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Best Co-Working Spaces For Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle In Indonesia

best co-working spaces for digital nomad designers in indonesia

Do you like being productive and to relax at the same time? Well then, the digital nomad lifestyle would probably suit you perfectly. Through recent trends, it can be observed that most people desire to work from the comfort of their homes instead of being holed up in an office from 9 to 5. In Indonesia, especially Jakarta and Bali, you can work anywhere and live a good, stress-free life while enjoying the sun and the beaches in several co-working spaces. We have shortlisted 10 co-working spaces in Indonesia for you.

Here is a list of the best co-working spaces for your digital nomad lifestyle in Indonesia.

1. Conclave

Credits: Conclave


Located in Jalan Wijaya, South Jakarta, Conclave has gained popularity for being one of the best co-working spaces in Indonesia. Through its industrial interior design, Conclave attracts several younger workers and expat entrepreneurs alike. Conclave provides a number of excellent facilities like – library, private offices, an auditorium and more.

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2. CoworkInc

Credits: CoworkInc


CoworkInc is one of the newest coworking spaces situated in the Kemang area of South Jakarta. It is well known as a hub for luxurious homes and popular cafes. If you are seeking for a comfortable place to work at, CoworkInc is going to be the perfect option for you. The interior of the work space is predominantly white, which brings out a positive and relaxing ambiance. All the facilities available at CoworkInc are the reasons why its resident clients have reviewed them positively.

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3. Cre8

Credits: Cre8


Located in PIK Avenue in North Jakarta, Cre8 is one of the preferred co-working spaces of Indonesia’s startup founders. There are several other branches spread across the city. Albert Goh, one of the co-founders of Cre8, has stated that they designed the co-working space specifically for startups. So, Cre8 offers mentor-ship programmes and fellowship to young entrepreneurs.

You can check out Cre8 co-working plans here:

4. Kolega

Credits: Kolega


Kolega is a good co-working space is Jakarta, with its three branches situated in Senopati, Tebet and Antasari Road. The large windows and the bright lights of the space will keep you inspired and relaxed throughout the day. Moreover, the interior design has been adopted from similar themed cafes around Jakarta. Kolega’s facilities are perfect for those who prefer working in creative industries.

Detailed membership plans of Kolega is given here:

5. Tier Space

Credits: Tier Space


Tier Space is an excellent co-working space, situated in South Jakarta. The artsy design and the outdoor collaborative space are bound to grab your attention. Since its birth in 2015, Tier Space has already been featured in many lists of Jakarta’s best co-working spaces, owing to its remarkable facilities and peaceful work environment.

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6. Hubud

Credits: Hubud


Hubud was the first co-working space in Bali, built in 2013 by 3 families who met at Green School Bali. Perhaps what separates Hubud from other co-working spaces is that, it incorporates a bamboo theme in its design, which inspire you to work in the serene and tranquil environment. The members get to look at a peaceful rice field while they build their businesses. If you have a large team, you can even rent the villa in the back. Besides co-working facilities, Hubud also offers spiritual activities like – yoga and holistic healing classes.

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7. Dojo

Credits: Dojo


Do you believe in stress-free work-life? Then, Dojo is totally suitable for you. At Dojo, besides completing your projects, you can build a network, collaborate with your team members, teach, learn and have fun. The ambiance at Dojo will encourage you to be highly productive. Dojo is one of the best places to mingle with other like-minded nomads and entrepreneurs from around the world.

You can check out Dojo membership pricing here:

8. Outpost

Credits: Outpost


Outpost is arguably the largest co-working space in Bali and it takes pride in its Google-like work environment. This co-working space is situated in the village of Nyuh Kuning in Ubud. At Outpost, you get the opportunity to work amidst nature, with Balinese restaurants nearby. So far, Outpost has received nothing but positive feedback from clients and has been hailed as the area’s ideal workplace.

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9. Kumpul

Credits: Kumpul


Kumpul is another outstanding co-working space, located within walking distance from Sanur Beach in Bali. The architectural design of Kumpul resembles old-town Jakarta with the interior adopting a minimalist and modern design. Kumpul offers a very high-speed internet connection to its residents. Another great thing is that, Kumpul is located near a bunch of restaurants.

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10. Hub Bali

Credits: Hub Bali


Hub Bali is not just an excellent place for your inner digital nomad to work, but also, a vibrant co-working space to connect, share, empower and grow together. It offers numerous facilities like – premium private offices, communal space and a dedicated desk which is perfect for both professional freelancers and growing brands.

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A recent study has shown that working in a peaceful and relaxing environment, steeply enhances one’s work skills. Thus, if you fancy yourself a digital nomad lifestyle in Indonesia, you should familiarize yourself with the co-working spaces and communities we have listed for you. Also, if there are other co-working spaces in Indonesia which you have already been to, do not hesitate to tell us about them in the comments section below.