20 Top Inspirational E-book Cover Designs

Are you looking for some inspirational words to live your life by? Or maybe you want to inspire your brain to come up with some amazing designs? In either of these cases, you have come to the right place! We have shortlisted the 20 most motivating books for you to read, in almost all fields that exist, and their covers are equally appealing to the eye! So sit back, scroll down and take note.

1. Motivate the Unmotivated

This book was authored by Dr. Ram Lakhan Prasad. It has multiple covers, but this one is the most suited and best designed. It lays a certain focus on the title of the book, while eliciting a feeling of joy in the reader at having accomplished something.

URL: https://bit.ly/2YgXHPe

2. The Alchemist

Every true bookworm has read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It is a fable about following your dreams. The cover has been designed very intricately and royally, with elements of the book being showcased such as the pyramids and the birds.

URL: https://bit.ly/32DyZIj

3. Quitterproof

‘Quitterproof’ was written by Kyle Young. The cover has been designed to be simple, elegant and aesthetically pleasing, with the tones of colour suiting each other perfectly.

URL: https://bit.ly/2XUag3F

4. Rich in Years

This beautiful book was written by Johann Christoph Arnold. Real life photography always makes good covers for books, provided that the placement of titles is neatly and correctly done.

URL: https://bit.ly/2JQItas

5. The Secret

This book was written by Rhonda Byrnes. This was a book that took the whole world by a storm. The cover is designed to look like the ancient scrolls used, with a red seal as well. It is well-suited to the tone of the book.

URL: https://bit.ly/2M3DCFM

6. As a Man Thinketh

This book was authored by James Allen. The book has multiple covers, each of which is prettily designed. In this particular cover, the title is well-framed in the box, while the rest of the background is aesthetically coloured.

URL: https://bit.ly/2GlB55V

7. Twelve Rules for Life

This book is written by the famous psychologist Jordan B. Peterson. The cover is the simplest one created ever. Yet the bold gold font demands attention and proclaims itself to be royalty. This book has been a bestseller for almost a decade.

URL: https://bit.ly/2Y0takr

8. The Art of Happiness

This book was written by the fourteenth Dalai Lama. Although this is not one of my favourite covers, it demonstrates how to use the picture of the author in the correct way. If the author is a famous personality in any way, it is helpful to use the picture as a cover, as it promotes sales.

URL: https://bit.ly/2faR216

9. The Four Agreements

This book is authored by Don Miguel. The oil pastel coloring effect only adds to the beauty of the cover page, which in other cases might have looked childish. The more you stare at it, the more beautiful and entrancing you will find it.

URL: https://bit.ly/2xVUiqi

10. Becoming

This book is written by none other than our beloved Michelle Obama, as the cover so clearly demonstrates. It is another example, like the Art of Happiness, as flaunting one’s popularity to boost sales of the book, despite the fact that the contents are equally enriching. The tones of color are perfectly chosen.

URL: https://bit.ly/2Zb7hRb

11. Better than Before

This book is written by Gretchen Rubin. This cover is only one among many others. The colours are vibrant, the title is clear and bold. These are signs of an amazing cover!

URL: https://bit.ly/2XPm5bk

12. Man’s Search for Meaning

This book is written by Victor E. Frankly. It is probably one of the most beautiful books you will ever set your eyes on. The orange bird stand out in front of the grey background. The title font is kept simple and regal.

URL: https://bit.ly/2hC4ZK7

13. Discover Yourself: Unleash the Power in You

This book is written by Nidhi Tibrewal. The cover is so beautifully designed to symbolize exactly what the book is about, using a key hole to denote your locked up power.

URL: https://bit.ly/2Stp2IB

14. The Power of Positive Thinking

This book is written by Norman Vincent Peale. The simplicity yet elegancy of the book cover is quick to catch the attention of the reader. The title has been input in white to place focus on it.

URL: https://bit.ly/2Og0fJU

15. Think and Grow Rich

This book was written by Napolean Hill. There are almost twenty covers designed, and each one better than the previous. This particular cover impresses me with its simplicity.

URL: https://bit.ly/2Z3O7wc

16. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

This book is written by Richard Carlson. The red font stands out brightly in front of the plain white background. This keeps the cover neat, tidy and pleasing to the eye.

URL: https://bit.ly/2JQI4os

17. The Richest Man in Babylon

What a beautifully designed book! The fonts chosen are very pretty and the colours complement each other perfectly. This book was authored George Clason.

URL: https://bit.ly/2XPlUwG

18. The Law of Success

This book is another of Napolean Hill’s masterpieces. The cover is probably my favourite part. It is very creative, and the designer has used the utmost of his skills. The colours are an additional bonus.

URL: https://bit.ly/2oBun0u

19. The Greatest Salesman in the World

This book has been authored by O.G. Mandino, who has written two more books in the “Greatest” series. The bright colours are pretty and vibrant, and the title being white draws attention to it.

URL: https://bit.ly/2M8CuQW

20. I am Malala

Could there be a more inspiring story than Malala’s? Methinks not. This cover is another example of using the author’s face to draw attention. The cover states who she is, and her piercing brown eyes draw readers towards her book. The designer has also put a sticker of the prizes she has won at a corner, which is a great tip!

URL: https://bit.ly/2Z2oBHT

And there you have it! Hope you have been inspired in some way or the other. If your favourite inspirational book has not been mentioned above, you have the added benefit of mentioning it in the comments section!