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A Critical Analysis of Growth Hacks: Are They Still a Success?

What are growth Hacks? 

Are you struggling to grow the viewership of your website? Or you are a new entrepreneur in the business world and want to increase traffic? Well, growing and expanding is a quintessential part of every business or new endeavor. Especially when it comes to the latest formed start-ups who have their key target set as ” growth”. This can be in terms of clients, customers, readers, etc. Growth hacking is a relatively new trend, yet it can do wonders. But still, some people are apprehensive about it. They don’t feel it’s much productive. In fact, some people say that growth hacking has lost its charm. Well, there can’t really be an accurate answer to this doubt. So all we can do is analyze some growth Hacks and see if they give good results / are success strategies or not!  

So do read further to know more! 

Analyzing some growth Hacks and their success! 



  • Having a subtle home page 

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The home page of your website is the foremost place where everyone lands. It is also the place that will cast a basic impression of your site.  Most of the time, startups make fancy and glittery pages that literally carry every minute of information. But just make sure your page is just subtle and simple. It shouldn’t contain everything that your business deals with. Rather it just needs to have a simple picture of your product or service and few details. Go and check Twitter’s and Facebook’s home pages. It is a brilliant example of how a minimal home page can grow your product so much! 

Analysis: So yes, we do realize that growth Hacks are a success! 



  • Monitoring your clients


How do you choose one among the million websites that cater to designing? Or any Instagram page dealing with fashion? As a customer, you will see its number of followers or users. The more followers, the more you will go for it. That’s exactly where you have to improve. Even if a business is in its primary stage, it should focus on flaunting its customer statistics. You can show the number of signups that people have done for your site. You can even showcase your Twitter or other social media followers. For example, SEOmoz clearly shows a tab with its followers on Facebook and Twitter. And that’s the reason it’s so famous. 


Analysis: So our this growth hack passes this test as well!  



  • Using logos 


Who doesn’t love the logo of “Apple”? Or the twittering bird of “Twitter“? These are some iconic logos that have garnered universal attention. One can apply the same logo hack on their own website as well. Firstly, try to design a logo for your own company that will arrest attention. If not that, then you can use logos of famous sites that are your clients too. In other words, you can show on your home page that YouTube, Spotify, etc. are your customers to whom you sell your services. This way you are bound to grow as a business. These are classified under the heading of design hacks and can be availed from any designer whom you hire! They will offer unlimited graphic designing services! 

Analysis:  But logos in itself can’t do the other jobs. While it’s true that they help to garner attention, yet only logos can’t guarantee success. 


•   Merging with other portals

If you know what guest posting is, you will surely know this growth hack. Merging or integrating your product with other already famous sites is a good option. Sometimes trying to grow from ground level is difficult. In that case, you can employ the usage of collaborating with other established Portals. Now let’s take up an illustration to see if this growth hack actually works. When Spotify came into the market, it integrated itself with Facebook. So one could know about Spotify through the FB news feed. That’s how you can integrate yourself too. But just make the platform choice wisely. There happen to be situations in which coming out of the merging becomes tough. 


Analysis: Thus, this growth hack doesn’t guarantee 100% success! 



  • Fastening site loading speed 


How many times has it happened to you that the loading circle keeps rotating? Or the page is too slow to load? This is a key factor in deciding your growth and output. No user would prefer a site that takes time as long as 4-5 seconds to load. In fact in a blog by Neil Patel, it is mentioned that a 1% delay in page loading can cut conversions by 7%. This clearly shows how users prefer a faster site. And why won’t they? Since they will be paying for the services. Thus, your site speed is a major factor in deciding growth. 


Analysis: Again, this growth hack can’t really speed up your sales/ business drastically. Yet only minor conversion rates can increase.  

This after analyzing all the hacks, we realize that there isn’t really a hard and fast rule as to : 


” This hack is a success”

“This hack isn’t a success”

Most of the time, it’s always luck or sheer coincidence that helps a startup to grow. While growth hacking is very prevalent among young entrepreneurs, success can come through other means too. This doesn’t render growth Hacks as completely redundant. So you can carefully choose a mix of them. Also, they don’t really cost much/ are expensive, so no harm in trying them!