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35 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Web UI/UX Trends

unlimited graphic design trends of 2020 on twitter

Whether you’re wanting to just dip your toes into the waters of design, or you’re preparing for a long and storied career in the design industry, it’s a good idea to have a convenient directory of resources and inspiration to turn to in times of need.

We’ve compiled a list of 35 of the best Twitter accounts for designers. These accounts make up the Who’s Who in the world of design, offering everything from tips and tutorials, to creative inspiration, to a quick glimpse of a day in the life of a graphic or web designer.

 1. Jason Santa Maria @jasonsantamaria 

Another Brooklyn resident, Santa Maria provides a wide exhibit of understanding about different structure points. From those simply beginning to experienced veterans, his tweets will illuminate originators all things considered.

2. Jeffrey Zeldman @zeldman 

Zeldman was named ‘ruler of web norms’ by Business Week, making him a conspicuous expansion to your Twitter list. His achievements in design, distributing, and writing suggests he would be advised to be on your radar.

3. Chris Spooner @chrisspooner 

Image result for Chris Spooner twitter

Spooner is an outstanding name in the realm of website architecture who flaunts an impressive portfolio of sites. His accomodating instructional exercises and other inventive treats leave his devotees taught and roused.

4. Luke Wroblewski @lukew 

Image result for . Luke Wroblewski twitter

Tweeting from Silicon Valley, California Wroblewskicalls himself an ‘advanced item structure and procedure fellow.’ He has planned or added to programming utilized by more than 750 million individuals around the world, making him an absolute necessity to pursue represent industry hopefuls.

5. Mike Lane @mlane 

MikeSenior UX Designer in Minneapolis, Minn. His 15 years of experience have given him an inborn recognition with everything website composition—all of which he imparts to his Twitter supporters.

6. Brian Hoff @behoff 

Image result for Brian Hoff twitter

Hoff is a website specialist in Brooklyn, NY who has become famous in the website architecture industry. His design organization promises to ‘reshape, reconsider and rethink computerized encounters’, and his tweets reverberate a similar statement of purpose.

7. Snook @snookca 

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This Canadian imagination composes and talks regarding the matter of web advancement and plan. His tweets about tips, stunts, and bookmarks on these subjects are coolly hindered by carefree editorial on his regular day-to-day existence or what he had for lunch that day.

8. Thecoolhunter@thecoolhunter

I would name this account stylish and creative. Looking for their tweets makes you really inspired. Meanwhile, it’s New York’s Creative Journal & designer’s shop of unique things.

9. Meagan Fisher @owltastic 

Fisher is a happy-go-fortunate web designer from New York whose energetic tweets are a much-needed refresher. Her young way to deal with website composition is an incredible fixing to incorporate your twitter channel.

10. Grace Smith @gracesmith 

Smith is a web structure diva from Northern Ireland who has an enthusiasm for composing. She utilizes that energy to add to numerous unmistakable sites, offering her experience and thoughts to other confident website specialists.

11. Visual Idiot @idiot

Image result for Visual Idiot twitter account

Try not to give the name a chance to trick you, since this “moron” knows a considerable amount about web plan and advancement. Tail him for the tip and deceives on front and back end structure.

12. Tina Roth Eisenberg @swissmiss 

unlimited graphic design service influencer of 2020

Swiss architect gone NYC, Eisenberg shares the fascinating point of view of an originator straddling two societies. Her tweets offer edifying data and motivation, as does her image in the design industry.

13. Jacob Cass @justcreative 

A Swiss architect gone NYC, Eisenberg shares the fascinating point of view of an originator straddling two societies. Her tweets offer edifying data and motivation, as does her

14. Leta Sobierajski @letasobierajski

creative accounts

Leta is a self-broadcasted “logo pioneer” in England and his tweets mirror his skill. His remarks likewise uncover his adoration for pooches. You can see his logo portfolio on his personal blog.

15. David Airey @DavidAirey 

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Airey is an Irish visual architect who practices in designing brand identities for customers around the globe. In addition to the fact that he tweets his very own supportive bits of knowledge, he much of the time re-tweets considerations and articles from other top-level fashioners.

16. Fabio Sasso @abduzeedo

creative accounts

Fabio is a visual planner from Queens, NY. He manages Aisle One, a site ‘concentrated on typography, matrix frameworks, moderation and innovation. His tweets are both enlightening and persuasive, making him an incredible asset for yearning originators.

17. Talenthouse @talenthouse

Image result for Debbie Millman TWITTER

Debbie Millman is a brand consultant who hosts Design Matters, a web recording which profiles originators of numerous kinds. The New York City inhabitant tweets about everything from structure goodies to books, to music and popular culture.

18 . Franz Jeitz @fudgegraphics 

Jeitz is a London-based independent visual originator and blogger at Fudgegraphics. Like his blog, his twitter channel is loaded with complimentary gifts, instructional exercises and motivation for plan sweethearts.

19. Chad Engle @chadengle 

Image result for Chad Engle  twitter

Engle is a graphic originator from South Carolina and consistently shares his arbitrary contemplations, making for an engaging twitter channel. He’s a sustenance aficionado who adores drifting and brags a variety of plan gifts

20. Stephanie Malone @smalonedesign 

This visual fashioner from Texas compliments her structure learning with energy for design, motion pictures, and wellness. Her friendly tweets make it simple for her supporters to relate.

21. Jim Dempsey @thegraphicmac 

Hailing from Arizona, Dempsey is the proprietor/creator of, a site devoted to giving visual computerization tips and deceives, programming surveys and other supporting assets. His tweets incorporate helpful goodies, alongside his considerations on regular daily existence.

 22. Smashing Magazine @smashingmag 

Crushing Magazine has become an easily recognized name for website specialists and designers, offering assets, exhortation, motivation, work postings and diversion to its crowd once a day. With about 700,000 backers, it’s elusive a strong motivation to not pursue Smashing Magazine.

23. Print magazine @printmag 

Print Magazine is focused on furnishing its perusers with the most recent data on visual depiction, innovation, and culture. Its Twitter channel is overwhelmed with news explicit to these subjects and their relationship to each other.

24. Eye Magazine @eyeagazine 

Image result for eye magazine twitter page 

Eye Magazine is a quarterly diary that spotlights visual computerization. The supposed ‘global survey of visual depiction’ offers to proficient creators, understudies, and anybody inspired by basic educated expounding on the structure and visual culture.

25. Designmodo @designmodo 

Designmodo is a structure and web advancement magazine that means to give its perusers premium items and quality complimentary gifts identified with plan and improvement. Their Twitter channel is continually refreshed with supportive how-tos for those tingling to adapt new things.

26. Computer Arts @ComputerArts 

Image result for Computer Arts   twitter

PC Arts Magazine is ‘the fundamental read for the cutting edge planner,’ offering their perusers motivation and direction in visual computerization, outline and movement, and advanced imagination.

27. International Center for Studies in Creativity @ICSCreativity

creative accounts

International Center for Studies in Creativity strives to characterize and educate the perplexing scene regarding client experience (UX) by giving a constant flow of present and solid data. The profoundly specialized data is exhibited in a rearranged manner that invites specialists and newcomers alike.

28. Debbie Millman @debbiemillman ‏

Debbie Millman is a known writer, educator, artist, brand consultant, and host of the radio show Design Matters; even I’m pretty sure it’s not the whole description of what she does. But I’m sure that she shares great content both visual and readable on her Twitter that won’t leave you uninspired. She tweets a lot, so check your Twitter more often, so not to miss something cool.

29. Web Designer Mag @WebDesignerMag

Image result for Web Designer Mag Twitter

Web Designer is a month-to-month magazine for online creatives that plans to remain at the bleeding edge of website composition. Their tweets spread all the most recent innovations, for example, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress, and portable applications.

30. Photoshop Creative Magazine @PshopCreative 

Photoshop Creative is a magazine concentrated only on furnishing their group of spectators inside and out, bit by bit instructional exercises for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. This is an absolute necessity to pursue Twitter to represent energetic Photoshop clients.

31. Designspiration@Designspiration

creative accounts

Design inspiration is a magazine committed to present-day propensities in website composition and advancement. Their tweets feature probably the best and most creative patterns in website architecture while staying up with the latest with the most recent web innovation.

32. Mac Rumors @macrumors

Image result for Design-Newz twitter

Mac rumors is a blog focused on writing content for Apple, iPhone, iPad & Mac-related rumors, news, tips & videos. Follow this blog if you are keen on this domain.

33. Six Revisions @sixrevisions is a blog committed to equipping individuals with practical and useful articles about web design and development. Their tweets cover the spectrum from tips and tricks to informative articles from their own blog and other credible web sources. 

34. Vandelay Design @VandelayDesign 

Vandelay Design specializes in web architecture and offers its perusers an assortment of supportive assets across the board place. Their much of the time distributed articles offer instruction and consolation to those enthusiastic about website architecture.

35. Desizn Tech @DesiznTech 

Plan Tech is a site for website specialists and well-informed people. It’s an extraordinary stage for exhibiting imaginative work, giving instructive data and offering complimentary gifts and different assets.