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Responsive Logo: Designer’s Guide

For every upcoming brand in the market environment, logos are the first sharp-eyed feature to catch notice of.  We keep a track of things happening, cannot really fathom the change in patterns used in a regular scenario. But, only wonder to what can happen to the design world in the future.


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The essence of scalable logos

These kind of logos are available in different sizes, they also scale themselves according to the adaptability of either the text format or image.

To provide a proper user experience across various mediums, it is compatible with all forms to have a proper icon and flexibility.  Subtle style concerns, like the icons and logos, ought to even be versatile enough to follow similar discourse responsive principles.
But today, with a likelihood that a corporation can use its brand on something from a mammoth hoarding to a little smartwatch, the initial shock at the shameful “responsive logo” plan is spouting off.


There is more than just resizing!

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With the proliferation of mobile-friendliness taking the net by storm, designers are finding it very important to create their vectors adapt to any and each user’s screen size, in order that the corporate emblem isn’t stripped of it is inherent which means or essence once rendered on myriad resolutions. Since logos are the cornerstone of stigmatization, it’s solely natural to hardwire them to cater to the responsive internet area.


Usability Guide

For various purposes, we have enlisted below as to how these kind of logos are a way responsive for certain brand backgrounds.


1. Simplicity

Olive Garden


The biggest perplexity of non-responsive logos is that they’re overcomplicated with detail and complicated subtleties. However, having several parts solely makes it more durable to jettisoning of a specific one, and anyone to commit to matching it into a smaller area winds up into a nightmare.

2. Versatility

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When we observe responsiveness, we have a tendency to ponder over quality, legibility, and changes of the look. Google conjointly selected to remodel their logo of the brand, by changing the straightforward, blue “G” into a letter that attributed to all or any the colors of the first brand, feat little question on what the emblem represents.



3. Resizing Icon

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In this above logo, the source studio had to go through a drastic visual change to be suitable enough.  As the details from the browser channel are narrowed down, it makes the alignment even smaller in comparison to the alteration made.

It does make the logo lose its elementary detail, but it does make the logo abstract than before, which improves the visuality of the logo.


4. Scrap off the Wordmark.

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If the logomark of an organization is convoluted enough to create the threat of turning into a fuzzy mess at smaller resolutions, or if the requirement at the company would be highly classifiable with its wordmark, it’s higher chances is to giving up of the brand mark is to modify the logo.


5.On point Abstraction.

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If your company features a detail-oriented logomark or ornate a written material, however, you wish to retain the brand, while not shedding any part, but a good approach is to create the imagination a lot of abstract knowledge suitable for the being.


How can these be used as a readymade Digital branding Process?

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What’s outstanding during this work isn’t the styles themselves, however, the new outlook Harrison necessitate. for many years currently, company identity has been seen as an important person. supported the thought that a complete has got to be recognized from TV ad to the grocery store, an emblem isn’t to be touched, custom-made or tampered with. It doesn’t build any sense currently if it ever did. Logos that look totally different at each stage.
They use additional or fewer parts, and people parts may be organized in varied ways in which to match the surroundings. Of course, we have a tendency to still determine of these brands while not a doubt.



Is that all you need to know?

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A truly responsive brand is meant to adapt to the media. And it doesn’t mean solely in size and/or range of parts. Being displayed on a screen instead of paper unlocks varied opportunities: thus why not use them?

Indeed, the look work that results in making a responsive emblem sometimes includes animating it. Hence these logos can be used totally to gain responsiveness to your brand promotions or newly up business platforms.





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Essential Features of Designs

Photography, Illustration, typography and motion graphics—graphic design creates and blends these elements into appealing images that capture attention, sell products and services, and open new markets. In other words, graphic design helps your business in several ways. Some may even surprise you:


A lot is said upon what you portray and how you portray. Better designs are observed to provide better credibility and assurance while at the same time express the hidden meaning better. The background of the business, domain of the business, description about the service offerings and the operational time zone your business is emphasized upon the design and would make a difference helping you achieving an advantage against your competition.

The image below shows the evolving logo design of a brand:

company logo

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At times when it happens to be a physical appearance presented before the customers, the design of the physical appearance talks a lot about the product inside and the perception they develop without even seeing the real product. Something similar happens to be with your digital businesses when your clients or customers visit you and how the design molds their perception on either side.

Which one would you like to go for?

packaging design


User-friendly Interface

Good designs and illustrations helps startups develop their content become user-friendly and engaging. Content like websites and blogs are ought to be boring without pictures and illustrations until you are hardcore reader. They help the users and readers connect towards the content and help them retrieve the real thing behind the mere words and support their imagination.

Pictures help!

web and mobile user interface

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Design Attraction

For the businesses who understand and are highly motivated by numbers, several studies around the world and discoveries prove to be on the side of design is not just beneficial for the attraction or user-friendly part but in turns, it also happens to be fiscally beneficial. The organizations that put a high emphasis over the better designs are observed to work way better than the others that do not.

Count them in!

design chart

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Brand Recall

Prospects who are the customers for your businesses come across the content from your competitors in their day to day life. Those ideas and content formations tend to influence their minds and perception towards the company or the service and the one which lasts longer is the one gains the most. To last longer in the minds of their customers, businesses have been trying hard and are leaving no stone unturned while the real secret lies around what you show them is what they remember.

Remember me?

brand recall graphic design

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Visual Explanation

Words tend to display finite transfer of ideas while the designs and illustrations have gone far beyond the meaning what even the offerings haven’t meant to. Display of the illustrations and designs with a perfect blend of words would make a better perfect than a usual one.

There’s a lot more to be said!

visual graphic design

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Designs have been influential over the numbers as well as predictions and the design industry has done it no less. The evolving process and market has created a new beginning to make it up to the market base for your business and helped small businesses to grow exceptionally and this is why you need a better design next time.

graphic design in street art and graffiti

Evolution of Art: Canvas to Digital


Acclaimed painters from the history have completely relied on paint brushes and canvases. Artists these days not only are accustomed to traditional methods but also newly innovated technologies that acclaim the same methods of artworks through digitalized methods and algorithms. Since years we have come across the old methods, but as new methods are introduced each passing day, the art is now evolved in digital backgrounds laying down the foundation of virtual reality.



Francis of Assisi

The 17th century was a period of the art of the Baroque. The extravagant movement that was established by the dynamism, followed by an avid detail of drama and sculpture. It was influenced by Rome around the 1600s while it did not spread into Europe much. Michaelangelo was a part of this period too into sculpting extravagant figures, to painting the dome in a day with the traditional paintbrush and canvas.


Trendy and Cool

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As technological advancements rose eventually, the era of digitalized painting came into the picture. It is an emerging artistic form consisting of all essential tools needed for painting which includes stulus painting of pastel, oil, and watercolors as well.


The Evolution

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It is difficult to point out the exact origination of the digital art coming to life. In the past 50 years, there have been technological advancements taking place in this sector simultaneously with algorithms. In the field of art, a German artist first initiated this idea in the year 1965, followed by Andy Warhol who has first introduced the digitalization of art in this sector.

Image result for painting of lip on canvas
As technology evolve, we were witness to the advancements. Gradually canvas was deported to the digital canvas of software which was updated as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
The resolutions as recorded was not as high as it is now, but at the time it evolved as a better product has its qualities with it.

Creativity Tools 2.0

Adobe has come up with technical advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented reality (AR), these advancements have really enhanced the sector of art and graphic designs according to the progress of the certain sector.

The experts working in this sector has also mentioned “The color composition and design sections are coming up with new ideas every day. More technological advancements are witnessed, more improvements in this section can be seen”.

Well, there are various backgrounds to which it works.

Here are some of the recent software technologies that are introduced to this sector, where emerging projects can be worked under:

Wet Brush

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This is an Adobe software based on digital art advancements. The developers working on this software state – “It needs to be affordable, hundreds of people cannot afford it to just use for commercial purposes, but also for personal use.”
The 3D background is something that mesmerizes the subject so fondly. The name itself is self-explanatory as art is never complete without the brush being dipped into the paint.

Blending different layers of pigments to get a perfect image out of it, how about it in the digital world?
Its main intention is to map the images in the form to blend it into a proper image to make it more lively!

Playful palette

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Digital background of color palette offers more colors to match with the scenario basically. This is an Adobe originated software that allows the colors live by novices. Its color printer interface has interesting colors and mixes to offer which allows the backdrop to be even more interesting and presentable to the targetted section.

Project Dali

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This is an Adobe originated software is based on 3D technology. It is a very helpful background to create animations and moving images. It allows you to blend and mix layers together to give a morphological establishment of the image made.


What does the future hold?
Nonetheless, to say, as the digital form of art as the evolution has taken place, this is one of the subjects that will become even more common in this field. People will get to know more regarding its usefulness to use it not only as a commercialist but also for personal usage.
Looking up for more such inventions, technological advancements are here to make a gateway!

top 10 fonts of 2018

Top 10 Fonts for 2018 to choose for your Website

In the field of graphic design, typography is a must to attract the eye. Google fonts are no wonder the most valuable resource in designing an article which can be used both as technical or commercial purposes.

As it is a hectic job to dive down the web to find out real gem fonts adding on to the visitability of a text on any design or website. Keeping this idea in mind, we have shortlisted 10 top fonts that we think are the greatest among the internet for you to get started.

1. Montserrat

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This font was found by Julieta Ulanovsky, who wanted to preserve this beautiful typography in the form of graphic designing process. She spotted this font on a street sign in Monserrat, Buenos Aires. The area is now renovated which in turn is the reason for the street signs to vanish.

You can find the complete font design here.

2. Open Sans

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This font is designed by Steve Matteson. This features its best at smaller sizes also. It has a great legibility as it flaunts its open letterforms and upright feels in which versatility is maintained. It is both mobile and PC compatible font.

You can find the complete font design here.

3. Signika

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Anna Giedry’s Signika has a usable signage and clarity in wayfinding. This form is basically a sans serif in low contrast level followed by the height. Its wide pictograms also add on to its clarity even more.

You can find the complete font design here.

4. Ubuntu

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Originated by a leading London foundation, Dalton Maag this letterform has been into the software services as well. It is a distinctive sans-serif font that was supported to find a better software community along with it. It is both mobile and PC compatible.

You can find the complete font design here.

5. Lobster

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This is an extraction of the Script font, which is mainly used for wedding or Valentine’s day cards. This is mainly characterized by warm fancy and delicate form for the designing.

You can find the complete font design here.

6. Roboto

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This type of letter form basically is of a dual nature. It has a common line between the normal and geometric form. Though it turns out to be a proper font, its mechanical structure is largely geometrical.

You can find the complete font design here.

7. Lato

Image result for Lato font

The Poland elections were ongoing in 1989, while the first independent daily newspaper Gazeta had given the position to  Lukasz in the field of designing. While later on, he began creating more open free fonts; also later joined Lato where his designed letterform came to be known as the name itself.

You can find the complete font design here.

8. Raleway

Image result for raleway font

This type of the letter form is basically used for headings and largely sized writings. Basically extracted from sans serif typeface.

You can find the complete font design here.

9. Cinzel

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Natanael originated this form of letter form from his earlier typography classes and has not stopped since. He now works in two great web font families, Cinzel being one of them.

You can find the complete font design here.

10. Jua

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Inspired by Latin and Korean ancient typography, this font has been referred to and from the brush strokes of the particular writings from the past. It has a proper retro typeface along with it.

You can find the complete font design here.


Fonts and typography will keep playing an integral role in the marketing and branding activities of the businesses who aspire to grow and expand. It’s important that your business stays up and running with the latest font trends and thus you can know more about them here.


graphic design in street art and graffiti

Street Art & Graphic Design in Urban Culture

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Art, poetry, photography, designing, etc are all forms of emotions come out on canvas form. It’s larger than life diversification of the matter.
When it comes to street art, the central theme isn’t kept as right or wrong to judge. The best way to express is also in the form of graffiti paintings. There are no art forms followed in this form whereas there are particular forms for web design to maintain graphic content to increase the visibility of the object.

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Constant Evolution

There has been a constant evolution in the field of art and designs. The inclination towards this art has been since the urban hip-hop culture came into existence. The subject matter can be anything, the variation in it is ultimate.

How modern street art originated?

In present days it originated as the sub-urban culture as the new era or modern art came into existence after the 70s and 80s. It was difficult for the postmodern youth to adjust along with the city culture. Whereas they adopted themselves into this culture by originating new forms of art and later adjusted to the city culture.


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Connecting Link

At places, the graffiti is also considered to be vandalism. But with the new adjustability to the city culture, it is a keen way to bring about different social messages for the society, which somewhat made them the way through the streamline.

Globally acclaimed

If we take a look at the contribution of such art, a lot of design perspectives come into play. There are different sectors across the globe, where such designs are in sight. If you have a look at the Steer art of Northern Europe, they amaze us with their different versatile techniques.
London is one of those cities, where we get to see massive design artworks down the street and all over world acclaimed designers have come in to contribute their expertise in creative designs.
San Francisco has also invented their own public art. One of the famous artists, known to be the most accomplished artists have also evolved from the graffiti culture around North America, also among the first to introduce in Los Angeles too.

Image result for modern street art



How has it influenced graphic design?

As the street art was welcomed into the street culture, gradually technology came into existence. As it came, the requirement of a better outlook of the site was expected. The want for artistry and attractiveness was also a demand in technology.
This was introduced by different font designs, templates, and colors. The technology solutions were now even easier and effective for people to reach. It unveils various combinations of colors, shapes, etc which are the key processes in this culture.

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One may conclude that the street art has a vast influence on the graphic designing content in present-day situations. It was because of such a base foundation, the connection was made through the link of such cultures before. Graffiti as it was stated, the most uncensored way to express also environment-friendly, in sharing different social messages for the betterment.

Lastly would like to highlight the quotation –

“It’s more than dialogue; it’s a whole forum for a discussion. And it has feedback. It’s the blueprint that social networking was based on writing on your wall.”

Quotation Reference – Widewalls, Urban & Contemporary Art Resource. (2013-2017). Stik. Retrieved from

professional graphic designer

Hire a professional graphic designer for your startup

The more we think about what determines a good designer, the more we realize that identifying a true professional graphic designers at the core is an ultimate aim of any startup’s expectations of hiring the right designer for their brand.
Understanding the differences between ‘Amateur graphic designer’ and ‘Professional graphic designer’ is essential for any startup to minimize their risk of wasting time, effort and money. Therefore, here are a few key points worth noting:

  • Amateur graphic designer stops performing after completing a design project.
  • Professional graphic designer understands that initial achievement is a beginning of a long-term relationship.
  • Amateur graphic designer has a goal.
  • Professional graphic designer have a process.
  • Amateur graphic designer thinks they are good at everything.
  • Professional graphic designer understands their circle of competence.
  • Amateur graphic designer value co-incidental performance.
  • Professional graphic designer value consistency in performance.
  • Amateur graphic designer procrastinates the odds of achieving good outcomes.
  • Professional graphic designer understands what improves the odds of achieving good outcomes.
  • Amateur graphic designer focus on being right.
  • Professional graphic designer focus on delivering the best outcome.
  • Amateur graphic designer sees feedback as criticism.
  • Professional graphic designer knows their weak spots and seeks out constructive criticism.
  • Amateur graphic designer gives up at the first sight of failure.
  • Professional graphic designer sees failure as part of the path to growth and mastery.
  • Amateur graphic designer thinks knowledge is power.
  • Professional graphic designer pass on wisdom and advice.
  • Amateur graphic designer focus on the short-term utility of design.
  • Professional graphic designer focus on the long-term utility of design.
  • Amateur graphic designer focus on criticizing other designers.
  • Professional graphic designer focus on teaching other designers.
  • Amateur graphic designer thinks the reality is what they want to see.
  • Professional graphic designer knows reality is what’s true.
  • Amateur graphic designer considers disagreements are threats.
  • Professional graphic designer considers disagreements as an opportunity to learn.

Conclusively, we think of these traits as a differentiator between a professional graphic designer from the rest. These traits are very crucial in determining the expected output as well as minimizing the risk taken by the startup.