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All That You Need To Be a Graphic Designer!


When it comes to a position like a professional Graphic Designer, it isn’t an easy task at all. It requires an amalgamation of a lot of skills and is a very nuanced position. Designing for a website or company is one thing. But another thing is carrying out the logistical tasks. Handling clients. Making sure other designers work well etc. For this, a visual designer’s job isn’t just one thing. But comprises a lot of skills. Thus today we will be looking at how to hire an able designer by looking at their skills. These skills do not come overnight for sure. They are acquired through years of experience and learning. Thus, whenever you choose a designer, if not all, then try looking for at least a few traits. 


Test them and hire! 

  • Software Knowledge

 Software knowledge needs to be the prerequisite in determining any designer today. If you don’t know how to operate minimum software like Adobe etc., you can’t do other tasks at all. It has become a requirement since the use of digital tools is convenient and efficient for any design team. The professional designer should be able to handle operations from simple to complicated ones. Most of the designing is today done on computers and laptops. So it’s certainly an important trait that is required. 

  • Ability to make decisions 

Decision-making ability is another important skill that you need to look into your designer. It is used when the task is complex and you need to simultaneously manage a lot of tasks. For example, if a lot of work lies ahead of you, you will have to choose the one that’s your topmost priority. 

Besides that, the senior professional designer may have Junior designers working under him/her. Thus, to properly divide the tasks, and make sure work is done, decision making is crucial. 


  • Professional skills

Professional experience is, basically the educational requirements etc. you will have to look at in a hirer. 

Visual designers need a bachelor’s degree in design. They should have a firm hold on Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, and experience with other software like Canva. A visual designer should have an understanding of web design issues. He/she should be well versed with the latest trends happening in the domain of web designing. While providing the best graphic designing services is important, it’s important to choose a designer who is well educated too. Besides that, the designer should have a knack for designing as well. 

  • Creativity: The knack

If you are in designing once, get ready to get your creativity sucked out of you. It’s a job that needs constant experimenting. You should remain updated with the latest trends. Freshness, rawness, newness and a lot more marks the creativity. A professional designer should be able to make good colour combinations, besides designing too. A professional designer needs to be capable of deciding what will work with a particular colour, set up, or branding. 


  • Versatility

Versatility is perhaps another most important trait required for any Graphic Designer. Designing is a very dynamic business. Besides that, you will come across a lot of different clients in your tenure. This makes it important that you try incorporating as many skills as possible. So whenever you hire a designer, make sure he/she isn’t just good in one thing. But rather everything. Designing as said before has a lot more to do with other things than visuals. It’s a way of connecting with the audience. Of conveying certain ideas.


  • Adaptability

And last but not the least trait is adaptability. This is again related to the idea that any designing business can undergo ups and downs. Thus, to avoid a difficult or drastic change that the designer or company may go through, adaptability is crucial. This is where keeping lean startup principles in mind is useful. Build, measure and learn. Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation, remember you’re here to build your career and to learn from your mistakes. You will meet rude and sweet, nice and not-so-nice clients. So adaptability is a must in that situation. If you can’t adapt to existing norms, then you can’t become part of the team. You will fail at communicating your ideas.


Thus, these are the few selected skills that a designer should definitely have. When looking for anyone, try catching hold of a person with mostly all of them!