being involved.

Now, what about the digital counterpart of books? The electronic books or e-books? The first things to be kept in mind are the differences between these two. Although both are to be read as books and both of them serve the agenda of making the clients feel closer or being involved with the manufacturer or service provider, e-books have some advantages over printed books.
While books may be circulated worldwide, it is to be kept in mind that printing involves spending a lot of resources such as ink and paper. E-books, on the other hand, are easily transferable and you do not have to bear any extra cost.

While both books and e-books have their own spaces, ebooks are often preferred for digital marketing.

So how do you promote your company with the help of e-books? Here are some top tips:


One of the key focuses of your e-book should be on the contents. Is your e-book understandable to the layman? Does it get across the majority of the people? Does the e-book provide the readers with all the questions and answers related to the products or services? These are some of the things you should completely focus on. Moreover, your e-book should be promoting trust in your company. So make sure all the words typed out are checked.

You should also focus on the tone of language it is written in. Is it friendly and helpful? Is it too formal? Keep in mind that your tone of writing will reflect upon your image. You don’t want to sound dismissive or offensive while writing replies to questions asked by the clients. On the other hand, you cannot sound too casual or detached. It is very important to be able to draw up that fine line of formality and friendliness.

It is very important to work upon your typography, your font style and size, and definitely – content.


A book will be nothing without its cover page. The same goes for e-books as well. You have this upper hand in case of e-books that there will be no loss of quality of colors during printing. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to your graphic design colors and how you are using them. Keep in mind that the cover will be visible to your readers even before they read your introduction, so you need to make the cover classy and stand out- such that the reader will feel the desire to read it.

You really need a lot of creative ideas and use of designs that will best suit your company’s agenda and ideals.

Note that digital illustration forms an important component of e-commerce. Other than your cover picture, you might also need to put up other diagrams and digital illustration to make various concepts clear regarding your product or services.
To make this task easier for you, there are companies such as Draftss that provide unlimited graphic design services for the benefit of e-commerce. You may contact them and speak to expert designers to take consultations regarding the graphic design colors that would suit your e-book the most, or the various font styles that will be best for you.

You need to work on graphical illustrations even inside your e-book.


Make sure that your e-book opens with apps or software that is easy to open. Remember that all your readers are potential clients so you have to try and convince them that purchasing your products or your services is completely hassling free. That starts with the very first product of yours they are laying their eyes upon- your e-book! So try and make it a PDF document or an EPUB file. Both of these folder types are easy to open and the software to open these types of folders is normally pre-installed into devices or can be downloaded freely.

Always use file types that can be opened and viewed from any device. This is a great way to increase the number of readers.

There can be no definite methods to improve your marketing with e-books. The e-books provide a very good platform for your promotion, and it is even more attractive than having a blog or a website, as people may download an e-book and can take their time reading it, with zero pop-ups or advertisements in between. You may research further on what improvements you may make in your e-book such that it leads to the substantial growth of your company.


Reasons Behind Increasing Significance Of Typography And Fonts In Digital Marketing 

There are more than 1.8 million websites across the globe, and the number is increasing rapidly. With so many existing competitors already, it actually becomes difficult to stand out from them. Now most of us will think that a different and a unique looking website will work, but surely it won’t work up to some extent.

Reason? We all know that strong visuals attract viewers. And this visual could be your logo itself or the typography of your site. Typography mostly refers to the arrangement, style, and appearance of the typed matter on your website. 

In detail, when overlooked at content on a web page, the eyes of the viewer jump around from one object to another. Here’s the quick study by creative bloq about what does a viewer looks for while visiting a website.

To increase the viewability of the site, it is essential to create a visually appealing web page.

Because users will usually remember the brand’s name/logo, content, and images. 

Importance of typography and fonts in Digital Marketing: 

Typography mainly consists of all the written elements on a webpage that make up its style. These elements include specific colors, typefaces, font style, the space between characters and paragraphs, size, and weight, and other exaggerations.

In simpler words, typography is a balancing act. The content and images on a page must be perfectly balanced with the content to maximize the space on the page and to appear visually attractive to the viewer. Each of the stated elements needs to be executed with perfection to create this essence of balance, and Draftss not only provides unlimited graphic design services but also looks after the efficiency of fonts.

Factors to be determined when choosing typography and fonts:


As mentioned earlier, typography has visual appeal. It should just complement a text and never overpower it. Readability of any text depends on factors like kerning, tracking, and leading.

A correct line-height and letter spacing are equally important as selecting the most suitable font for any brand’s style. 

This helps with the readability and legibility of the content by just maximizing the spacing of the letters, words, and paragraphs, making it more enjoyable to read.


Consistency relates to good branding in digital marketing.

It is a promising practice to choose typography, which will create brand consistency every time the viewer will see your brand. 

Every aspect must develop a sense of flow and should be recognizable to the brand itself.

Less is the new more!

It’s advised to keep the number of fonts on a page to a minimum. Using just two or three different fonts seems to work way more effectively than using five or six different fonts, which only makes the content more confusing.

 Resist the temptation of filling each inch of the web page with text. 

Also, never be afraid to leave sufficient spacing between sentences. The white space helps the viewer to focus attention on the text.

Examples of Most Popular Brands using Unique Typography:


The Amazon logo is popularly known as an Amazon Font. They use sans serif typeface in their logo, even called Officina Sans Bold Font. 

Source: true interactive


Coca-Cola has one of the oldest logos, and it was created in the year, 1885. The lettering style used for this logo is called a Spencerian script.

Source: true interactive 

Source: true interactive


The font used in the Adidas logo is, Avant-Garde Gothic Demi


The font used in the Facebook logo is quite appealing yet simple, and it is called as Klavika bold


Being one of the most popular companies across the globe, the font used in the logo is different and attractive too. The name of the font is ‘Men in Blue,’ and maybe that’s the reason why IBM chose this font!

Right typography and fonts will surely go a long way in making your content inviting and enjoyable in this era of digital marketing. Several elements can affect how people will feel towards your content, and, as a result, it is essential to always keep in mind the impact that content has on the reader.

With the help of the above-given tips, one can portray a professional appearance that will help control your messaging, user experience, and branding. Responsive designs are a must, and it’s sometimes impossible to find the correct fonts and typography, and hence for this, one can take professional help. As graphic designing also covers font styles, at Draftss, there are unlimited graphic design services to choose from.