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Best Payment Gateway for recurring billing

best payment gateway for recurring billing

If you are planning to create a SaaS Product, or Offer Subscription, or Newsletter or paid communities – you will need a good payment gateway which supports recurring billing and subscription management features.

Here is List of 20 Payment Gateway for recurring billing


Stripe is an online payment platform which allows you to rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools. As stripe offers a variety of payment options you can accept payments from the customer in the way they feel convenient. Digital wallets such as AliPay and ApplePay are also available. This also constitutes a secure payment processing. In case of conflicts, the evidence is submitted automatically.

Pricing: The price is the same for all cards – 2.9% + 0.30$  per successful card charge.

For international cards  1%  additional conversion fee may apply.

In person payments with stripe terminal costs  2.7% + 0.05$  per transaction.



Zoho payment gateway is mostly known for its customization. You can customize almost everything on this. You can build your own payment page. It handles both one time and recurring payments. It resolves failed transactions by automatically retrying declined cards. It helps to run real-time analytics on successful payments. The additional features offered by Zoho are flexibility in payment, multiple billing intervals, brand your pages, manage automatic retries, hosted payment pages, easy payment tracking and many more.

Pricing: For users below 500 payments per month, the charges are 500/- per month.

For users up to 5000 payments per month, the charges are 1500/- per month.



Amazon payments package is an eCommerce suite which will help the users to sell and manage products and orders. Amazon is unique in its own way. It enables a streamlined purchasing process. Amazon provides  merchants with a vast number of customers. They provide buyers with a smooth shopping experience. It has features and tools which helps to attract new customers.

Pricing: The transaction fee consists of a processing fee of  2.9%  and an authorization fee of  $0.30  plus tax charged when the purchase is successfully authorized and processed.



Braintree is suitable for all businesses from all scales and industries. It helps users to receive, send and also split payments to increase their revenue. One of the unique features of Braintree is that it offers different modules: Braintree market place for businesses; Braintree Auth for suppliers; Contextual Commerce for modern businesses. This has access to over  40 countries and more than 130 currencies supported.

Pricing:  Braintree charges users for every proceeded transaction –  2.9%  +  $0.30  per transaction and an additional  1%  fee applies to transactions outside of home currency.


5. AUTHORIZE.NET offers a free mobile POS app for Android/ iOS, a free website payment seal and a free kit of fraud prevention tools. This also provides a 24/7 free support provided by professionals who will help you build custom connections. On this website, you will find a bunch of training materials which will help you in the optimization of the platform’s potential. This has a robust online payment system. This accepts check payments. This processes payments from bank accounts directly.

Pricing: charges for every processed transaction –  2.9%  +  $0.30  and monthly charges are  $25.



Razorpay provides instant payouts with reduced manual effort and gives a better customer experience. Razorpay provides a unified platform which helps you to analyze all types of money movements from a single dashboard. It also offers in-depth financial CRM. You can also automate with API banking which enables refunds, cash back and many more.

Pricing: The transaction fee is  2%  per transaction on all Indian cards and  3%  per transaction on international cards.



Recurly integrates with over a dozen payment gateways throughout the world. One of the key features of Recurly is that you can switch your payment gateway anytime as per your convenient. When your business scales changes you can switch your payment gateway partners. Recurly offers unlimited flexibility for payment. Recurly is trusted by leading brands worldwide. The additional features offered by Recurly are flexible integrations, analytics, and insights, subscriber retentions and it provides expert support to the new merchants to build their businesses.

Pricing: It is a Quote based plan.



Wepay provides an instant onboarding for customers. It enables fast and simple integrated payments. This also has a tablet and smartphone tools which helps in-person payments to the merchants. Wepay provides a high-level PCI security. It supports devices with Windows, Mac and web-based.

Pricing: It is a Quote- based plan.



BlueSnap helps you to expand your business by supporting 110 payment types in 100 currencies. It is fully operated in 180 countries. It is a role model for subscription billing engine. This offers a robust payment management suite. It has a built-in virtual terminal in every console. This also offers features like third-party plug-ins, intelligent payment routing, E-Marketing, payment processor and many more.

Pricing: BlueSnap offers simple pricing. The pricing rate is  2.9%  +  $0.30  per successful charge. It has no setup costs or monthly fees.



PayPal Payments Pro introduces a payment processing service for eCommerce users that don’t have a PayPal account. It is used by market leaders and small businesses with over 184 million customer accounts. It is also compatible with the phone-based credit card payments. It has the most secure checkout. It allows the users to customize checkout as they need it. They can integrate the layout and colors to match their company’s theme and brand. This provides access to your money within minutes.

Pricing: PayPal Payments Pro offers simple pricing. The cost of using this service –  $30  per month and for every transaction  2.9%  +  $0.30


11. PAYU

PayU has the best conversion rates (12%). It accepts over 45 payment methods. PayU provides a single integration solution for all local payments. This has an extendable functionality. PayU provides a direct connection to clients. Tokenization is also available. The additional features offered by PayU are magic retry (i.e. it picks up the transaction where it had dropped due to poor network and finish it), CVV less flow, white labeled card vault, payment on IVR and many more.

Pricing: It is a Quote-based plan.



SecurionPay is one of the most reliable payment solutions on the market. It helps to simplify the purchasing process and improve business profits. It provides mixed billing modes. A complex business can be handled by this payment gateway. It helps to maximize the revenue by boosting cross sales, conversion rates, and European market fit.

Pricing: SecurionPay has a simple pricing – 2.95%  +  0.25 Euro for a successful transaction.



Dwolla is built primarily for ACH transactions. This provides direct access to the ACH network. This helps to build a corporate culture of security. This ensures the robust protection of financial information of customers. Tokenization and third-party testing are updated regularly. Some of the additional features if Dwolla is instant bank verification, fund management, API for power ACH payments, expedited transfers, custom limits, and dynamic dashboard and admin.

Pricing: It is a Quote based plan.



Paytm accepts a large variety of payment modes. It offers fast bank settlements so that you can get your money deposited in your bank almost instantly. Paytm has the highest industry success rate. Dynamic switching between gateways and card networks is done. The unique additional features provided by Paytm are API integrations for already existing websites, food wallets, in-app payments for mobile apps and plug-ins for E-commerce websites.

Pricing: The transaction charges are  1.75%  + GST.



Skrill is a UK based payment gateway. This has a worldwide market which is beneficial for the merchants new to the business. This offers ultimate safety and transparency. This enables to get a Master card and withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide. This is a flexible payment gateway. It also allows over 100 local payment methods and it is integrated with over 170 banks worldwide.

Pricing:  For sending funds Skrill charges –  1.45%  of the amount.

For currency conversions, Skrill charges  –  3.99%  of the amount.



Payza is the fastest online money transfer solutions. It provides hassle-free and fast exchanges. Payza also includes Bitcoin and Altcoin services. This is suitable for freelancers. It has an all-in-one payment processing platform. It is available in 190 countries and 21 different currencies. It provides user flexibility and it also offers open connectivity options. Its additional features include secure online payments, request funds, payment buttons, centralized management and many more.

Pricing: Charges for receiving funds in Bitcoins – 1.2%  of the amount.

Charges for reciving funds –  2.90%  +  $0.30 .



Cardinal commerce offers cardinal consumer authentication which enables the merchants to have total control over their authentication strategy. The main features of this payment gateway are a universal wallet, mobile marketing, 3D security technology and adhering to your own rules. It is spread across more than 200 countries and more than 180 currencies. Some of its additional features are digital gift cards, Auth Bridge, tokenization, universal wallet, mobile banking, alternative payment methods and many more.

Pricing: It is a Quote based plan.



As bitcoins are considered as the future of secure payments and transactions, Bitpay enables such transactions. This is the leading payment gateway which includes such payments. You can accept and send bitcoins or turn them into dollars using your Bitpay card. This enables streamlined integrations. Bitpay offers the lowest possible processing fee per transaction. This includes anti-fraud risk and identity management. The additional features provided by Bitpay are direct bank deposit, two-factor authentications, and best bid exchange rates.

Pricing: Bitpay has simple pricing – 1%  transaction fee.



Paysimple is the simplest payment gateway of recent times. This allows you to generate business 24/7 by accepting payments through online storefronts, payment forms, and embeddable solutions. This also offers you in-person contacts with the customers so that you can schedule the recurring billing when face to face with the customers. It also provides mobile payment solutions. It offers to streamline payment collection with recurring billing.

Pricing: For credit card transactions the charges are –  2.49%  per transaction  +  monthly fees.

For eCheck processing the charges are – 0.10%  +  $0.60  per transaction.



Payoneer focuses more on small businesses and freelancers. This provides free transactions for some selected currencies. It supports a wide range of currencies. This provides large scale payout services to some of the leading companies such as Amazon, Google, and Airbnb. It offers multilingual support. Payoneer is a multi-awarded platform. It has over 4 million customers with 16 office locations. Some of its additional features are fund withdrawal, mass payouts, and escrow payment.

Pricing:  It is a Quote based plan.