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Reasons Behind Increasing Significance Of Typography And Fonts In Digital Marketing 

There are more than 1.8 million websites across the globe, and the number is increasing rapidly. With so many existing competitors already, it actually becomes difficult to stand out from them. Now most of us will think that a different and a unique looking website will work, but surely it won’t work up to some extent.

Reason? We all know that strong visuals attract viewers. And this visual could be your logo itself or the typography of your site. Typography mostly refers to the arrangement, style, and appearance of the typed matter on your website. 

In detail, when overlooked at content on a web page, the eyes of the viewer jump around from one object to another. Here’s the quick study by creative bloq about what does a viewer looks for while visiting a website.

To increase the viewability of the site, it is essential to create a visually appealing web page.

Because users will usually remember the brand’s name/logo, content, and images. 

Importance of typography and fonts in Digital Marketing: 

Typography mainly consists of all the written elements on a webpage that make up its style. These elements include specific colors, typefaces, font style, the space between characters and paragraphs, size, and weight, and other exaggerations.

In simpler words, typography is a balancing act. The content and images on a page must be perfectly balanced with the content to maximize the space on the page and to appear visually attractive to the viewer. Each of the stated elements needs to be executed with perfection to create this essence of balance, and Draftss not only provides unlimited graphic design services but also looks after the efficiency of fonts.

Factors to be determined when choosing typography and fonts:


As mentioned earlier, typography has visual appeal. It should just complement a text and never overpower it. Readability of any text depends on factors like kerning, tracking, and leading.

A correct line-height and letter spacing are equally important as selecting the most suitable font for any brand’s style. 

This helps with the readability and legibility of the content by just maximizing the spacing of the letters, words, and paragraphs, making it more enjoyable to read.


Consistency relates to good branding in digital marketing.

It is a promising practice to choose typography, which will create brand consistency every time the viewer will see your brand. 

Every aspect must develop a sense of flow and should be recognizable to the brand itself.

Less is the new more!

It’s advised to keep the number of fonts on a page to a minimum. Using just two or three different fonts seems to work way more effectively than using five or six different fonts, which only makes the content more confusing.

 Resist the temptation of filling each inch of the web page with text. 

Also, never be afraid to leave sufficient spacing between sentences. The white space helps the viewer to focus attention on the text.

Examples of Most Popular Brands using Unique Typography:


The Amazon logo is popularly known as an Amazon Font. They use sans serif typeface in their logo, even called Officina Sans Bold Font. 

Source: true interactive


Coca-Cola has one of the oldest logos, and it was created in the year, 1885. The lettering style used for this logo is called a Spencerian script.

Source: true interactive 

Source: true interactive


The font used in the Adidas logo is, Avant-Garde Gothic Demi


The font used in the Facebook logo is quite appealing yet simple, and it is called as Klavika bold


Being one of the most popular companies across the globe, the font used in the logo is different and attractive too. The name of the font is ‘Men in Blue,’ and maybe that’s the reason why IBM chose this font!

Right typography and fonts will surely go a long way in making your content inviting and enjoyable in this era of digital marketing. Several elements can affect how people will feel towards your content, and, as a result, it is essential to always keep in mind the impact that content has on the reader.

With the help of the above-given tips, one can portray a professional appearance that will help control your messaging, user experience, and branding. Responsive designs are a must, and it’s sometimes impossible to find the correct fonts and typography, and hence for this, one can take professional help. As graphic designing also covers font styles, at Draftss, there are unlimited graphic design services to choose from.